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$30 Lexar 64GB High-Performance Micro SDHC/MicroSDXC UHS-I Card (633x) Delivered @ Kogan


Powerful and reliable, this high-performance MicroSDHC/MicroSDXC card allows you to capture and transfer multimedia files with ease.

Quickly capture, store and transfers media files, including 1080p full-HD,3D, and 4K video
Enjoy spectacular transfer speeds of up to 633x (95MB/s read speed) through UHS-I technology
Ensure you never miss a single photo thanks to a sensational Class 10 speed rating

Warranty & Returns Policy

Please make your selection carefully as we are unable to accept this product for refund or exchange if you simply change your mind or if you made an incorrect purchase.

Returns for this product will only be accepted where the goods are deemed faulty under the terms of our Warranty Terms & Conditions.

Kogan.com is an authorised distributor of this product. We guarantee that this product is authorised Australian stock and comes with a manufacturer warranty in addition to the Kogan.com warranty.

Lifetime Limited Lexar Warranty (included)

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    These are ideal for dashcams or for any application where data is constantly written to the card.

    • +1

      Looking for buying one for dash cam, any good review?

        • +4

          They don't recommend the Lexar 633x sd card anymore due to high failure rates. Warranty still covers dashcam use

        • @vtecdohc:
          Darn, I haven't been keeping up to date. I take back my comment.

        • @vtecdohc: I guess u r a fan of Honda

        • @vtecdohc: through my research, Samsung and Sandisk's limited warranty don't cover dashcam use. Are there any other brands that do?

        • @HuskyActual: Sandisk high endurance are covered for dashcam use, also the Lexar high endurance is covered aswell

        • @vtecdohc: cheers, just doing my research into the new endurance cards now

        • +1

          @vtecdohc: They don't recommend the Lexar 633x sd card anymore

          Who's "they"? I bought Lexar 633x on the recommendations of the YouTube link above and DashcamTalk forums before, but I have not been keeping up to date in the last few months.

        • @quarrymaster: "They" are Car Cam Central and they just recently update the article not recommending the Lexar 633x

        • @vtecdohc:

          Thanks for that - I missed the 'Update". Oh well, my two are still working well for me (touch wood), but I guess I won't be taking up on the Kogan offer (phew)!

      • This is very good unit. Get it while you can

    • I'd only put slow cheapie cards in my dashcam and save fast branded ones for things like my cameras.

      • I am doing the other way around. My car is a much more expensive investment compared to my camera.

        • Your dashcam is using the card, not your car.
          Most people buy from YMMV; but personally I don't split the difference for slower cards so long as it's genuine/branded without a known history for failure. I've got no worries about my cheapie Class 10 Kingston failing any more or less likely than this one for instance.

          But hey don't ask me, after all I run WD Greens in my NAS Microserver lol :P

  • thanks op - great price!

  • Should check MCC style card.

  • +2

    would this card be suitable for using with an olympus em10 mark ii and a go pro 5 black? or should i go for a diff brand such as sandisk?

  • +1

    Would this be suitable for 4k video recording on my s8
    I don't know much about as cards

    • Yes, even a cheap Class 10 card will do 4K on the S8 (48Mbps).

      • Ty ty

      • Class 10 is 48Mbps read but not for write speeds. You need UHS speed Class 3 of between 60 MB/s to 90 MB/s or higher.


        • +5

          There's a difference between Mbps and MB/s.
          48Mbps is 6MB/s. Class 10's minimum write speed is 10MB/s.

        • @eug:

          Oops, my mistake. But this card listed here still sounds a bit slow to record in 4K right? Was going by that article. Always thought entry level class 10 cards and even standard Evo's or this only good for FHD recording not 4K.

        • +4

          @ozhunter68: That's what the card manufacturers would like you to believe. ;)

          It's bitrate rather than resolution that determines whether or not a card is suitable. You can get cameras that record FHD at a much higher bitrate (GH4 can do 200Mbps FHD - 25MB/s) than most consumer 4K devices (S8 48Mbps - 6MB/s, GoPro 5 and Mavic 60Mbps - 7.5MB/s).

