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Apple Airpods $209 @ Myer with "ANNIVERSARY20"


Six weeks wait at the Apple Store, so this is the cheapest option available as far as I know.

Original ANNIVERSARY20 deal

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    Wait, so I have to pay extra, to have less of a headphone???

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      You're free to tape a pair of speakers to your head if more headphone is your main interest.

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    • $200 for apple earphones with bluetooth
    • bargain

    Pick one.

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    these are horrible

    • they make dr dre beats look good LOL

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      What has you experience been with them?

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        Literally the best things I have ever bought… Im sure peoples experience will differ but althought they look like the standard earpods, they are far more comfortable (don't even notice they are there) and sound great (make sure to change eq on iphone to something like 'loudness as they need a bit of extra treble to be appreciated.

        The charging case is fantastic. The thing is, there are literally nothing like these functionally. There are other wireless earphones but it's a different experience with the combination of the awesome way the charging case works and the comfort/sound. Because music stops when you remove one, you'll know if one drops, but they stay in my ears very very well - doesn't stop them getting knocked my clothing or other things though, so still have to be careful about losing them.

        - No skip song commands (yet - they will probably update but not yet) have to use siri or phone/watch controls.

        • If using with bluetooth (something other than iphone, they don't have independant volume so for example if you bluetooth them to a tv, the tv needs bluetooth volume control otherwise they are at a single (loud) volume. Connecting through a pc that was connected to the tv would alleviate this for example.

        • I don't mind the look, infact they have grown on me, but some people don't like the style.

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          Skip songs with double tap is coming in iOS 11 :)

        • @lars06: Oh great, good to know, thanks.

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          They remind me of the "gel" on Ben Stiller's ear in There's something about Mary

        • Agree!! Love mine too

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          There are more wireless earphones than just the airpods. Samsung have a pair and theres many other types too.

        • @ATangk: Correct and I have tried many (spend way too much money :) which is why I wrote this, because so far, these are my favourite by far overall.

        • @Mortal Krumpet:
          I've got a pair of QC30's which I find that the ANC is just unbeatable when I'm doing 1.5hr+ daily commutes each way. Used to have the overheads but they get stuffy in summer.
          But to each their own.

        • Don't have iPhone but have iPod touch and iPad so would work with those or just acts as vanilla Bluetooth headphones ?

        • @ATangk: Yea don't mind the QC30 (other than price), but as far as convenience/type goes it's quite different to airpods.. Normally I prefer non-noise cancelling but there are definetely times when the noise cancelling would be nice and the airpods are definetely not noise cancelling unfortunately.. Will be interesting to see if they implement it via software because it could potentially be done, but hey, it doesn't even have 'skip song' yet (coming in IOS11 it seems though), so I don't think noise cancelling is high on their agenda unfortunately :)

        • @garage sale: I believe you just need IOS 10.2 for specific support, so if you're compatible with that, should be fine… but I'm not sure about whether you need a specific version of device or not (ie. ipad 2 for example).

        • @Mortal Krumpet:
          Software implementation of ANC will be nowhere near as good as it could be because the locations of the microphones need to be designed in. The QC30 has a funny way of changing their ANC level though. Turn it to the lowest setting and it actually amplifies external noise (?!?!?).

          What's wind noise like on the airpods?

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          Got mine as a birthday present but after using them (I don't leave home without them) I would pay full price in a heart beat. I'm no audiophile (99% podcast listening) but the convenience is fantastic. Also, having absolutely no wires (not even the ones connecting the 2 ear pieces like on other BT wireless, e.g. BeatsX) is a bigger deal than I thought. It is the closest to listening to music without things in your ears as you can get.

          e.g. I can be in kitchen listening to music while cooking, having recipe on phone to follow without wires tethering me to the phone.

          There are downsides though.
          - Double tap for Siri is unreliable (sometimes doesn't work)
          - Case can get a bit wax-y (depends on how much earwax you have I guess)
          - Sometimes doesn't connect to MBP (have to put back in case, take out, then it'd work)
          - Battery doesn't last all day
          - Had trouble pairing to some non-Apple products (e.g. Samsung TV)

          Even with all these faults it is the best thing to come out of Apple in a long time. Anyone who has used them will agree it is the most "Apple like" product of 2016. i.e. taking something people think has been solved and making it better in ways you didn't think of.

        • @ATangk: So far music/sound wise I think they are good at blocking the wind noise but haven't been in super strong wind to say for sure, but if you use them on a call, the microphones seem to pick it up a lot (and actually feed the sound through it seems??) - so when on a call you can hear the wind noise for sure.

    • These are far from horrible, they are actually quite ok. That said, I returned mine after ten days because I think they are bad value for what you get, and I had a slightly annoying issue with jacket collar bumping them out when I turn my head.

      If I am ever able to get them for around $100-120 I will most definitely pick up a pair again though.

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    No thanks! Plenty of better hp in this price range.

