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eBay 15% off Sitewide with Min $75 Spend (10PM to Midnight)


15% off sitewide when you spend $75 or more. Difference is max discount $600.

See all CRAZIEST deals here (Updated hourly)
(Mod: we've updated previous 15%/10% off code deals with this new code, for those who missed deals earlier today.)

T&C's. Requires Australian PayPal account, excludes postage cost. Excludes Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Bullion (178078) and Gift Cards (172,009).

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  • i am planning on buy huawei mediapad m3. any owners of this tablet here?

  • Code worked.

  • grabbed a 250GB SSD for $68 del, thanks OP

    • Where? That's Great!!

      • i think it is used

      • was a used 840 EVO OEM mSATA drive, laptop pull. quite a nice deal

  • Aomething is wrong or a false marketing.
    In th cart i have $276, using the CRAZIEST code but was only given $4.95 discount.. i.e. 1.8% discount.
    Far from 15% discount.

  • Just bought Google Chromecast Ultra saved $14.85 store pickup. Cheers :D

  • aaaand it's gone
    Everything I waited up for is suddenly sold out :(

  • Any good deal on ps4 pro

  • Just save $78 off a $520 purchase - thanks OP!!

  • Saved $27 on a few items I've had my eye on. :)
    Knowing my luck there will be a 20% off coupon in the coming days/week.

  • Awesome, just saved $135 on the Zodiac CX20, $899 down to $764

  • Who got the last bosch washing machine from Appliances online? must have beat me by a few seconds ;)

    • I got a WAW32640AU

    • I wanted this too zz, someone purchased at 22:01:28 lol..

      • +3

        I think I got the last one, apologies.

  • +2

    That feeling when you forget to apply the cash back…

    • +1

      I don't think they would pay out since they didn't list the code in cashrewards

  • +1

    Nintendo Switch at Target can be had for <$400

  • +2

    Finally managed to buy a Nintendo Switch for $400!

  • Separate 3.0 2gb hard drive for $85. Can't complain about that. The last one I bought was double, maybe triple the price. Yes it was a long time ago, hence the purchase today.

  • Nooooo dammit! Bought something with 10%

  • I screwed up by ordering only 1 item…then saw the YAS106B soundbar.

    Pox on those retailers pre-jacking prices. Surely consumer affairs can prosecute for that ?

  • +4

    getting an error "This code can't be applied to your order." when i try and add the promo code

  • +2

    Trying to buy sparkplugs on the .au site from a US vendor, but the code won't work…
    "This code can't be applied to some of your items."
    So it's purely Aus sellers on the Aus site??

    • im getting the same error from an aus seller.

      • I'm getting the same problem trying to buy from an overseas seller that was listed on the Australian site.

      • Yeah something is NQR with this code. Just checked, the item is listed under auto PARTS category / spark plugs. Definitely not one of the exclusion categories that aren't eligible for the deal…

        • Guess i'll contact eBay and see what they have to say?

    • hk/china vendor seem to go through

    • Been having this issue with these codes all day long. Winter10 worked on this item I'm trying to buy but none of today's codes have worked on the same item. I've contacted eBay and they told me it's because it's in a excluded category which is not true at all.

  • Any good large reverse cycle inverter air conditioners?

  • Grabbed a Rinnai gas heater and saved about $180 … prices didnt get jacked up which was good.

  • Got a new fridge cos the oldie is dying:

    Saved $120, thanks OP.

    • I hope this was after the 30% off price?

      • yeah it was $679 in the end

  • Grabbed the Breville Smart Oven Pro from the Good Guys for $254.15, pretty similar to some of the previous deals posted on it.

  • +9

    Soon as this deal expires i'll have 69 items i'll want to buy but right now can't even think of 1, what the hell is wrong with me i dont belong here

    • +3

      I believe right now we are like rabbits standing in the headlights. The urgency causes us to lose focus. Thus why always good to add items to a list and just wait until a sale comes along. Makes things far easier and less daunting.

      • +1

        I normally do although I had exhausted my last watch list from a previous sale, and this one caught me by surprise.

        Great tip though!

  • +1

    Anyone else tried a US based vendor and NOT getting the discount codeissue?
    I really want these sparkplugs at this 15% discount! :o

    • works fine for me mate…

      Subtotal $611.64 USD
      Shipping and handling $66.20 USD
      Insurance - not offered ——
      Other discounts -$91.74 USD
      Total $586.10 USD
      Payment $586.10 USD
      This charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL xxxxxxxxxx"
      Payment sent to xxxxxx

      From amount $821.77 AUD
      To amount $586.10 USD
      Exchange rate: 1 Australian dollars = 0.713217 US dollars

      if you item opens up as —— copy over the item number into another opened browser thats with …. then add to cart… make sure to check out with one type of currency at a time.

      • +1

        Nope, it opens within
        It won't accept the code…
        The amount is for $65 USD.. Don't know if that matters as the converted amount is MORE than $75 AUD…???

        • have you made another separate purchase with the code?

    • I am speaking to eBay on their live chat and they are saying that it does not apply to items which are purchased from overseas sellers…

      • How's that when Keverns posted he did and it worked..???
        I tried on a more expensive set of plugs -> $77 USD and it does NOT accept the code either..
        So fk'd if I know!?

        • I'm not sure what the go is? When I asked what would happen as I am now committed to buying the item they said that they would remove the unpaid item strike as a one time offer.

        • +1

          Agree has nothing to do with it being an overseas seller. The item shows up in and check out is

        • @Yabbie:

          Yeah too much mucking around. Another fine f-up by Ebay.. CBF with it

  • not sure if I want to pull the trigger on an ipad, help!

    • +1

      yeah nah

    • -1

      they are crap.

