expired Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter $690 Delivered @ RoboGuy


So I'm a bit obsessed with Xiaomi stuff lately after all my Yeelights and Mi Box on the way.

I noticed Roboguy has the Mi Scooter in his store for $690 delivered. I'm not much of a scooter guy myself, but if it's built liek the rest of the xiaomi stuff it's probably pretty good quality.

Would love to hear of someone's experience with one of these

From the website:

Looking for a well built, stylish, and powerful electric scooter? Then the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is just for you. It packs a 280WH battery allowing you to get an electric range of up to 30KM. Four LED lights indicate the amount of battery remaining at all times. And if you want to find out more statistics about how you use your scooter and the exact amount of battery remaining, simply connect it up to your smartphone in the Mi Home App via bluetooth and you will be able to have all the data you want presented to you. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter also has a tail light to alert people around you when you are braking. Also a headlight at the front of the scooter allows you to be able to see where you are going even at night. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter can also fold away for easy and fast storage or transportation. It is also very lightweight at just 12.5KG.

280WH Battery

Range: Up to 30KM

Max Speed: 20km/h

Can be connected to your smartphone via bluetooth

Status LEDs display the remaining charge of your batteries

Foldable design for fast storage or transportation

Headlight for night use

Dual Disc and E-ABS Braking System

Regenerative Braking

1 Year Australian Warranty

Note: Most likely illegal for public use.

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    So are these illegal to use in public?


    hmm isn't the motorised toy based on CC, as in under 50cc is legal? not sure how these compare… doesn't even look like it has an engine, just from looking at it


    It would probably fall under the electric bike regulations, which are 200W motor output or 250 with pedal assist. These have 250w motors in them so I guess they would be OK? The laws are pretty much never enforced. just as long as your not one of those guys riding 10000w "stealth" bikes on the road at 80kmh in traffic!

    More here: http://dillengerelectricbikes.com.au/blog/electric-bikes-and...

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    seems to be a pretty significant quantity of deals from RoboGuy, who is yet to deliver a single product

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      I'm waiting for the fallout.

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        and these are illegal for use in public in NSW, ACT, VIC, etc - use is only permitted on private property

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          Queensland too!


          Two years ago , I wanted to buy one to go to train station that is 18 mins walk , I would use on the foot path , but after i found out it is prohibited to use in public that including foot path , but I've seen some used them even on the road too .


          @Meganinja: Even if I wanted to, the footpaths in my area are so badly maintained, I'd be hopping off every few seconds to get around uneven slabs or potholes.


      So to the nature of the actual deal, and not legalities, is this a dealer that will actually supply the goods and is the scooter any good?


    is this the hoverboard 2.0 craze?

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    Did some digging on VicRoads to see if these are legal in Victoria. Found this link for anyone interested: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-r...

    In summary:
    A motorised scooter:

    has the same features as a foot scooter
    is moved by pushing one foot against the ground, by an electric motor, or by a combination of both
    has an electric motor with a maximum power output of 200 watts or fewer
    is not able to travel faster than 10 km/h when ridden on level ground.

    Your motorised scooter is classed as a motor vehicle if it:

    is powered by a petrol motor
    has a maximum power of more than 200 watts
    can go faster than 10 km/h.

    TL;DR: Seems this is illegal in Victoria.

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    So to the nature of the actual deal, and not legalities, is this a dealer that will actually supply the goods and is the scooter any good?

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    Why is everything fun illegal in AU :(

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    Illegal yes but I see electric bikes and scooters all over the place…people are riding them everywhere in inner-Sydney. So these laws aren't being enforced?

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      So these laws aren't being enforced?

      Which laws?


        In NSW, these ones: see http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/unregistered.ht..., scroll down to 'Prohibited vehicles', where the list of prohibited vehicles includes "Motorised foot scooters (with or without a seat) – electric/petrol engine".
        It goes on to explain, "These types of devices must not be used on roads or in any public areas such as footpaths, car parks and parks." Scroll a little further down and there is even a picture of a motorised scooter like this one as an example of a prohibited vehicle.

        If you check the penalties, it is potentially a fine of $650 for having an unregistered vehicle and another $650 for having an uninsured vehicle (ie no CTP). Plus if the person riding doesn't have a licence, there's potential to get done for unlicenced riding.

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    Motorised scooters aren't legal in NSW in public places - footpaths, parks etc. All motorised vehicles have to be registered and these don't meet the requirements for registration.

    The reason that I know is that some moron dad was letting his kids (youngest around 6-7) ride these in our closest park, within a few meters of where a number of toddlers were playing, including my 2yo daughter. After his kids nearly hit one of the toddlers, I asked him to take his kids and the scooter away from the playground area, to which he refused ('Its a public park'). However, his attitude quickly changed 10 minutes later when the police showed up (called by one of the other toddler's parents) and told him off in front of his kids and made them walk the scooter back home with the threat that they'd be prosecuted if they were spotted riding in a public area again.

    If you do buy one of these, please don't ride it anywhere that you might hit a kid or elderly person. They get up enough speed to do quite a bit of damage if you were to accidentally knock someone over and it doesn't take a lot to do a serious, lifelong injury to a small child or elderly person.

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      They get up enough speed to do quite a bit of damage if you were to accidentally knock someone over

      non-motorised ones can get up to similar speeds.

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        True, though they usually don't accelerate as quickly and hence tend not to travel as fast in or around crowds or hazards.
        Your comment does raise the interesting question as to whether non powered vehicles should be registered or at least have CTP. It's clearly nonsensical to require CTP for a pair of joggers/runners/sneakers, but where do we draw the line? Roller skates, bikes, e-scooters, personal jet packs, …, motorbikes, cars?


    I think the difference between the legalities of e-bikes and these must be the 'assisted' part?

    E-bikes that don't need to be pedaled are not legal in WA, but e-bikes that assist your pedaling are.

    They also need to be under the 200w mark as well.

    These scooters have no pedals so they look pretty obviously not assisted.


    I see a few people riding those single wheel segway like devices in the Sydney CBD. They must just risk fine I suppose.


    How are these things illegal to use in public places but 1000w+ mobility scooters that do way in excess of 10km/h are ok and don't require any registration requirements? I want to buy one of these and just say, "no, officer, it's actually not an e-bike, it's a mobility scooter…"

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    How would the cops even know if the scooter could exceed 10km/h and is more than 200w?. Would they even bother stopping every scooter rider they see?

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    My friend uses it to ride to work in Syd cbd

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