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TP Link Archer D9 ADSL2 Router Modem $153 Via Wireless1 eBay (+ Redeem Range Extender)


TP-Link Archer D9 Wireless AC1900 Dual Band ADSL2+ Gigabit Modem Router

Redeem your TPLINK Extender when you buy it. It must be redeemed here

This Modem Router suits ADSL2+ and NBN | Dual Band Wireless AC | Combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1.9Gbps | 2 x USB ports

Router-only functions ✓
HFC cable X (does not replace your HFC Modem, but it will work with your HFC modem. This does not do VOIP!!)

Be sure to also redeem the RE210 AC750 Range Extender, a very nice piece of kit that will boost range of your wifi network.

Original 15% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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    anyone got any experience with this for tpg hfc nbn?

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      This connects to your HFC modem, then you'll need to set it up as router only and disable ADSL functions.


    A bit lost with modem and router.

    Only thing that I know I have fiber via Opticomm (currently using Exetel as provider) and i'm currently using this router : tp-link wdr3600 (

    Any idea if this one will work for me ?

    My current router has really weak 5ghz signal, I want to replace it.

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      5ghz signals are usually very weak, because of the high freq they cannot pass thru walls easily.

      It's actually normal. I have the D9 and I can tell you the 2.4ghz is twice as powerful in range

      though my D9 is dead :( I replaced it with ASUS AC68U. You can also buy the ASUS RT-AC68U with the voucher, and there is also a $20 cashback running on it for EOFY's.


    Yes I'm a bit confused as to why it's marked negative as a HFC NBN capable unit as it will be fine when the NBN supplied cable modem is plugged into it's WAN port and switched to Wireless router mode. About the only thing it won't do is provide built in VOIP??


    Hi mate, how can I redeem the Extender? I pressed the link and can't find anywhere to redeem @.@


    Redeem here
    Instructions in the link and ends 07 July

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    Can I wear this as a hat?


    Does anyone know when this sale and voucher will expire?
    Thanks for the post! Perfect timing really needed a new router.


    I couldn't use the code CHOPCHOP.
    May I know is it still available?


    Hey does anyone have any suggestions for a slighty more budget wifi router? looking at using it only as an acess point in my room (its to far from are current router)


    Stupid question. Is this compatible with the optus provided NBN modem/router combo?

    If i purchase this, plug the router into the ethernet port and disable the optus provided wifi and it should work?


      If you can place the Optus modem into bridge mode, you can attach the RT-AC68U or TPLINK and it will handle the routing jobs.

      you need to also setup the TP-Link D9 as a router (very easy to do) since it operates in ADSL mode out of the box.


    I've owned this modem for a few years. All in all its been pretty great. I can agree with the earlier comment about range, 2.4ghz is phenomenal (I visited a garage sale recently, 2 blocks away but pretty clear line of sight and got the home router with a weak by usable signal. The 5ghz is ok.

    The latest firmware dumbed things down a little unfortunately, they made the ui more noob friendly at the cost of a few advanced features. And it seems there is no more firmware ever coming either.

    I've had some dramas with the ip allocation of devices, it was working perfectly then one day decided to dhcp everything on wifi despite settings set otherwise.

    Best points is wifi, especially 2.4ghz range. Worst is limited configurability. For adsl sync speeds have been good, it's awesome on longer length lines, there are better chipsets for shorter lines though.


    I currently have a siemens speedstream 6520, any idea if this new modem will work for me?


      speedstream 6520

      That's from 2009 isn't it? That's quite old and doesn't support Wireless AC or even Wifi N networks.

      If it ain't broke don't fix it…but you should definitely grab a new router. You'll appreciate the extra range if you live in a big house.


    Does this router allow us to config a VPN? The whirlpool forum seem to suggest there is no VPN but only VPN passthru feature available with this one. I'm not sure about the difference. I just need a modem/router that lets me configure VPN that will be applicable to all devices connected.

    Also would anyone know how this compares to Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 which sells at U$150 in Amazon


    How will i know if this is compatible with my ISP??

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