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Free Tickets to The Good Food & Wine Show (Sydney)


Found another of code for free tickets.

Just tried random car makes and Subaru worked!

Friday 23rd June - Sunday 25th June

International Convention Centre Sydney
14 Darling Drive, Sydney NSW 2009

Valid for general admission adult single-day entry to the 2017 Sydney Good Food & Wine Show.


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Good Food and Wine Show
Good Food and Wine Show

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  • "I'm sorry that coupon 'SUBARU' has already reached it's limit."

  • Wow already???

  • +3

    Honda works. Blast it away

    • Yep, it does…

      • lol yeah got tickets with honda

    • -1

      And Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Infiniti, Fiat, PEUGEOT, MINI,SUZUKI

  • +1

    BMW works as well. Gogogo

    • Good work!! Thank you! Hope everyone gets a free tix =)

    • +1


      Goggomobil does that work?

  • +1

    TOYOTA works too…

  • change it from expired and add more codes

  • +1

    NISSAN also works

  • BMW also works too (but seems like mods deleted my deal)

    • Yep mod deleted mine for the separate Melbourne one too.
      But it's ok cos JV has made the codes easy to read for everyone now =)

  • +3

    MAZDA working

  • +2

    MERCEDES working

  • +5

    VOLKSWAGEN working

    • +1

      Thanks jv =)

    • Thanks so much! I've been waiting for this!!

    • kudos

  • +3

    VOLVO working… (but you need to wear a hat)

  • +1

    FIAT working

  • +1

    RENAULT working

  • what does the ticket include?

    • entry and samples

  • +6

    ISUZU….Not working…..anyone know where I can buy a timing belt on the cheap?

  • Anyone been to this show previously? Is it a place where you can sample new food for free or is it just like an exhibition with takeaway stores which you buy food from?

    • Bit of both. We got so drunk on wine samples last year.

  • Nothing works

    • Use SUKUKI. Still works. I am continually updating.

      • Meant to say Suzuki?

        • Yes.

    • +2

      What cars do Nothing make?

  • +1

    INFINITI working for Melbourne

  • LOL. Are we just guessing random car manufacturers? Thanks OP.

    • +2

      All the ones I posted worked when I posted them…

      • +1

        Yep, I used one of yours. ;)

  • YAY! Thanks!!

  • +1

    These were also working for the Melbourne event, managed to score a couple of tickets but most of them have now expired.

  • -1

    PEUGEOT Still working, Just used it to get tickets

  • All gone?

  • -1

    Free tickets but no free food

    • +1

      There's a lot of food samples. And for wine, simply reuse the small paper cup from the 'coconut water' stand for maximum Ozbargain-ness.

      • +2

        For maximum ozbargain-ness, show your Citibank card and get a free wineglass at the Citibank stand in the foyer. Then quaff like mad

        • i wonder if they will accept my 1 of mony cancelled ones.

        • @tuzii:
          They've never checked the expiry date of mine..

        • Ah, I've got one. Good idea.

        • didnt know about this extra feature my card comes with, will give it a try

  • nothing working now..

  • nothing work :(

  • Peugeot just worked for me.

  • +1

    Damn all code gone?

  • That was quick :(

  • thank u so much

  • thanks a lot. I love going to this event.

  • Nothing works….

  • all gone again

  • +1

    maybe time to try other brands like white goods etc maybe companies

    • -3

      ASKO and BOSCH working

      edit.: managed to get tickets but not working now

  • Thanks OP

  • Does not work booo!

  • -3

    "BOSCH" works!!

  • Has anyone tried GOGGOMOBILE?

    Now how to spell it properly?.

    G O , G G O ,…

  • +3

    I think they have removed all codes now perhaps, as even ones before that were saying limit reached are now saying they don't exist.

    • Yea, good find, same idea here

  • Keep trying I got 2 tickets with "ORIGIN". Reached its limit when I checked after completing checkout though.

  • Try random words.

  • Guys, please stop trying, I believe they have removed all promo code, as everything used to be "reach limit" now shows "invalid", there is nothing work any more.

  • WINESELECTOR30 is working for 30%off

  • +2

    This is BS - ive been waiting to get some tix for my own personal use and nothing! Im gonna see these popping up on Scamtree soon

  • If anyone got tickets they no longer want or can't go, I'm happy to take them. I have family visiting from overseas and it would be good to be able to take them to the show. Thanks in advance.

    • me too. I've been looking for 2 tickets but that one day when I go out for lunch I missed it!

  • Fellow OZB's, Need three tickets and if any one no longer want or can't go, I'm happy to take them and thanks in advance

  • +8

    K guys i got a 6 tickets to give away for SYDNEY.

    just reply to this message and i'll randomly select 3 people (a set of 2 tickets) to give tickets to to be fair rather than first come first serve.

    DO NOT PM ME as i dont want to be flooded

    • Me please

    • me please!

    • Me please, if you got Sunday that would be good.

      • +1

        these r just QR code u register online urself

    • Me

    • within 1 hr of this post

    • Hi there, me please!

    • Me pleeeeeeease!

    • me please :)

    • make that 12 tickets my bro doesnt need his set either

      • Ohhh yes please would love 2 of these!

      • yes please. 2 would be lovely.

    • Here plz

    • Me too please :)

    • Yes please!

    • Pick me pick me! ;)

    • Me too please

    • Would be much appreciated :)

    • Me pls

    • Me Please

    • Me please!!!

    • Yes please!

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