  • +1

    Tks op, got a WD 4TB usb as a backup device for my single bay NAS.

    • I actually do need this, great post!!!

      • No worries, enjoy.
        I in fact saw this back in Hong Kong when I was there in April for similar price but did not end up buying.
        Now it even comes with insurance and postage, and right before tax time thus I recon it is good price and timing.

  • +1

    my payment through paypal is not going through and voucher code doesnt work without paypal selected anyone facing the same issue ?

    • Which browser are you using? I can't log in to PayPal with Firefox so I used Chrome.

      • tried chrome and IE both never had this problem….and when i dont select paypal and try paying using the credit card doesnt allow to enter the voucher…

        • The code only works if you pay with PayPal. You can add the code at the checkout without indicating any payment format but when it is time to pay, you need to select PayPal.

    • so are you paying via paypal or not? cos you need to use a aust paypal account.

  • went to buy the Seagate 5TB drive from TGG, after missing earlier tonight when it was $167 with the 15% off, but now the price jacked up to $239.

  • So does this code apply even if I buy from a private seller? Buy it now price only? Or even an auction that happens to finish now?

    • Private seller works, not sure about auctions but I don't see why not. You can always add the item to the cart and input the code at checkout to see if it works.

  • +1

    Got a Oneplus 3T for $483

    • You've inspired me… gonna get one too!

    • these things were discounted hard during the Lunar New Year, 480+ AUD :D

  • I can't believe that the hardest thing for me is now to come up with something to buy and it's only 1 hour left to make up my mind!!!

  • Dyson V8 Animal for $635.80 from The Good Guys…..

    Also got a butane soldering iron, 2" petrol fire fighter pump, dog grooming clippers and a soldering 3rd hand stand.
    Great stuff!

  • Hi Guys,

    1st time buying over $1k of stuff, how do I pay the GST?

    • +2

      You'll get a bill when it reaches Customs.

    • +1

      you could always ask the seller to undervalue the parcel

  • Thanks OP, Just bought an Engel 40l fridge and bag new for $1088, normally 1280 from a store on eBay. BCF have them for 1399 plus 189 for the bag… Secondhand they are still around 1k for a good condition new model!

  • Ah, TGG jacked up the price of the TV I wanted to buy by $200 just in time for this 15%.

    No buy.

    But I need one soon. Damn it.

    How often does TGG participate in the 20% off ebay deals, and does anyone know what is the typical discount cap? Is it usually $300?

    • I actually thought cap was usually $600, but hasn't been 20% discounts much so I may be thinking of 15%.

    • +2


      I agonized for the whole day, looking at reviews and taking measurements of my furniture and living room, on whether or not to plonk $3000 down on a TV. In the end when I finally decided I'd do it, they jacked up the price by $200. I struggled to pull the trigger at $3000. At an extra $200, it's no deal. It would actually need to be 20% off just to get the same price as before they hiked it.

      TGG just wasted hours of my time.

      I only bought one item today, and that was $10 off $50.

      How do I report this to ebay? They are just being chumps to the sellers. If ebay were to do 30% off, it would only mean that prices get jacked up even more than they already do, which is no real saving over 20%.

      There is absolutely no argument that the seller pays for the discount, or pays part of it with ebay and must raise prices to compensate for lost margin, when the 15% off is sitewide. I know for fact they didn't make me pay for the discount when I sold products during sitewide discounts. TGG is just being opportunistic greedy bastards in this case. They don't have an excuse.

  • thanks. Grabbed AU stock s8 for 900

    • nice. who was the seller?

  • +1

    No deal from me. Didn't work for purchases from US vendors, and others have stated the same experience. Code won't accept. (Yes it meets the minimum spend and is not on the exclusion list). Yet some have said it does work…
    Prices jacked up and dodgy codes, just standard from Ebay nowadays.

    • +1

      If you have multiple items of different currency, it won't work.

      Some categories are excluded.

      Make sure you are browsing and you are signed into paypal at checkout.

      Check those 3 things just to make sure it's really not working.

      • I did.. It wouldn't work. Removed any Aus based/mix currency deals and was all through the .au site to no avail

  • +3

    FU bastards! Just spent $1700 on shit i dont need :(

    • I got saved from spending $3000 because the seller raised the price in time for the sale.

      Not sure whether to be happy or sad.

  • +3

    Epic camera and lens deals to be had today with all these promos

  • Thanks, missed out on the codes earlier today. Bought a LG V20 from dwi and a case all for 450~

  • Does anyone know if it works with appliances online ebay store? Just put an order in for rangehood, cooktop & oven today!! Can't try it on mine because it says item does not ship to AU…

  • Seems like a good time to by a Dyson v8 absolute with 15% off way cheaper then in store prices

  • eBay 20% off on selected stores
    Use CRACKA20

  • My order is $86 AUD but I need to pay in USD so the voucher isn't working I'm guessing. Both items are in USD and I'm signed onto Paypal but once I enter the code is says I haven't met the requirements. Any way around this?

  • qabought a Huawei GR5. Thanks op

  • Got my dyson v6 slim for 261.45 from bing lee, code worked

  • Got:

    • OnePlus 3T
    • Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L IS USM

    $1700… in 30 mins!

  • +3

    What a load of shit, I still had a minute and it rejected my payment. fuking idiots.

    • Me too, done everything and click on pay comes up with an error and told me to try again but code no longer working.

    • yep had that happen before. Checked records and transactions were logged 4 mins before expiry.

    • Check your Paypal Account.

      They just gave me the fully refund which is the total amount before discount. O.O

  • Missed by seconds… checkout took a bit longer than expected and I had some random items I had to remove from cart. Dammit. Was going to buy a cheap nikon 40mm macro lens.

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