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MEL Return Milan, Italy (w' Delhi Stopover) Via Air India $878 (August) @ IWTF


Here's a great deal to the fashion capital of the world; Milan Italy.

Play around with August dates, but eg 7th August - 22nd August 2017 HERE departing from Melbourne on Monday 9.45am 7/8/17. Normal price is about $1480, so this is over 40% less.

Beautiful time of year to be in Milan with average temp approx 24.5 degrees and lots to do at this time of year There is no VISA requirement for Australian citizens entering Italy for under 90 days.

20hr stopover on the way to Italy in Delhi, so plenty of time to have a sleep and see a few touristy places. There is a VISA process for Australians travelling to India.

Admittedly not the greatest airline but every dollar saved is a dollar that can be spent Shopping in Milan!

Update: I spoke with 'Vegal' at the Air India customer service department
YES you will be provided with FREE Accommodation with this booking based on the stopover time.
"Customers will need to contact the City Office in Delhi" with their purchase confirmation.
"Accommodation will be provided at one of the Hotels at Delhi Airport"

See also visa requirements for India. If your transit time is 24-72 hours, you'll need a transit visa. If you wish to clear immigration at any stage, you will need a visa even if your transit time is less than 24 hours. Please check with relevant official immigration department prior to departure, and plan for delays (that pushes your connecting flight beyond 24 hours).

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  • BONZA deal!

    I believe you stay at the airport and they give you a hotel room due to stop over time, is that correct?

  • Heaps to see North of Milan. The lakes and alps etc. Amazing part of the world. Flight is pretty damn cheap! Pretty much half price

  • That's a long time in an Air India metal cocoon.
    … Mr B, have you been meeting Mr O?
    Great price though

    • an Air India metal cocoon…

      Technically composite fiber

      • 787 plane with 9-abreast rows. Horribly tight seating, elbow to elbow.

        It's packed to the rafters and you would not want to sit in a packed 'scented' tube of plastic-aluminium-combo-plane for that long period of time.

        Unless you want to consider wearing a face mask laced with air freshener the whole time, while offending hundreds of people on the flight.

        No offence, but some demographics have 'signature scents' that other demographics find 'unusual'.

    • And not Bang and Olufson either.

    • Trying to be too politically correct eh?

      I once confronted a south asian officemate for hygiene reasons. Many people complained about his 'scent' but only I had the guts to tell him to take a shower every morning before work. He no longer smells and he should thank me for it.

  • 24.5 degree in August? Let's say 44.5

  • While some might not think air India is the best I had an okayish experience

    Flight left Sydney 45 minutes late both times, food was great but very spicey, lots of kids on flights to Delhi so don't expect to sleep

    Other then that FA are super nice and will do everything to make your flight pleasurable just don't ask for Kama sutra ;)

    • Do they pour hot drinks into containers whilst in the aisle prior to presenting it to the passenger?

    • Number 40/60 in Jacdec safety ratings which means worse than Aeroflot (37)
      for "my life is worth" Vs "dollars saved" equation

      • you used the Jacdec rating to measure Air India safety standing, but used your "judgment' to rank Aeroflot like a flying coffin
        if you believe in the ranking then Aeroflot is better than Air France, American Airlines and Thai Airways Intl
        There should one reference for comparison…don't mix references ..

        • Flying coffin? I didn't say anything about flying coffins. Sorry not sure what you are saying there.
          Aeroflot are traditionally well known as a dangerous airline, thats improving but their rep is not very good due to many accidents.
          I was pointing out that its a personal choice that we all must make a choice between attractive savings and the airlines riskiness. I would avoid the lower tier airlines where possible.

      • you seem to be looking at the ranking with your own prejudice. As per the ranking they seem much better compared to other asian carriers flying out of Aus such as Air China, Thai among others…

        • It is simply a ranking.
          Safest airlines on top, more dangerous to the bottom. It's based on safety records.
          Air India have crashed many times over the years and killed a lot of passengers - as per the linked Wikipedia entry above. The data is what it is. Interpret it any way you like.

