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Xiaomi Mi Box 3 (Int'l) Android TV, Amlogic S905X, 2GB/8GB, 4K $76.46 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


15% off Sitewide with $75+ Spend at eBay. Extra Saving Now.

End of financial year sales!!!!!! Limit Stock,will go fast!!!!!! Aussie Stock.

Xiaomi Mi box International version. Buliding in Google Cast.

OS: Android TV 6.0
CPU: S905X Quad-core Cortex-A53 2.0GHz
GPU: Mali-450 750MHz
Storage: 8GB eMMC
WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Dual-band Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz
Bluetooth: 4.0
Bluetooth: 4.1
HDMI: 2.0a (HDCP 2.2)
USB: USB 2.0
AV: SPDIF Out / 3.5mm audio output

Package Include: Mi Box, EU Adaptor, Remote Controller, HDMI Cable, English Manual.

Original 15% off Sitewide with $75+ Spend at eBay Deal Post

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  • Should be 15% off usual price ~ $72 as per posts on ozbargain

  • How is Xiaomi compare with other android box?

  • Good price for local stock. Ordered from lightin the box. Took almost two months to arrive. Would have have paid extra $ to get faster.

    The box isn't as slick as the Apple TV 4… but for 1/3 the price it's a great buy

    • mine was 4 weeks from light in the box they shipped with dhl was $76 inc shipping ….. went with us vseriosn so l could bend pins for australian power point ….. note: they are spec to work off 5.2v though 5v seems to be ok.

  • Good price. Still waiting on my fracking order from lightinthecntbox

  • Does it come with an original Mi power adapter?

  • Does international version have ads in the system?

  • Cancelled my LITB order and got it here instead, I rather pay the small difference than wait more than 4 weeks for delivery. Thanks OP/Rep!

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    I do have a love and hate relationship with mibox. It is a slick device with a simple ui. Good device to use for ur nas contents, netflix, youtube, etc.

    However it is quite restrictive for the uber geeks who wants more features and control.
    Eg. Restrictive storage especially if u wanna play around with a few kodi releases on it as u dont have microsd expansion. Google Play for Android TV has limited apps. Hate the fact u dont have a proper webrowser to do ur device pairing on some filehosting services, especially when ur using vpn app. Dont have an intuitive task kill. Comparing it to my other more grunty android boxes, on kodi the mibox loading time when playin online streaming files sometimes takes longer for it to start playing.

    • I thought I might be the only one thinking this! :)

      For the geeks, it's a little restrictive as you've mentioned.
      But for the gf/wife or your parents/in-laws - it's probably unmatched in its simplicity and user friendliness.

      For force closing, I tend to just open up apps > downloaded > find the app and close - it's not as fast as a proper 'kill all' kind of function most android devices have though.

      But I've sort of come to terms with everything and love it for it's ease of use, snappiness and sharp UI.
      If you happen to be someone that uses Youtube and Google Music/Movies heavily, this will blow you away.

      I'm using it mostly for Plex and Netflix at the moment and it really doesn't skip a beat - it's been far better than my previous Tronsmart Orion R68, which is a decent box in itself.

      I've a Google Home as well but not really managed anything of note with regards the casting features of the box yet.

      It's worth spending another $20'ish and getting the Xiaomi USB/Ethernet adapter as well.
      Only gripe I have is that, there's only 1 USB slot and this adapter uses that slot… which means you've no slot for something like a different remote or a keyboard/mouse.

      I'll have to look into the idea of a USB/Ethernet adapter that acts as a hub as well.

  • Is this equivalent to a Nvidia Shield Tv?

  • Wish there was ethernet.

    • You can get their USB/Ethernet adapter.
      I got one for about $22 delivered and it works out of the box and makes it even better for streaming.

      • Only problem is there's only 1 usb slot.

        • Yeah, I've ran into this myself.
          I had one of those 2in1 remotes (remote one side, keyboard on the flipside) and when my adapter arrived… realised I could only use one or the other!

          I've read online that you can grab an adapter that comes with 1 or 2 usb ports on it as well - so that would be ideal.
          Shame Xiaomi didn't make that themselves though.

        • This $15 USB and ethernet adapter works perfectly for me with the Mi Box. Three USB ports + ethernet.

        • What's the ethernet speed like on it? On my current box i find that my ethernet is pretty slow.

        • @duckspunches: Good shout that! I think I'll grab it, thanks!

  • Discount Code not working

  • I bought 2 from this seller. Got delivered within 2 business days - Melbourne Metro Delivery. Great device for the price. The UI is great and easy to use. I also have an Amazon Fire TV - this comes very close to it in terms of usability IMO.

  • Such a great box for the price.
    Very responsive

  • can i watch new-ish chinese tv shows and movies for free?
    or is tvpad better?

  • The Netflix app for Android TV at the moment is pure garbage. So frustrating. Often have to wait for it to quit.

    • Is this on the Mi box? Runs flawlessly on my Sony android TV (X850c, 6.0)…

      • Yeah, on MiBox.

        Sometimes it's fine. But if I return to it after the device has been off, it'll load whatever profile and the episodes (so the network is running fine) but then it says it's having trouble playing

  • I wonder when Xiaomi will release Android 7 for it? It's like they aren't giving a shit.

    • Their June 6 beta created more problems than fixes. I don't think there will be a global release anytime soon.

  • On the ebay page it says it comes with a US adapter and on here it says it comes with an EU adapter. Wondering where can i get an australian power cable for it without using an adapter?


  • As the voucher has now expired, is there any other that can be applied? Wanting to get this for a friend as a gift. I have one and love it