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      As a package these are the best casual use earphones I've ever had for so many reasons ( can read my reply above for reference).. I was sceptical at first but they have literally changed the way I listen to music in that they are in my ears all the time and don't bother me at all. Sound great but definetely make sure to add some eq treble when listening as they are mid heavy. Look like earpods but feel and sound much better.. wireless has been second to none.

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        Out of curiosity, can you list the other wireless headphones you have used for your comparison, please?

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          I'll tell you up front that the biggest factor in why I like these has got to be the comfort in my ears.. it's definetely not the only reason but it's a big one - I say this because everyones ears are different so it's not always going to be the same.

          These are the only non-rubberised/textured earphones that I have tried (every other one has ear bud grips/foam/rubber) and I much prefer the smooth texture.

          I am comparing them overall to earphones (not just wireless) to Bose soundsport, backbeat Go 2 and Fit, Sony MDRXb50. I have used many many other headphones and earphones so I guess you could say Im comparing it to those as well (MDR1ABT for example which I use regularly) but I'm not a professional reviewer, just giving my honest opinion of them.. As mentioned, regardless of every individual factor (for example some sound better, some look better), I just straight up 'enjoy' using these, as they sound good, are comfortable, have a good portable case/charger and super easy to have in and forget about. If you want studio quality sound or buttons or noise cancelling (or a cable to stop you losing them :) might have to look elsewhere though.

        • I can say from my experience that they are best wireless ear/headphones I've ever had, which includes Jabra Moves, Plantronics Backbeat Fit, Beats Solo 2. I'm also borrowing a pair of QC35's at the moment for a trip I have coming up.

          Now.. sound wise for music, they are not the best sounding. QC35s sound better and arguably the Beats too, but the convenience and comfort far outweighs the reduced audio quality. Granted 90% of the time I'm listening to podcasts so the audio quality is less of a factor, but everything else just seems cumbersome now.

        • @Mortal Krumpet: Thank you.

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    Best on market. Nothing without W1 chip comes close

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      totally agree

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        When you factor in Apple Watch, then they're even better

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      best on the market for pairing with an iPhone, not best on the market for audio quality

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        Hmm havent use many earphones but i really love the audio quality on these better than my Sennheiser momentum

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          said no one ever

        • +14

          Gee… people are quick with their negs arent they. Its simply my personal opinion based on personal use.

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          @John: It's a thread about an Apple product. Some people can't click the Negative button quickly enough.

        • @John: Well you know what they say about opinions.

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          @lostn: they make an ass out of u and me?

        • @Pepsii: I was sceptical when I bought them - I was pleasantly surprised.

        • +1


          Looks like you have assumed the wrong thing

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        Sure but they're a bit overpriced.

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    These are extremely fashionable too
    Excellent value

    sarcastia font off

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    LUL, i dont know where to begin…

    • You already did, with that comment of yours which I dunno how to begin commenting on! :-)

      • You already did, with that comment of yours which I do how to begin commenting on. And how to end commenting on.

        • But not how to end the comment thread.

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    Only cool thing about these is the case and how they recharge in the case

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      sony had the case recharging thing in earphones over 5 years ago.

      • +1

        Actually the charging case is extremely good, each earphone magnets into the case super nicely, the lid clicks shut with magnets, it's small, and charges airpods individually within 5 minutes for an hour of listening if you forget to charge properly… It's not that they are the only ones with a case, it's how they do it… and they've done it nice. First iphone was the same - it's not the first phone, but it was the first one which worked anywhere as nicely. Others of course caught up too, but it was the execution more than the parts on paper.

        Your comment (although valid) would be like showing someone a say, a Ferrari, and saying but Hyundai made a car last week, so nothing special. Yes, they are still functionally the same, but some may agree that the Ferarri is made a tad nicer.. I guess you have to pay extra for it but for some people it's more than worth it.

        • you say these airpods fit super nicely - but youve never even used the 5 year old sony ones - they fit super nicely too.

          Your comparison of a ferrari to a hyundai is laughable

          my comment was to only show that apple didnt invent any of this technology - they only stole it from someone else.
          The earphones im talking about are 5+ years old - of course its not as nice/small…

    • I surmise that they will be easy to lose.

      And the case looks like dental floss.

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    well what's the regular price?
    $209 is a steep price tag.

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    IF you want something cheaper to show off, get the electric toothbrush head and stick it into your ears… voila, AirPods!

    • +1

      or just get Earpods and chop the cable off, it has a hidden wireless function to help true Ozb'ers like us

      • Only works if you microwave them - oh wait that's how you charge the phone, nvm.

    • +1

      It would look just as good. It might just be me but I think they are so ugly, it reminds me of people that used to have Bluetooth earpieces last decade.

      • Yea the look is not my favourite but has grown on me a bit since getting them.. Have literally changed the way I listen to music (love them) so I can deal with it though.

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    I've become a bit of an Apple fanboy as of late, but I saw somebody on the bus with these in and they just looked a bit silly. I know I'd bloody lose them in transit to work or something, I'd be constantly checking to see if they were still in!