          The memory card doesn't know what resolution it's recording, it just sees how quickly whatever data is coming in.

        • +1

          yes you want a U3 card ….. so don't buy sandisk ultra, you buy the sandisk extreme…… same with most other brands look for U3, it's all about the write speed not read speed , even cheap cards have fast read but are slowwww write.

        • @eug:

          Sure, see what you mean. Looks like most articles are just playing it safe and just broadly covering themselves for the highest required record speeds. I forgot about the frames per second bit, so it's the total of both FHD/4K x FPS.

  • +2

    Is this ok for Nintendo Switch? Thanks

  • Damn i just bought the Sandisk Extreme for $50 just last week. :(

    • +1

      The SanDisk would be faster. Whether or not that really makes a difference in your application is another story. :)

  • Was looking for Micro SD cards for recording 4K videos, the cheapest card I can find on ebay is Sandisk Extreme Pro 64G which is approx. $50 after discount. This is really a bargain. Just bought 2, thanks.

    • I use Evo and Evo+ for 4K. Evo does about 20MBps or 160Mbps. Evo+ is slightly faster writes and noticeably faster reads. Been using it on the Olympus TG tracker without issues. Unless you have pro gear you won't need anything faster. I also have the SanDisk extreme on my DSLR. Faster card on DSLR lets me shoot faster for longer before the buffer becomes full.

  • +2

    if you want to use any eBay voucher you may have
    it's available on eBay

    • +2

      Can just use the C5OZ eBay code (5% off) to get it for $29.50 delivered, save $0.50. Edit: For those who don't have a better coupon I mean and just want this item.

      • +1

        its $31.05 in eBay but some people got a voucher for $10 or $15 off when spend $30.
        or if you have any other items you would like to buy to use the $20 off when spend $100.
        or maybe group buy, 4pcs using the $20 off voucher $26 each!

  • +5

    Pro-tip for anyone who wants the referral signup but has already registered. You don't have to create a new email account if you use gmail, you can just add more to the end of your gmail username after a + symbol and it will go to your same email account. Eg: [email protected] == [email protected]

  • +3

    I find it curious that no one lists the minimum write speed for this card, not even on the Lexar website. Must barely be fast enough to qualify as UHS-I for them not to specify it!

    • The minimum write speed is u1, which is 10MB/s. UHS-1 is the connection standard, like usb 2.0 which has a theoretical maximum.

    • they don't like to quote write speed as that is what sets many cards apart now ….. and if you have a slow card you won't quote the write speed.

      with dslr at 24 megapixel and even my phone is 21 megapixel …… you want fast cards…… plan for your next device not just the current one.

    • Def agree. This caught me out too in my early days of mem card shopping. After using a CF camera for many years I mistakenly assumed SD cards had caught up a lot (well ok, they had, but I didn't know about the marketing) and bought a "fast" Sandisk Ultra 80MB/s card. Ofcourse that's read speed only and needless to say my camera slowed to a crawl clearing the buffer.

      That said, I still try and buy smartly with best bang for buck, e.g. I'll buy "Extremes" but not "Extreme Pros" as my gear can't write that fast.

      Luckily that Ultra being a micro SD I just chucked in the phone.

    • Yeah what Fiximol said, also according to this, Lexar claims up to 95MB/s…not sure if that's read or write or both!

      EDIT, here's another review that actually does some testing on it to show it's true speeds… So from that, it's only the read speed that's close to the advertised rating, whilst write speed is half that…

    • +1

      I have a couple of these, get a max of around 45MB/s write, and the claimed 95MB/s read.

      • Thanks for that, bamzero.

  • +1

    which are better, these or the samsung evo+?

    • The new 2017 evo plus/evo welect are better than these as they use 3d NAND and are rated u3.

  • can i use it on A7S2?

    X AVC need SDXC at least. but i dont know micro SD formate.

    • A7 series can write up to 30MB/s
      This is 10MB/s

      My a7ii has 24Megapixels, a7s2 has 12MP
      An uncompressed raw file is 57MB for me.
      It should be around 28 for you.
      Find a faster card if you can!