        • @King Tightarse:

          Before the ranking table, please read what JACDEC says;
          “To dispel a common misconception about the JACDEC Safety Ranking: this list is not about the 60 safest airlines, it comprises the 60 largest airlines measured by their revenue passenger performance in RPK’s.”
          In the methodology they are used “Transparency” as a factor as well, because some countries such as China, Malaysia, Thailand and Turkey don’t report near misses and don’t share the findings. And in the ranking they used number of “near misses” as an input factor.
          Also back to your Wiki link, after 1985 (terrorist attack) there is not a single fatality with Air India, means 32 yrs NO Death.
          You are free to make your own mind and choose an airline, but don’t twist data and facts.

        • @galaxiers:
          You seem to be struggling with this so how about approaching it from another angle?
          Here are the winners of the 2017 worlds safest 20 airlines, as ranked by the other major compiler of such lists Airlineratings.com . You may wish things to be different but records are records. Perhaps national pride distorts your clear thinking. You need to dispassionately accept that Air India has a lower tier safety record. It is just a fact.
          Qantas is number one (again) with zero fatalities.
          Air India is not included on the list, because when it comes to worlds safest airlines….. it isn't.

        • @King Tightarse:
          I am not disoriented right now, but if you keep throwing a new reference on each of your comment, I may get disoriented.
          Re my pride:
          My pride is getting a bargain on the Ozbargain,
          My pride is not to say a fellow Ozbargainer a disoriented person,
          My pride is to put a comment in a context, so that follow ozbaringers can make their own judgment.
          As this debate is becoming personal; for sake of sprite of this site, I will stop here.

      • Obivosly people will have different experiences for work I fly in and out of different countries - Air India would be in my top 7 or so…I've had very bad experiences with Cathay Pacific, British airways, united etc and two of those are considered the best..

  • not july

    ruined mah day

  • In Jacdec Safety, Air India ahead of Air France, American Airlines and Thai Airlines so can't be that bad!!

  • Darnit no Brisbane.

    • why not use your premium credit card's free domestic flight? im in brisbane too and ill probs do that. just feels silly travelling so far south only to go north again

      • This may blow your mind but Melbourne to Delhi is the same distance as Brisbane - Delhi.

        And Melbourne is closer to Delhi than Sydney is…which also explains why Melbourne is also closer to a Europe..

        • interesting. i see, it's because melbourne is to the west of brisbane.

        • @gorge:

          Yep- the regular map projection is quite misleading..in reality Australia "wraps around " quite a lot to the east, and India is not as north as you'd think..,more west

          In any case it makes more sense to transit through Melbourne than Syd as it's closer, as well as the fact that you don't have to face a domestic- international transfer in Sydney (nightmare..stuck in the 80's on a bus)

    • i went to milan in early march flying Etihad for abt $900. unless you want to go to India then I eould wait for other deals.

      I teamed it with a $350 8 days MSC cruise all inclusive. Visited Palorma, Malta, Barcelona, Marseille, and more. European cruises r great because they have port stops everyday. Add a few extra days for Genoa, day trip to cinque terre and Milan. Very cheap holiday!

      Any cheap airfares to the Baltic?

  • Speaking of India, someone told me you can get a 3 day transit visa for $10 or so but the site says closer to $50.

    For those that haven't been to India in 4 years you'll faint when you see the new tourist visa prices ($192.60 AUD). What happened to the 6 month visa? Maybe I stuffed up or VFS Global is tricking the gullible into getting a year?

    • someone told me you can get a 3 day transit visa for $10

      They were wrong,

      The 50$ online thing is a single entry visa, the VFS Visa is a multiple entry longer term visa. If you think this 192.60 is expensive you should try coming into Australia and see what we charge for tourist visa, if you even get it.

      Edit, Went and checked Australia charges Indians,

      8319 Indian Rupee equals 173.033 Australian Dollar for a VFS Visa.

      • Are you saying they still have 6 month single entry?

        I assumed the visa pricing was made reciprocal so the similar amounts make sense. Brazil has also introduced a reciprocity fee since I've been there (though I don't remember exactly how much I paid in Iguazu, Argentina, which may have been cheaper than getting it here).

        China's doesn't seem so expensive anymore.

        • Are you saying they still have 6 month single entry?

          Vfs visas are multiple entry by default.

        • @dealman:
          VFS is only the middleman Agent. There is no VFS visa and they definitely are not multiple entry by default. Multiple entry needs to be requested. VFS charges an additional "Admin Fee" for processing visas. It is not possible in Australia do go directly to the Consulate/Embassy for visa applications… An Australian Tourist visa currently costs $135.00 if needed or coming from a "risk country". Non risk countries are free via ETA…

        • @Franconian:
          Agree I understand there are no Vfs visas, that was just short for pre planned tourist visa applied through vfs

    • You can get an E=visa for USD50. The visa allows double entries, 60 day stay each time.

