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Free Calls to The UK until 28 May for Optus/Virgin Mobile Customers



Post-paid and fixed (landline) customers

From 12:01am AEST on 24 May 2017 until midnight AEST on 28 May 2017, Optus consumer post-paid and fixed customers will receive free standard voice calls to the United Kingdom. ‘Standard calls’ includes calls to both landlines and mobile numbers. Calls made to the UK during this time will not be charged on your next bill.

Pre-paid mobile customers

From 7.00am AEST AEST on 24 May until midnight AEST on 28 May 2017, Optus pre-paid customers will receive zero-rated standard voice calls to the United Kingdom. ‘Standard calls’ includes calls to both landlines and mobile numbers.


Customers on Postpaid are able to make free calls to the UK to check on friends and relatives from 12:01am on 24 May until 11:59pm on 7 June, and on Prepaid from 5:00am on 24 May until 11:59pm on 7 June, AEST.

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  • Praying for the UK, absolutely horrific event :/

    • +1 vote

      and the Telcos take every opportunity to get cheap 'free' publicity from such events..

      • +4 votes

        yeah, the victims are dead and anything that happens know is just cashing in on the tragedy. news channels milking the story, telcos jumping on the free calls bandwagon. none of this will bring the victims back from the dead. the companies should donate money to anti-terrorism efforts instead of profiting from this if they want to help prevent this from happening again.

      • Its better that they do this then not right? Would you prefer them to jack up prices knowing that there will be an increase of international calls to UK?

        • That would be the Uber's surge response to the tragedy. I do hope they learnt from the siege in Sydney.

        • @try2bhelpful:

          This is due to surge pricing which is a reactive algorithm. I know Uber has put work into things, but they need to rely heavily on monitoring news and social media feeds to avoid this now.

          The algorithm doesn't realise a terror attack has taken place, it just sees a sudden increase in requests.

        • @singlemalt72: Yup, that was my point. Mindlessly following algorithms, without temporing to take into account the situation, causes issues.

    • Pray harder

    • What will praying do? Your (fictional) god didn't intervene to stop this heinous event, why would it help anyone afterwards? And which god or goods are you praying to?

      • Presumptuously, we're talking about Jesus here. You are confuse between what people do ( by their freewill ) and what God's wills. You, honestly, don't want God shows up and tell you what you are doing is wrong every time, do you? Freewill is mankind strength and weakness, without it there won't be a true love, with it we can [potentially] do horrible things. A robot can only do what it was programed to do.

        Btw praying for the living not the dead. The dead is gone, they have no 'needs', no 'worries' …

        Let's not fight hatred with hatred shall we

        • Sorry, but your God should be intervening in the big stuff - like priests molesting children, people being killed in the name of religion, world wars, etc. Freewill is one thing but the victims aren't getting any freewill in what is happening to them. I completely agree we shouldn't fight hatred with hatred, however, the bandage we put on the wound needs to be effective. It would be a lot more helpful if the fundamentalists spent less time thinking about their God and more time thinking about humanity. My only hope is there is a God and these morons are burning in hell along with the people who encourage them to do this.

      • I don't pray to goods but I do think Giffen Goods are unique in the way they operate. A example of a Giffen Good is, "if the price of wheat rises, a poor peasant may not be able to afford meat any more, so has to buy more wheat." You can read more about Giffen Goods here.

    • Praying is the sort of behaviour that instigates these sorts of incidents.

      • "Praying causes people to blow up bombs"

        Uh huh…. And thinking causes people to shoot guns at each other. Good logic

        • You clearly don't understand the complexity of the issue. Good day to you.

        • @GregRust:
          I actually think I have a better handle on it than you.

          As atheist Sam Harris says, saying "religions are violent" is like saying "sports are violent" … which sports? Not chess. Which religions? Certainly not Buddhism. And not Christianity. People from those two religions do not bomb little girls.

          It seems terrorism is coming pretty much exclusively from one religion today, so to say it's down to "praying" is ridiculous.

          But hey, sorry if I'm just too simple for you and your superior brain which can handle such complex issues. Maybe I should just shut up and let you tell me what to believe, since you're so rational and logical in all that you do….

        • If people didn't make it socially acceptable to believe there are magic sky fairies giving us hidden orders, most of these terrorists wouldn't be able to be convinced to kill in the name of God. I therefore personally hold all followers of any organised faith partially responsible.

          Incredibly controversial I know, but I've never had a logic retort that's remotely convincing.

        • @LuthLexor: You're incredibly ignorant. Buddhists and Christians regularly murder others and are involved in terrorism.

        • @callum9999:

          I therefore personally hold all atheists partially responsible for Stalin and Mao.

          Incredibly controversial I know, but I've never had a logic retort that's remotely convincing.

        • @LuthLexor: Atheism is the lack of belief in a God - it's not a club, it doesn't have rules or scripture and does not have authority figures.

          Are you just attempting to be a smartarse to distract from your displayed ignorance, or are you so dense you think atheism is equivalent to religion?

