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Enjoy Triple Flybuys Points at Coles


Offer valid in store and for Coles online orders delivered between Thu 11 May and Sun 14 May 2017.

Terms and Conditions

Offer valid only at Coles, Coles online and Bi-Lo Supermarkets (excludes Coles Express). To qualify for this offer you must activate this offer and present your flybuys card at the time of purchase. Offer valid on your largest transaction from Thu 11 May and Sun 14 May 2017, and for Coles online orders delivered from Thu 11 May and Sun 14 May 2017. TRIPLE POINTS equals 1 standard flybuys point and 2 BONUS POINTS per $1 spent, no TRIPLE POINTS on individual BONUS POINTS offers. You have been specifically selected for this offer and it is not transferable. BONUS POINTS can only be collected once per flybuys household. Points awarded after savings, discounts and vouchers (excludes all gift cards, iTunes cards and smoking/tobacco product purchases). This offer has been sent to you by flybuys. flybuys’ privacy policy applies. Standard flybuys terms and conditions apply and are available at flybuys.com.au.

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  • Stacks with the $20 off $100 offer?

  • This Flybuys/Coles offer seems to hit my inbox every single week.. but they make an annoying "Click to Activate" thing. Why don't they just automatically apply it?

    • so they can collect data

      • This. They want to see whose spending activity changes after clicking on the link (i.e. confirmation that they've noticed the deal before availing of it).

    • Not only that but they "booby trap" the email with pixel trackers (an image that has to be downloaded from a server) to see who has actually opened the email. You can disable this with "do not automatically load images" in your mail app or browser.

      They've also offered me a desultory 50 points (25¢ worth) for filling in a questionnaire on my last shop. I would do that for 500 points but not for 50.

      • Do you think they'd offer better deals if you didn't open the emails?

        • Well if the mail isn't interesting from the text, I just delete it. I don't shop enough to say which combination leads to better offers:

          1. not display images and not take offer
          2. display images and not take offer
          3. not display image and take offer but not redeem
          4. not display images and take offer and redeem
          5. display images, take offer and redeem
        • @greenpossum:

          Don't activate offers. If they are giving you a spend $xxx over 4 weeks and its too high for you, just leave it and in a few weeks they'll offer you a slightly lower one, or less weeks in a row to spend. If you activate it and don't meet the criteria for free points/dollars that is a win for them and they just offer you the same deal again or sometimes even slightly higher.

  • I keep getting these crappy offers instead of 10000 bonus if I spend x for 4 weeks or 4000 bonus if I spend x for 2 weeks. Anyone had one of those offers in past 6 weeks?

    • I am @ Week 4 of 4 for 10000pts. Partner did not get an offer on her separate account, but she was the only one to get a Week 1-12 offer letter. Eg xtime pts, spend $70 for 1000pts etc for separate weeks.

    • I'm on my last week of spend to get $50 off next shop.

  • I haven't got this email yet.

  • Fusk flybuys nothing interesting here.
    I get a bazillion of these things, they expect me to care or do stuff to 'activate' … not going to happen, no bargain, nothing special .. bull s**t.

  • I have found Flybuys to be quite worthwhile.
    Like regularly stacking a triple points email + receipt + newsletter dockets.
    Then also multi week offers that equate to around 25% discount.
    I don't care if they collect my data, it does not affect me at all.

    • If you live right next to Coles and are going to shop there anyway, flybuys is worth it. Plus if you shop carefully and reach all the criteria you can do ok out of it. I think I got a card a year ago and I've gotten at least $150 cash back, some free promo items, some free delivery, and I have about $200 worth of points to redeem in my account on top of this.

      I spend around $120-$130 a week for my family shop. But I am fairly good and don't do a lot of top up shops so it is always a once a week $130 spend etc.

  • havnt had an email offer or a bonus register receipt docket for about 3 weeks now

    • I am well overdue for a new newsletter or haven't had any other offers just lately.

      • I haven't received a newsletter for a while. I used to take advantage of the 500 points for $30 shop offers (especially if I could topup $10 or $20 worth of Opal) until they raised the bar to $40. One advantage of the newsletter coupons was that they were from Mon to Sun so you had two offer weeks that could be used. Maybe it was costing them too much postage to send them out.

  • It seems to be sent to people that didn't activate that 4 weeks $50 spend offer?
    Got both my dad and my flybuys in 1 email so I can see it offered to him but not me.

    • The triple points offer is sent out quite regularly, and seems to alternate with the big points offers. Maybe they are more likely to send it if you have ignored them for a while.