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Western Digital Red 4TB HDD - US $141 (~AU $187) Delivered @ Amazon. Limit 1 Per Customer


Cheapest ever Amazon price. Cheapest local price seems to be around $216 at MSY

  • Specifically designed for use in NAS systems with up to 8 bays
  • Tested for 24x7 reliability
  • NASware firmware for compatibility
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Small and home office NAS systems in a 24x7 enviornment
  • Package includes a hard drive only - no screws, cables, manuals included. Please purchase mounting hardware and cables separately if necessary.
  • Ships in WD-certified box for safe transit during shipping

Edit: Seems to only let you add 1 drive to your cart.

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  • Yep it is a cheap price but the way I look at it for an extra $29 you can buy locally which takes out the headache in warranty returns.

    • Never had a problem with support from Amazon, they are very good.

      • Yeah but overseas for a HDD could be a real pain especially if you need the data (they do recovery sometimes).

      • You need to pay the postage back, which can be expensive ($40)

        Amazon will only refund you around $11 for postage.

        • So in that case you can pay the 29 up front or you can take the gamble of saving 29 and buying from Amazon hoping that the hdd won't fail.

        • They reimburse up to $15 USD. Though in my experience they have reimbursed more than that.

          I sent something back costing $14 AU. They reimbursed me about $8 or $9 USD. I did a conversion and it didn't quite cover it, but I left them be and didn't mention it. Then they reimbursed me another $15 USD without me asking for it. I ended up getting back more than I paid for return postage.

    • I will talk a bit about warranty here.

      Western digital will pay for all postage.

      I reached out to them via their support portal and got an RMA number. They will organised for Fedex to pick up the package from you. Very simple! - I even called up Fedex to change the pick up location the night before because of change of plans. They are very flexible.

      It took about 4 business days for the drive to reach Vietnam and then 1 business day for processing and then 5 days back to AU.

      They will adjust the new drive's warranty to match the old one.

      Comparing this to dealing with a retailer…. this was FAR easier. I didn't have to adjust my schedule for anything. Esp for people who work 5 days a week and only really have the weekend to make it to the retailer.

      No complaints here.

  • We need a repeat of this deal from PLE.

    • Or an 8tb drive deal pls. None of that shonky seagate stuff.

      • Yeah how dare they make reliable drives with low failure rates to keep the market leader in check! Those dastardly deviants!

        • Haha. Good one. Fish elsewhere mate.

        • @Xizor: Yeah go state your ridiculous crap elsewhere and let the facts speak for themselves - https://www.backblaze.com/blog/hard-drive-reliability-stats-...

        • @potplanty: Mate if you can't read your own link, or have been living in an bubble the past DECADE with all the issues Seagate has had i can't help you. I hope they return to top, i used to be an advocate of them back in the day, and maybe they do have some good reliable drives now. But they will need to do a lot better to shake their shonky rep with a lot of us long time consumers.

        • Yeah ….. The vocal negss come from the few duds ……backblaze uses a large sample and no Mamamia bloggers …

        • Both have bad batches but WD have never had a drive anywhere near the notorious unreliability of the ST3000DM001, a drive that almost made the IBM Deathstar look good. A drive that reached an incredible 47% annual failure rate at Backblaze, almost 100% failure within three years, and had a whole feature dedicated to it.

          Even knowing that their new drives are apparently much more reliable, and having bought a few for less-critical stuff, I don't blame anyone unwilling to put Seagates back into their systems just yet.

        • @SteveBuscemi:

          I don't blame anyone unwilling to put Seagates back into their
          systems just yet.

          and yet backblaze is using 60% seagate drives in the 2017 q1 test

          and WD's sample size is 1.8% — whoopdy doo

        • @Xizor: Not siding anyone, I'm a WD man myself, but look at the data in the table of "by manufacturer" (3rd or 4th table from the top).

        • @SteveBuscemi:

          unreliability of the ST3000DM001, a drive that almost made the IBM Deathstar look good

          Weirdly enough I've been using 2 of these in a 6 drive SHR array in my N54L for a few years, no issue.. yet one of the 1TB WD Red's we have at work failed within 4 months of buying it. It's just luck of the draw in reality (touch wood now my Seagate's don't just die haha)

    • We need a repeat of this deal from PLE.

      Hell yeah. Everyone in a circle, join hands and go ommmmmmmmmm ….
      Would love some cheap new 4TB reds to replace my near full 3TB greens :)

    • Running 4 of those 4tb in a qnap 453a, still fine ;)
      Hyper-v, vmware lab

  • Damn - I just bought one last night in the Ebay deal.

  • Oo La La, excellent first time post op :)

  • Hello everyone,

    Looking to add more storage in my HTPC and keep it active as a NAS during daytime. Since this PC will not be ON 24/7, is it still worth to buy RED or should I go for a BLUE drive ?

    Thanks in advance !

  • +2 votes

    Was going to say this is an excellent deal, until I saw the limit of one per customer.

    Surely most people looking at 4TB Reds are going to want more than one.

  • What's the position with the 3 year warranty on these in Australia when purchased in the US?

    Earlier comments mention returning to Amazon. My understanding that, as WD have an international warranty, if anything goes wrong you simply request an RMA directly from WD in Malaysia, and return the HD to them. Assuming there is a fault, they they simply send you a new HD.