      • Benchmarks suggest that these are about 45MiB/s for sequential writes.

        • Class 1 uhs 1 only guarantees 10MB/s
          Theres a class 3 uhs 1 of this as well..

        • +1

          @cwongtech: thanks so much doge. mucho gusto

    • There are reports that sony products will refuse to record on cards which are not rated u3 irrespective of what the actual speed of the card is. I would not suggest this for an a7

    • If you want to record XAVC S HD at 100p you want a UHS Class 3. Those cards have a 3 in the U logo. If you get a UHS Class 3 you will be able to record at higher bitrates (higher quality).

      The card in this post has a 1 in the U logo. This card should be good for XAVC S HD at 50p and XAVC S 4K 25p.

      • yeah, that is what got me hesitated

  • +2

    Shame it's Kogan. Can't be borthered getting another no stock email

  • Will using this with the SD adaptor reduce the write speed? Would love to use this with my Canon G7X II.

    • +1

      I don't know, but I would expect that the adapter is a simple pin adapter and therefore the answer should be no. However if you find a card that is Th larger size with the same specs it may be cheaper, or you may find that a better spec one is the same price

  • Ordered one. This is the one that came with my Mavic Pro. (16GB version)

    I don't know why, but with my Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB, recording stops randomly(sometimes after 3 sec, 30 sec or 80 sec). And the video becomes unreadable(currupted).
    I did format via PC & DJI app, but doesn't fix. So I'll return it. & try to use same one as my stock one.

    • Sandisk's cards are crap unfortuneatly so def return it asap. Many reports of issues. I have this card in my Phanton without trouble.

      • No dramas shooting 4k in the phantom with this card?

    • I've had similar issues with Sandisk cards in GoPro cameras. Work fine for a few months, then just randomly stop recording. Switched to Lexar cards and the problem hasn't come back. Cards still work fine in still cameras, or video on P&S/DSLR's though - go figure.

  • Just got 2 at $25.50 each

    per their eBay page but at $1.05 more

    But I bought with this 128GB USB from Microsoft ebay sale and used $20 off code, came to $91 (each card $25.50 + $25.50 + 128gb $40 = $91)


  • Thanks OP, grabbed one for $20 after $10 referral credit I had in my account.

    • I thought there is a minimum spending of 35 to use the referral?

      • He probably had a different credit.

      • Didn't know there was a limit, at checkout it took $10 off.

        • $10 of $30 minimum for referral credit AFAIK

  • Yeah DJI Mavic Pro come with the 16GB version of these so ordered 1 as a spare.

    • These would be good for the mavic?

      • I perosnally ordered U3 (Sandsik Extreme), but when the Mavic arrived it had these Lexar 633x cards (16GB) suppleid with it. So at this price worth having a spare or 2.

  • Will this work ok with my Samsung S8?

  • Back up to $39

    • so can get for $29 using referral now?

      "Once you sign up, $10 of Kogan Credit will automatically be added to your account which you can put towards any order greater than $35. T&Cs Apply."

  • yeah $30 deal has now expired

  • Damn just as I was about to buy one! :(

  • yes I got it for $29 after using referral link

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? Says it should have been delivered yesterday according to ebay

  • Haven't got mine yet !!!

    • I ordered on 18/06, still haven't received it

      • still waiting.. =/

  • +1

    Got a mail saying "Unexpected Supply Shortage". Ozbargained.

    • +1

      Same here and they are offering a $10 e-voucher to compensate.
      Their site still has the same product for $40 so re-ordering would still cost the same with the voucher?
      What a waste of time.

      • +1

        Same :(

        • Same

        • same..

        • Did anyone receive one?

        • @gobsmax: I did receive mine. Sorry to hear all the bad story.

      • +2

        So I ordered the same card for $40 and it has just shipped. (Incidentally I was able to use my $10 sign-up bonus and a $10 referral bonus to bring the price down to $20.)
        I have got a refund for $30 and expect to get a $10 voucher.

        Why mess around the people who bought the card for $30 with a $10 voucher when they do have stock?

  • I received no word about this until I got a email today saying a refund was being processed and no explanation as to why. Great customer service!

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