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Sony FDR-X3000 $479.96 (Plus $100 EFTPOS Card via Redemption) + $9.95 Delivery @ Ted's Cameras eBay


Just bought this $599.95 with CRACKA20 -> $479.96. + $100 EFTPOS Card from Sony = $379.96

Thought it was a pretty good deal.

Original 20% off Selected Stores at eBay Deal Post

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    How is this compared to GoPro hero 5?

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      I can't attest for it personally but the Image Stabilization on it seems to blow the GoPro out of the water in the youtube video here

      • That image stabilization is on another level. Was considering a gimbal mounted camere from GoPro or DJI, but I think I'll be looking into this now.

        Gimbals have terrible battery life. I hope this one can hold 1080p60 for >90minutes.

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    $363.44 from Sony ebay (after 20% off) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/282503751447 . you might get lucky and get a gift card, but more likely not (buying from Sony, they will know if from ebay).

    you will get the gift card when purchasing from Ted's.

    • The Sony one is also a refurb

      • Isn't everything sold on Sony's ebay store listed as refurbs?
        Some of them only have the retail box damaged, and otherwise brand new - can't guarantee that though. Bought a speaker from them last year, and it was brand new with a damaged box.

    • that's manufacturer refurbished, where as Ted's is retail new

      • I messaged them on eBay a few days asking if the refurb is eligible for the eftpos gift card (which I'm assuming it's not). They never replied.

      • true, but more likely you get a new one like the rx100 iv deal last time.

        And you 'might' get the 100 gift card. even if you not, price is still good.

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    Everything about this looks better than the Gopro IMO except for the fact it doesn't have a screen, which for me is a major drawcard.

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      According to this, it comes with a live view remote.

      I only have an AS30 and I use my phone for live view.

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        x3000r comes with the remote but the x3000 doesn't

        • Thank you for the correction.

      • +1

        yes I saw that. Looks like it wouldn't be very convenient to carry that while traveling + another device to worry about charging. I like how the gopro is all in one. Still a tough one though, as it does look like a better camera overall

        • The image stabilisation trumps the Gopro. Given the wide angle, I have had no issues with pointing the camera roughly and still get good results.

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      I ve got this camera and your 100% spot on. Its a great camera and its miles ahed of gopro interms of image quality. OIS works great and eliminates the need for a gimbal in most of the situations but no screen means no good. The sony play memories mobile app works great but it just cant give you the convenience of having a dedicated display. Afaik the sony side flip lcd screen is not compatible with x3000 so either pay the extra dollar for live view remote or use your phone as a display, which sounds alright but in real world experience its a lot of mucking around. If you are not a professional user, I would highly recommend you to buy any other camera with a built-in lcd screen.

      • Don't forget stereo vs mono!

  • I looked at the Sony gift card promotion page and for the gift card to be redeemed a retailer and store location are required. If purchased from Ted's Ebay, would the receipt show a store for this to work or do I just lie and choose any Ted's store?
    To make things easier, would JB Hi-Fi do a price match as they are just around the corner?
    Thanks for your help.

    • I selected an in store pickup so I'm using the store location where I'm picking it up from. Regardless the invoice will probably contain an address, worse comes to worse you just write it as Online Purchase because the reality is you can purchase it from Teds Cameras and get it delivered anyway.

      JB probably will not match this, as it's as special on eBay involving a coupon code.

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    Have this action camera and almost all the accessories that comes with it. Just thought I'd share some pros/cons for anyone thinking of getting this.

    - Image Stabilization - I would go with Sony with this feature alone which can make or break your footage.
    - Way better photo image quality vs. GH4/5.
    - Great battery life. Was in the snow early in the year where batteries tend to perform shit in cold weather, but a single battery held up quite well in cold conditions. My 2 batteries lasted for the whole day.
    - Screen - There's a few people here who say it's an inconvenience an another device to charge. For me at least, I found it actually more useful that the screen was detached when filming, so I could get more interesting angles and easily still see the screen using my other hand (watch holder). It works well with the finger grip and over time I prefer using that over a stick.

    - helmet mount is a little odd as the camera is on your left/right side of your head rather than on top like how it is on the gopro. If you're after this specific angle, you can't achieve it with their head mount. Weight wise it felt a little odd at first but easy to get used to and not any issue.
    - Audio - not a personal opinion as most of the stuff I film have music over them, but I've read audio is better on the GH5.
    - Easy to scratch the lens if your not using the underwater case and using something like the finger grip mount.

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    Not a great starting price historically - have been $348 at JB HiFi

  • Have you found a micro SD card for this camera from a seller that we can use the CRACKA20 code with?
    Samsung EVO Plus 64GB - $40 - ShoppingSquare
    SanDisk Extreme 64GB - $57 - PC Byte
    SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB - $61 - Sydney Tec
    Samsung Pro 64GB - $66 - PC Byte

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