        • @callum9999:
          Atheism absolutely has worldview consequences. I shudder if you think it does not.

          Are you going to provide a robust argument as to why atheism had nothing to do with the atrocities of the 20th century, or are you just going to get offended?

    • Do you god people ask permission first, before attempting to make biophysical changes to your target(s), with your telepathic assertions?

  • good guy optus

  • 11 people were killed in Kandhahar, Afghanistan today due to a Taliban attack. Where are the free calls to Afghanistan ?
    What would you call this partiality ?
    The 'r' word does come to my mind… Unless someone can suggest an alternative suggestion.

    • because only a simpleton would still hold on to an oversimplified (and false) lovey dovey motion that 'every country is equal'

    • +8 votes

      Where are the free calls to Afghanistan ?

      Won't get the impact the Marketing team are looking for… It's all about $$$

    • For the neg voters, your very first visit to Immigration or Main Roads for your licence should tell you that the Govt doesn't regard documents from other countries equally, and for very good reasons.

      • Documents are not the same as human life !
        A mother would still have the same love for her child, even from a country where the Main Roads does not recognise the local license !

    • taliban banana

    • Because there are suicide bombers blowing themselves up every week in Afghanistan/Iraq/<insert any middle eastern country>. The telcos would be dealing out free calls 365 days a year.

    • 11 people were killed in Kandhahar, Afghanistan today

      It happens every day in Muslim countries. What can you do about it?
      In the West we are not so used to it.

      When it snows in Darwin, it makes the news, even if it is normal in Moscow.

    • Because people die there all the time and first world lives are valued more.

  • Pray for us boiz

  • Every telco is going to follow suit, as always. But I've got nobody to call…

  • +8 votes

    Bargain? My Optus internet plan has unlimited free calls to the UK included with the internet. I have never even used it.
    This is worthless.
    If you actually knew someone who was affected by the event you wouldn't be worrying about the few cents cost of a phone call.

    • +5 votes

      This is worthless.

      Not for the Telcos, going to get them lots of free write ups and free advertising like it has here on OzBargain…

  • The idea of this post is to call friends in UK, not as a reason to check if your loved ones are okay while giving Optus a free publicity stunt.

    • +8 votes

      The idea of this post is to call friends in UK

      Lots of people can call for free already… In any case, it's only around 1c per minute using phone cards, or 10 cents untimed using VOIP.

      Are people seriously not calling their friends to save a maximum of 10 cents ????

  • I was going to ignore this initially, clicked on the link to see the wording, and I see the typical worthless platitude of 'Our thoughts go out' …

    Peoples 'prayers and thoughts' going out is really going to achieve sweet f all to the parents who will never see their children and loved ones killed in such a horrific way. Prayers and thoughts do not prevent suicide bombers, never have, never will - the only way prayers would stop this, is if everyone single person on this planet was praying for the same thing and had the same belief system.

    We will see lots of various hashtags over the next few days about praying for manchester, facebook filters, British flag coloured city buildings around the world and so forth but is this really going to make any difference? Mere words, thoughts and a few colourful buildings do not stop ideologies of those who see us in the Western world as 'Kafirs' and disbelievers who must be killed.

    My apologies if I sound cold and heartless, but to me, these symbolic gestures (such as this optus offer) don't address the issue, or prevent it and Optus is probably doing this because it's what we expect of them to do given Telstra will more than likely do the same as a 'token gesture' for their customers.

    So before people get all emotional about this topic, yes it's tragic, it's emotional, but let's not underestimate what's at stake shall we? Our freedoms, democratic rights and free will in an open society are under attack and the sooner we wake up and smell the coffee, the better.

    • Maybe if we stopped dropping JDAMs, Tomahawks and Special Forces that massacre civilians they'd stop it, who knows.

      One things for certain, no one's pretending that our victim's lives matter at all.

      As an invader of Iraq in 2003 - for the made up reason of attacking America on 9 September 2001 - Australia shares responsibility for the creation of ISIS with the USA and the UK.

      We created this.

      So it's pretty rich for people to be moaning about how awful it is that a few white children died after seeing Ariane Grande. We started this.

    • Er.. free calls and some form of communication between people seems tangible to me? Prayers and thoughts are a load of crap I agree but allowing people free communication seems like a good thing?

  • Please stick to commenting about the deal which is about free calls, and not attack other users or groups for their personal beliefs. See forum topic about acting respectfully.

  • Lol

    Why don't they offer free calls to Iraq, Syria, Libya and all other countries where hundreds of THOUSANDS of people are victims of terrorist attacks and "accidental" bombings from the U.S and allies?

    Sorry I forgot, Western lives mean something where all others mean shit all!

    No I'm not a Muslim but I'm a Christian (Assyrian) Iraqi who calls Australia the greatest home in the world!

  • Wow. The neckbeards are all out in force in here

  • Where's the "Show all comments marked off-topic" slider, scotty pls fix