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Tigerair Return for $1 Sale (Pay Full Fare 1 Way)


Starts from noon today until noon Saturday, May 13 or until sold out. Travel between mid-July and mid-September 2017

As part of the sale, 14,000 bargain fares for travel between mid-July and mid-September 2017 are available from noon today until noon Saturday, May 13 or until sold out.

The deal enables customers to travel for just $1 on the return sector of any route the airline flies across Australia, but seats are limited.

Limited to 300 seats per departure city.

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  • +38 votes

    Canberra- Melbourne Return $1

    Is it mandatory to return?

    Many of the people coming down many not want to go back after visiting Melbourne.

    • +26 votes

      It should be mandatory for the politicians to return.

    • +3 votes

      Why would anyone want to be in either city? Cold but no snow, expensive but no sunshine.
      cheapflights.com.au compass-report :-
      "Queensland Rules Too
      The Sunshine State’s allure shows no sign of waning, taking seven spots in the nation’s 20 most popular domestic destinations, from Brisbane to Hamilton Island. The Gold Coast and Cairns punch above their weight, mixing it with the capital cities, taking spots four and six respectively"

      • +3 votes

        No sunshine ? Which planet you're talking about? Canberra has beautiful sunny days even when it's -5 start.

        On a more serious note, those interstate visitors should not return back to Canberra. It is getting a bit crowded here of late ;-)

        • interstate visitors should not return back to Canberra. It is getting a bit crowded here of late

          Yeah I know - Rumour has it someone had to stop before entering a roundabout the other week!

        • I think the "expensive but no sunshine" may have been targeted at Melbourne, but yes, sunny days is one of the things I love about Canberra. Also the lack of people :P

      • Yet somehow in Melbourne there is sunshine on my desk in the city?

        Also, cold is awesome. Who wants to hang out with bogans and sweat alot? Queenslanders obviously. (Full disclosure, I was born there and lived there until I found Melbourne.)

    • +3 votes

      Last time I went to Melbourne (last week), took me 1hr 10 min to get from the city to the Airport. On the way into the city (I was coming in through the Eastern Freeway it was non moving traffic going the other way. This was all between 1pm and 4pm.

      Then I got to Canberra and went from the airport to my house in 14 minutes.

      So…yeah but no

      • +6 votes

        City of 4.6 million inhabitants has more traffic than country town with under 400,000.

        News at 11.

        Also driving from the city to the airport does not include the Eastern Freeway. Maybe you were in Box Hill and confused it for the CBD? There's some big buildings I know it's all very strange.

        • I realise you live in a big city and get confused by the big buildings but you still should be able to read

          • going from the city to the airport <- one trip (city to airport)
          • coming into the city <- another trip (from east of melb to city)

          Yes, city of 4.6m vs 400,000. But the original comment (that I was responding to) said that Canberrans wouldnt want to go back once they visited Melbourne. City of 4.6m = crappy infrastructure and traffic and there is no way I would want to live there.

      • Canberra is more like Dandenong than like Melbourne

    • Yes and jet star is a one way trip.

    • Q. What's the best thing to come out of Melbourne?
      A. The flight path.

    • I barely got back to Adelaide this week from Melb using Tiger coz they couldn't​ fill the plane. Ended up using a small jet from Alliance!!!

      Melbourne may wanna do a head count…

    • perhaps some Sydneysiders are in luck and pick a non rainy day but there are sure other nice places…

  • -1 vote

    Canberra- Melbourne Route $1 (One Way)

    So all the return fares were sold? or did they decide nobody would want to come back ???

    • I think the idea is that you pay full price on the way back

      • It seems like its $1 for either way, but will have to wait till noon to find out

      • RTFP:
        "The deal enables customers to travel for just $1 on the return sector of any route the airline flies across Australia…………"

  • So the Bills have been Shortened after budget night then?
    I'll show myself to the door.

  • $18.24 to the airport …. $1 to Canberra 🙄

  • The news article states:

    The deal enables customers to travel for just $1 on the return sector of any route the airline flies across Australia, but seats are limited.

