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Online HDD Clearance Sale. Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard Drive $99 + More @ JB Hi-Fi


Online Hard Drive Clearance Sale

Seagate Expansion Portable Hard Drive 2TB - $99

Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box
USB powered
Fast data transfer with USB 3.0 connectivity

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    It still amazes me the cost of these drives - I just dug through my order history from CoTD and found I bought a 2Tb external in September 2011 for $80! With 8+Tb drives out there now can someone tell me why 2Tb drives are holding these prices?

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      Exchange rates.
      Back then 1AUD=1.01USD, now it's more like 1AUD =0.738USD


      These are 2.5" drives…

      However, the price of drives still flows on from the 2011 Floods.Many OEM's signed 5 year+ deals at high prices for HDD stock which has kept the prices high.


        the Thai floods dont affect prices to this day, mostly the reason for price increases or the fact that they have stayed around a similar price is because lack of demand. Most people have moved onto SSD's so mechanical hard drives have taken a back seat. Most factories are pumping out flash storage and solid state drives, mechanical hard drive business isn't a booming industry… it's second or third to their main income streams


      There is a base cost for housing motors shipping etc that they can't escape … The capacity is just extra platters …… And the cost of extra platters.

      For 2.5" drives They still make 2tb as it's a 2 platter drive and fits into laptops …..3tb is 3 platter and too big

      For 3.5" drives not sure why they still make 2tb drives ….. Their capacity is partially due to better electronics and encoding.

      1. Exchange rates
      2. Less competition - was Seagate, WD, Samsung, Hitachi, and Toshiba; now there is only Seagate, WD and Toshiba. (Just after the floods there was industry talk of prices being unsustainably low, too.)
      3. Less demand - not only for hard disk vs ssd, but desktop computers in general. The first iPad launched in 2010.

    Why can't we pickup? some of these drives are $49 but then add shipping and kills the deal.

    Edit: Then I noticed some drives have free shipping.. in that case I might just buy :D

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    Pretty standard price the last few months.
    No deal!

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    Seagate Backup Plus 5TB Desktop Hard Drive $179 free post, cheapest on static ice is $258.83. Not too bad, if needed


      dont store anything of importance that isnt backed up multiple times on anything made by Seagate :-)

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        It really depends on the drive, there are WD drives with worse failure rates than Seagate drives. Besides you should be backing up anything important multiple times, Seagate or not.

        A good source for current info on the reliability of various hard drives…



        Just had two mirrored WD Reds (NAS drives) crap out on me within two weeks of each other, after a mere 4000 hours of uptime (some serious odds there!)

        Thankfully I also did a separate backup of photos & important documents to a third non-RAID drive and also an offline portable drive.

        But, alas, all my pr0n is gone!!!


      Where is this 5TB for $179?


    The reviews do not seem too bad,4 out of 5, or a platinum award, but they are not testing longevity of the drive.


    • Build Quality
    • Compact Size
    • 5TB Capacity
    • Excellent Performance
    • Free Two Year 200GB OneDrive Subscription
    • Works with Lyve
    • Low Temperatures
    • Dashboard Software
    • Price (For Some)"

    "The Seagate Backup Plus is a good, affordable and fast external drive. The only thing standing against it is the lack of any built in security features and relatively short two year warranty."

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      When someone buys a lime green hard drive, I'm not sure that security features are at the top of their list of concerns.


    4TB and 6TB are good value, but only by about $20, and once 'shucked' you have no warranty…
    Still tempting.


    I thought the 5Tb drives were cheap as they used SMR drives.

    I was looking at the externals but have decided to just buy a decent enclosure and bare HDD so I know exactly what I am getting.

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