    If you buy a HD locally, the store (eg Umart) has a 12 month RTB warranty, so you deal with them directly if there's a problem.

    After this 12 month period you use the RMA method as above.

    I have 8 x 3 TB Reds all purchased over 4 years ago. I've only ever had a problem with one of them, which died after 34 months. The RMA procedure worked perfectly - I can't remember how much it cost me to ship to Malaysia, but it was definitely under $20.

    I received my replacement HD in under 2 weeks.

    Hopefully this deal comes up again soon. I need another 24TB of storage for my new backup computer, but can't afford it just yet, having just bought two new laptops that I didn't really need thanks to Ozbargain :)

    EDIT: I've just noticed the one per customer limit - so it wouldn't be much good to me anyway!

    • Agree - See my comment above for my exp.

      I didn't event pay for shipping. They arranged a paid pick up by Fedex.

    • If you buy a HD locally, the store (eg Umart) has a 12 month RTB warranty, so you deal with them directly if there's a problem.

      After this 12 month period you use the RMA method as above.

      Nope. You deal with the retailer for the entire length of the stated warranty period. If a shop ever tell you that you have to send it to the manufacturer during the warranty period, they're breaking Australian Consumer Law as they're the ones responsible for it. Don't let them fob you off. You can deal with the manufacturer directly if you wish, but don't let an Australian retailer tell you otherwise.

    • I don't think they send you a "new" HDD.

      I used to work at RMA for the Melbourne branch of the world's biggest PC parts distributor (if you're an end user, you probably wouldn't have even heard of them). We got over 500 HDDs back every week. They get sent back to the manufacturer, but what we got back was refurbs, not brand new stock. That would be expensive RMA for them given the sheer volume they'd be getting back each day.

      Your faulty drive stays with them, you get a previously repaired drive that once belonged to someone else. They repair yours and give your drive to someone else later.

      It's been a while since I worked there. It's possible they've changed their ways, but I highly doubt you will be getting a brand new HDD unless it's within DOA period. From my experience working there, HDDs are the least reliable component of your PC.

      • I recently had a 3TB WD blue go belly up with too many reallocated bad sectors to cope. It was about 16mths old and told by PLE it would go back to manufacturer and I'd most likely get a refurb in return.

        Ended up getting a brand new unit 2 weeks later so quite happy.

        • How do you know it's brand new?

          The refurbs we got looked new. You could only tell if you were experienced.

          I'm not saying it's impossible, just curious how meticulously you inspected it.

        • @lostn:
          Just going by the techs's own seemingly surprise response saying I got a new unit rather than refurb. Written on his paperwork maybe? The drive is still in static bag waiting to go into backup NAS whereapon I will see if SMART info reveals signs of prior use?

        • @deltakilo: I don't know how you would test. But our refurbs came in static bag also, so it's no indicator.

          The refurbing is professionally done. You wouldn't know the difference on the outside. Early on they would put a new HDD label on top of the old one sometimes. I don't know if they still do this.

          Or maybe they just bin all the defective ones into landfill and supply you a brand new replacement? That would be a lot of HDDs a day going to landfill though… and the cost of a new replacement is more than paying cheap labor to refurb it in Malaysia/Singapore. With corporate greed the way it is right now, I can't see them doing this.

          But in some cases it might be new, mainly new models where refurbs are in low supply. I'm not saying yours isn't new, I'm just saying it's hard to be sure, even if they say it's new.

        • @lostn:
          Yup. I had a couple refurbed iPods and Asus tablet some years back that came in schmick Mickey Mouse as new packaging so definitely can't go by appearances.

          Going by Google, it seems SMART data can be reset so that's not to be trusted either.

          I've just discovered I've also now got a DOA 4TB Seagate to take back to the store so gonna see if I can upsize the unopened 'replaced' 3TB WD to a 4TB by paying the price difference.

        • @deltakilo: Depends where you got it from. If it's DOA it should be easy.

          But big places like OW are very pro-consumer with that kind of thing.

  • Where are the hgst bargains?

  • Any WD 8tb rd deal?missed the one in last month

  • Is it best to use Amazon currency converter or AMEX?
    I'm getting a $193 checkout total. Is the $187 figure using the referral link?

    • $187 is the current conversion rate from xe.com. You will pay more than that with amex/currency converter so you're best paying in USD with a card that has no currency conversion/international costs such as 28 Degrees/Citibank etc.

  • I have one of these in my desktop. Can someone tell me if it makes weird electronic noises? It sounds like feint clicking. Kind of like when your HDD is seeking (though not like any HDDs I've owned before), but you hear it even when it's not being accessed.

    One good thing about this drive is, it doesn't spin down when inactive. Normally if it's not accessed for a while, it turns itself off and the next time you need to access it, you have to wait a few seconds for it to spin up again. This stays active so you don't get that delay after a period of inactivity.


    Shipping all that way, have any of these been DOA?

  • Is this a good buy if i just want a normal hdd (Not for NAS)? if not what other ones are good?

  • coming up as US$147.73 / AU$196.29 for me, has the price moved up?

  • has the price changed? can someone else please confirm thanks :)

    • I can't get USD $141 delivered. Total of USD $147.73 for me (Item USD $136.99 + Shipping $10.74). I did something wrong?

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