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ASUS Zenbook UX430UQ-GV047R i5 14" 8GB RAM 256GB 940MX $1131 Shipped (+ $60 Cashback) @ Computer Alliance


Seems pretty good price for the i5 with discrete graphics.
Don't forget cash rewards.
Don't forget $60 cash back offer from Asus (https://promotionsasus.com/au/en/pages/cashback/home)

I actually just bought the i7 512GB model, but for ~$400 less, this is probably a better deal.

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Back in stock!

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  • Dude you have got to be kidding me…
    I was eyeing this laptop, as soon as the CTAX20 sale hit, computer alliance reduced the quantity to 0 and it was "out of stock"..I even messaged them about it and they just referred me to their other laptops which I had no interest in
    Fast forward a couple days I decided to (profanity) it and bought this same model from another seller for $100 more. NOW computer alliance has brought it back????? I'm angry

  • For anyone considering this for photo editing, it's got an amazing screen that equals the best out there for colour range - 100% sRGB and 79% AdobeRGB and ridiculously awesome accuracy with DeltaE scores under 1 when calibrated. That's better than a MBP - if only it had 2K resolution.

  • Is it touch screen?

  • It seems this model is plagued by coil wine issues. Why can't these OEMs get their stuff together? It otherwise seems like a great notebook.

    • i don't know much about this issue but is coil whine only an issue when using the GPU? I think you can choose whether or not to use the GPU, and for my use i don't game so probably won't be using it anyway. Plus i have a bit of tinea and about 10% hearing lose - high and mid frequencies in the main so i probably would hardly hear it i think

      The price is pretty good - cheaper than i can find the U version, that's why i'm considering buying it

      edit - stupid me, didn't see that it was out of stock

  • +2 votes

    back in stock it seems

    i just bought one

    possible solution to coil whine

    fan control if the fan is too noisy for you

    info re the above

  • Have you guys received your laptops yet? How are they?

    • Didn't buy from them but I got one 2 weeks ago and it's amazingly light, thin and powerful.

      The only problem I had was the laptop was slightly bent? Or had an uneven foot? So the left Palmrest is slightly above the air.

    • It arrived on Wednesday. Very happy with it. A big step up from my old laptop. As far as fan noise goes I don't find it intrusive. While I don't game, I have disabled the onboard graphics so the nvidia ram is used rather than the system ram