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1.8m/6ft (MFI Certified) BlitzWolf Ampcore MF8 2.4a Lightning Braided Cable US $8.49 (~AU $11.47) Shipped @ Banggood


Cheapest price for this MFI Certified 1.8m Quality Lighting Cable

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Brand: BlitzWolf®
Model: Ampcore BW-MF8
Plug: Standard USB2.0 A Male to MFI USB Lightning Connector, Nickel-plated Reversible Connector Heads
Materials:Double Color Injection Molding + TPE Cover & Polyester Fiber Jacket
Wire Core: 30 AWG(Data) + 21 AWG(Power)
Output: 5V, up to 2.4A
Data Sync Speed: Up to 480Mbps
OD: 4.0mm
Length: 1.8m/6ft
Color: Red & Grey

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  • Thanks OP, bought a USB Type C cable using this code :)


    Ordered thanks.
    Ask me how this compares to the Anker

    • +2 votes

      Been waiting over an hour. How?


        Well, the BlitzWolf hasn't arrived yet (probably a few more hours?), but I can say the Anker has some good weight to it (shipping 2 amps over 2 metres requires more than a faint strand of chinesium), has kevlar in the jacket, and has done me well for a couple of years. I tripped over one and the sheath detached from the plug assembly but it's still going strong.

  • Thanks OP ordered 2!

  • Does this work with ipad air 2

  • How much is this normally? I already have an extra brand new Apple original cable and was wondering if I need any more of these or not.

  • I have the MF5 version (instead of this MF8 version) and they are quite good.


    They are also at $9.31 AUD without discount (not sure if there is one).

    Also not entirely sure what's the difference between MF5 and MF8 besides the plug metal finish of MF5 and plastic finish of MF8.

    Edit: MF5 is 1m while MF8 is 1.8m?

  • Thanks OP Ordered 1 .. Been awhile since i've used CR, Hopefully I did it right :D

  • Ordered 2 x 1.8m lightning cables during the previous deal (US$9.99) on 24 May, they've yet to confirm shipping of cables. Be prepared to have a long wait time before these even begin the shipping process (another 4-6 weeks via snail mail)

    • I received mine from previous deal in 2 weeks time. I would suggest sending them an inquiry to look into it.

  • jeez, even the 3rd party cables are expensive (android user - but always buy them for the mrs who busts them when she's over).

    edit: expensive in contrast to the android cables e.g. blitzwolves being on sale recentl for type c.

  • down to AU$11.01 ;)