  • Air India is not the best but the dreamliner plane is very comfy. The economy seats are bigger and roomier than the premium economy seats from "better" airlines.
    Food is decent if you like spicy/indian food. The staff are usually nice and don't mind any requests, and will serve drinks as much as you want.
    I always book seats at the end of the plane because they tend to be empty, and have on multiple occasions had 2 free seats to sleep.
    Don't hesitate to ask for upgrades to the business class, especially if you are a member of their FF program.
    Entertainment wise they don't always have the latest movies, but enough variety to keep you busy for the duration of the flight.

    Lot of Indians travel with kids and old parents, so the cons are crying babies, loud Indians and long queues to the toilets. Luckily, June-Sept is not a very busy period for travelers to India.

    • "Air India is not the best but the dreamliner plane is very comfy. The economy seats are bigger and roomier than the premium economy seats from "better" airlines."

      Are you serious? This doesn't make sense. It's nowhere near comfy.
      It's on a 9-abreast elbow-to-elbow configuration. The plane was designed for only 8. It's a joke to say it's "comfy".

      I avoid flights that have 9-abreast rows in the 787 and 10-abreast in 777.
      And I always prefer the A380 and A350.

      • Sounds like you haven't flown in a Dreamliner before.

        • I have. And it's horrible if it's 3-3-3 seats per row. I boycott that plane with passion. It's unavoidable to touch other people's elbows with the narrow seats which are probably okay for tiny people but not for muscular ones.

        • @unloadmymind:

          So you're saying you're fat? Can't blame the airlines for that.

        • @deathjr:

          Muscle ain't fat ;)

          Even average sized people find it too narrow sitting in those 17-inch seats.


          I think average sized Indians are a bit smaller than average sized Aussies. Maybe that's why the seat is 17".

        • @ms:

          Then it appears my Indian friends are "above average".


          Have you been measuring the width of their bottoms ;)

          Btw, for comparisons sake British airways has a seat width of 17.2".

          Our friends on whingepool also complain the same…


        • @ms:

          That's why I AVOID the Dreamliner economy 9-abreast seating of ANY airline. Even the new direct Qantas flight from Perth to London. It's a horrible money making configuration including the Boeing 777 with 10-abreast.

          Whenever possible I prefer the A380 which has 18.5 inches of seat width economy.

  • +3 votes

    This is the official Air India page about this deal..


    It also confirms hotel at DEL airport.

    ideally should find some options from SYD as well when flight dates can be worked out. You can also do open jaw (e.g SYD-FCO, VIE-SYD).

    The Air India dreamliners are quite comfortable, economy class has 84 CM legroom.

    For those who are interested in stopover, Australia is one of the evisa eligible country for India.



    holy crap, that is an awesome price.

  • 20 hours in india?
    ill spend that time learning to tie a turban

    • +3 votes

      Sounds good. It is a very popular fashion accessory in Milan.

  • Air India does not have the best reputation even among us Indians but I have flown their Dreamliners multiple times on BOM-SIN and found them very good in economy. Their legroom is quite generous. The food is great if you can tolerate the high spice levels.

  • +4 votes

    Thanks for posting this. I didn't realise that flights bought through OTAs would qualify for the free hotel so thank you for clarifying that.

    There was the same price from Melbourne a week ago, I'll see if I can find the dates again & post it here if I find it.

    • Here are the dates for Sydney
      02/Aug 21/Aug $891
      30/Jul 21/Aug $891
      21/Jul 21/Aug $891
      02/Aug 04/Sep $891
      30/Jul 04/Sep $891

      (I meant to say Sydney in my post above).

  • Air India? You'd have to pay me. Do they offer to fix the viruses on your laptop in flight?

  • Hello everyone just checked into Air India into a similar flight going to Madrid, old deal from iwantthatflight.com.au

    The checkin staff confirmed that the hotel that they provide is inside the airport, it's the HOLIDAY INN. It's inside the terminal.

    I checked clearly with the agent you do not need an Indian visa to go on this flight as you do not clear immigration and the luggage can be checked in directly to the destination.

    if you do want to get out in India that is also possible make sure you check in your luggage only up to Delhi