    So I got the feeling it's going to be Full price on the first sector then $1 for the return…

    • I concur. It's like Jetstar's $0 return deals. Pay full fare one way, pay nothing on the way back.

      • Still a good deal though. I got return to Tokyo for $358 on Jetstar 2 deals back on their return for free.

        • That's in line with other good Japan return deals tbh. If you pay more than $400 you're doing it wrong. Earlier this year there were return flights for under $300 which took every ounce of strength for me to resist.

        • @Poimandres:

          Do you guys have any idea whether sub-$400 prices would be available during the snow season? Is Japan's "peak season" July/Spring?

        • @friedrais: would love to know as well, planning to go Japan at the end of the year and not sure when to buy tickets!

        • @Ess-don: Just wait for a big sale guys. There's usually 3 or so sales Jeststar a year with return prices sub $400. I would be surprised if there isn't a sale sometime in June. I had these fees for December/January a couple of years back, and March last year.

        • @Poimandres: [@halfnhalf71] I got tickets during the last sale. I can't remember how much I paid… but whatever it was, it was still better than full fare. Heading to Tokyo in August, baby! First time.

          August is typhoon season I think. I'll buy an umbrella.

        • @flaminglemon: buy this senz umbrella, I'm happy with the quality and warranty

        • @televisi: I read about this years ago. These look like they'd hold up really good in a storm.

        • @flaminglemon: Typhoons won't bother you much in August unless you're in Okinawa. Go to the summer festivals instead - Aomori, Akita and Tokushima especially

        • @Poimandres: I couldn't resist either until I checked how expensive it is to travel/ stay within Japan.

  • I booked mine around 11:45am. The offer was already showing on the mobile site :-)

    To confirm, pay full fare for outwards journey, and $1 for the return flight.

    CBR > MEL only has 150 x $1 deals. Better get in quick ;-)

  • Can confirm it's for return flights only, $1 is not available for one-way. Dates start July 18 (for Canberra - Melbourne).

  • Just snagged $100 return flights Brisbane to Melbourne. Pretty happy with that!

  • Weekend trip from Perth to Melbourne to see West coast lose at Etihad. $180 well spent Lol

  • Btw guys can confirm that Jetstar will pricematch!

  • just did price match with Jetstar and got Cairns to Brisbane return for $86.40


      I thought they didn't price beat these types of offers?

      Have others succeeded in pulling this off?

      • I managed to book return tickets from BRIS-ADE with a jetstar pricematch. It still has to fit their guidelines (i.e. within the hour etc.) but because the $1 fare is advertised online to the public at large, there were no issues with it.

      • I managed to get Jetstar to pricebeat for Mel<->Brissy towards end of Aug…no issues on live chat…

    • Jetstar just rejected a price match due to the flight from Syd-Bne not being available from their end. The Jetstar customer service rep stated that the tickets were sold out. Funny, how I could still purchase it. Ended up just buying the fare from Tiger for $86 return.

      • ever heard of "Greyball" software? invented by uber to cheat all 3: Authorities, drivers and clients!!!

  • Most of the flights would be cancelled as Tiger air would like to improve its operational efficiency

  • "Mid July" is from the 25th apparently (ADL to SYD)…. Must be a long month!

  • Just booked flights from Cairns to Brisbane at the end of August for a bucks party for $87.08 (with cc fee). Look at flights at the end of September for the wedding and they aren't included in the deal :( Would I be better off not booking flights for the wedding and hope that another deal pops up?

  • Does not seem to be working!

  • works for me

  • Thanks OP!! I've been dying to go to GBR and managed to get some flights around my partner's birthday :-)))))

  • I take tiger over jetstar any day. I find their terminal both in Melb and Perth easier to use and in terms of comfort I still say they're marginally better.

  • Stay away from Melbournem, too crowded here and houses expensive as hell.

  • but Mall slept on while the housing prices was going up…

  • Thanks OP.

    Managed to get tickets last night for CBR > MEL :)