    • +12

      Wouldn't the audio playing via them give you a clue they were still in your ears? 🤔

      • +1

        Not if one is just wearing it for the style factor.

        • +2

          Who wears earphone for style ?

        • @tomleonhart: If you're using it like a BT headpiece, they will stay in your ears.

          What would you do if you're not listening to music? Do you put them back in their case, and when someone calls, you fumble for the case, pull the pods out and stick it in before you answer the call? And then put them back in afterwards?

        • +1

          @lostn: or answer with the phone? I don't stumble around looking for my earphones to answer calls when I'm not listening to music either..

        • @TheContact: Well I don't listen to music. But I would like a BT earpiece (without wires) with duo ear support, which is rare. So these would stay in my ears all day. If I owned them, which I don't.

        • +2

          @lostn: Oh right. Seems like a fairly niche use case imo, but fair point nonetheless.

        • @TheContact: You're right it is niche.

          I like to watch videos on my phone (in stereo), but not constantly obviously. Just during my breaks. But I want to keep the headset in my ears so that when I get a call I can answer it hands free (which is the whole point of BT). If I have to put them away and get them back out, they may as well be wired earphones.

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    Thanks mate, bought some for my friends 30th a few weeks ago.
    Lucky it was a 6 weeks wait. Just cancelled and ordered these instead.

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    Nice find op!

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    Has anyone that has actually commented used a pair of these? As someone who has replaced his daily Sennheiser Momentum 2.0's (Over Ear) with these, I think you're drastically bagging these out because they are Apple, for what they are they're actually pretty awesome. Given they've got a 98% satisfaction rating I think you should maybe actually use a pair before you bag them out.

    • +2

      Do you even need to ask that question?

      • +4

        While I wouldn't swap out my momentum for these, I do think yes, he has every right to ask that question, and it's a legitimate one. Bets are that many who commented hasn't used these and are simply parading on the let's-bash-on-apple-because-we-know-so-much-better-and-totally-own-multi-billion-dollar-companies. I wouldn't buy these, but I appreciate some real world feedback over "loltoothpicks" comments.

      • +3

        Pretty much every post with an Apple product gets a lot of criticism, but not really by the people who use them. Just the good folks who are looking out for the welfare of others (/s).

        But really, in general Apple is pretty good. I wouldn't buy AirPods but that's just me. I do like macOS and iOS, however. It's nice to see a company that doesn't sell out, whether it be personal data, bloatware on premium products or crap service. Pretty easy to hate Apple, until you give them a fair go, then you realise you're paying for an 'exclusive' OS, not one mass distributed to OEMs and bastardardised, and so on.

    • Do they sound as good as the sennies?

    • +6

      If I paid that much for earphones I'd be saying they're the best thing since sliced bread too

    • +6

      I bought them in their first week in Australia, but returned them to Apple 2 weeks later.

      They are fantastic for no cords. They don't fall out, and are really stable and light. The audio is slightly better than standard EarPods, but nothing too special. The bluetooth connection if fantastic.

      I returned them as I'm used to in-ear headphones or my Bose QC35 to block out the surrounding sound.

      If Apple makes in-ear AirPods then I'd grab them instantly.

      • +2

        Thanks for the useful comment.

        • If you're not sure, you can always go to an Apple Store and try them out. Then hit Myer for the $20 discount.

      • -4

        If Apple makes in-ear AirPods then I'd grab them instantly.

        Aren't they in ear already?

        And they do, they're called EarPods. You should have a pair already.

      • They let you return them for change of mind? Isn't there a hygiene issue?

      • What about the BeatsX? Also has W1 chip. (Apple owns Beats)

  • +1

    So they include a phone with this, right?

  • +6

    Holy crap this costs more than my redmi note 4

  • +2

    I was really skeptical about these, but I tried my friend's pair and they sounded surprisingly decent. And I loved the charging case and lack of BT pairing. But certainly not going to be everyone's cup of tea at $200+…

    • +4

      You mean the sound that comes out of those xiaomi are shit? Thanks, glad I made the right choice :-)

      • +4

        People who've reviewed them comment they sound only slightly better than the pack-in earpods. Which are not good btw.

        What you're paying for is the functions and BT.

        But he was commenting on sound quality only. Which yes, Pistons are actually good sounding.

  • +2

    A lot of people hate them for how expensive they are and for being a gimmicky Apple product, but from what I've seen in reviews so far and personal opinions of friends who have bought them and let me try them out, they're actually pretty good.

    I really want to get my grubby little hands on these but $209 is still way too expensive for me. I think I'd bite when/if they go for around $120ish.

  • Super tempted to buy these and resell them on ebay but the potential for drama is not worth the $100 profit on a couple pairs.

    If I were unemployed or had a bit of time up my sleeve that could be a decent payday though.

    • $100 isnt a decent payday………………

      • +1

        It's huge for someone on newstart with a few dollars saved up though.

        But yeah - too much hassle and potential for problems.

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