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FREE 10x Woolworths Marvel Heroes Super Discs (Inc Delivery) @ Woolworths Online


Woolworths is currently offering up to 10 Marvel Heroes Super Discs for free after running out of stock earlier this year (and the subsequent disc tampering scandal). Good chance for those families looking to complete the collection for their kids.


Simply choose up to 10 Marvel Heroes Super Discs below, with a maximum of 2 of the same disc per order.
Then fill out your details and we will deliver them free to you within 45 days of the promotional end date.
Please understand stocks are limited, but we will do our best to help every customer we can.
Orders close Thursday 6 July 2017. While stocks last.

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    I can finally complete my set, thank you!!

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    Thanks OP and kudos to Woolworths, however, offering stickers in store, to stick over the top of double up discs would've been a heck of a lot cheaper!

    • +1

      That would have been a great idea. I am sure if Woolies had thought of it, they would have implemented this system instead.

      • +1

        I'm sure they would have thought of it.

        You'll probably find they've got 200,000 of these things in a shipping container from the last production run and need to get rid of them.

        With an automated picking machine, they can probably send them all out pretty easily.

        Something like this, but on rolls, with cutters.


        Or, if you already know your inventory levels, just put through same orders at the same time.

        EDIT: probably the quickest way for a small run would be to print off the order number with coloured square representing each type of disc, then have 10 people at the end throwing their disk in as it comes past. At the end of the line, it gets poured into an envelope and the "order" peels off to an address label.

        • From what I've read in the T&C's these are all the "leftover" disc from the promo that they took back from the shops and have all been opened and sorted…can only imagine how much man power has been used already! Printing the stickers would have definitely been a better, cheaper and quicker option!

    • Or simply remove the sticker from the folder, and stick it over another disc, and place into folder this is what some of my wife's friends have pulled off.

  • +1

    I cant make my order, i select but still it says please select atleast 1 disc

  • Thanks! Grabbed some for the nephew

    • +8

      I'm sure it's for your nephew…

      • -2

        Yes they are. Believe whatever you want.

  • +1

    Thanks, Son will love it!

  • +2

    Not too long ago there was a dude on a buy/sell page on Facey who wanted 350 for his completed book of these things.

    It was a good laugh.

    • +1

      Someone would have been stupid enough to pay it.

      • Actually looking at eBay and on average selling for $40 for a complete set.

        • +1

          Damn that kills my idea of selling #42 Hulk for $50 and sets for $250

        • -3

          @Crownie: ppl paid me that much for mine 4 weeks ago

    • +1

      a bit more reasonable then the $900 for a single disc on ebay

  • What scandal?????

    • +10


      From the OP.

      If you can't learn how to say no to a toddler/child when they want endless stuff you're going to have big problems one day.

      Bad parents always blame others for their problems.

      • +7

        I still can't believe that it turned into such a huge deal without anyone actually asking the staff members what they were doing. I'm a customer service supervisor and our store was explicitly instructed to look through the plastic coverings to find the rare ones/good ones and keep them in tins for the swap day or for people who were looking for those particular ones and had one to swap, sure there was probably one or two employees out there who stole them and I'm sure they'll get disciplined for it but it sounds like no one actually asked the employees why they were looking for particular tokens.

        • +4

          It's the media turning a positive into a negitive. I know my local Woolworths told me if I need any particular disc let them know.

        • +2

          Yep. Did the same to help out customers who were looking for specific discs. Never got dobbed in to Seven News.

        • +5

          To put it another way; staff was told to hide away the rare ones, to give to people who will complain and make a fuss. And to wait until swap day to release them so that people will keep shopping until then.

          No matter how noble you word it, woolie stores shouldn't interfere with what people get. It's rigging.

        • +1

          Your store was instructed to open them to look? or you could tell from the outside of the packaging.

          Still don't know what the big deal of these is other than the "gotta catch em all" aspect.

        • +2

          @brentsbits: If you look at the plastic packaging in the light you can basically see through it, so we were instructed to do that and then for uncommon/rare ones to actually open them and keep all of them in some "marvel collection tins" that they'd written off for the event. We numbered the tins based on which tokens were inside and kept them for the swap day or if a customer was looking for that particular token and wanted to swap for it.

      • +5

        Thanks, what a joke. Parents getting mad cos their kids cant finish the set and not agreeing that wollies released some which were rare. Kids growing up to be entitled…. why do they feel they are entitled to completing the set? Why?

        Wollies can release as many of whatever they want. If you cant complete your set git gud or too bad.

        I dont even agree woolies releasing 10 for free where you can pick what you need. Where is the challenge of it?

        • -1

          yeah, i never understood the controversy and rabid obsession over completing sets of whatever collectible crap woolies was flogging. and it's always the parents behaving more disgracefully about it than their children but, rather disturbingly, using their children as an excuse to have an overgrown sook about it.

        • @tdw: its just woolies is unlucky… peoplw think they are the family business that should help everyone… if it was EB games or Gucci with same collecterbles noone will cry.

          Yea parents like the commenter below this comment about finishing for thier "kids"

  • +1

    First time I may complete my collection for my kids. Thanks

  • +4

    scandal…. LOL

  • Awesome, thanks OP!

  • +2

    anyone else getting a server error?

    Server Error

    401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

    • me

    • Yes

      • +2

        Can they add this to their list of scandals!

  • and now the links are broken :(

  • yep link not working anymore.. wth!

  • +4

    Don't forget Cashrewards everyone.

  • 401 - Unauthorized: Access is denied due to invalid credentials.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied


  • -2

    Come on - it worked when I clicked on it - but when I tried to add discs it wouldn't work.
    Now the link is broken.
    Way to rub salt into the wounds Woolworths…. What a PR cock-up. Trying to apologise - just made it worse.

  • +3

    Don't complain … it's us !!! Yes … the Ozbargain community going crazy on ordering.
    There will be lots of BRODENS here … who just take away the discs from the kids and try to sell it on ebay.

    Let the kids have fun with the discs.
    They are worth nothing and are just for fun and to play with.

    Work for your money instead of trying to make money on the back of kids.

  • Link is working now. I was able to place the order.

  • Thanks OP

  • -2

    thanks guys.. just ordered the whole set plus 8 extra, WW is going to be ozbargained hard on this!

    my son will be over the moon

  • +2

    How's this guy on EBay trying to sell Hulk for $750

    • +1

      You're not gonna get much if they are giving it away for free..

  • +1

    Works on Chrome,
    Does not work on Safari.

    • Isn't Safari like outlook express?

  • +5

    awesome.. thanks OP and woolworths.

    ordered the missing ones from my sons collection..
    he is going to be over the moon when they arrive.

    we get groceries delivered every few days, and every time he will say to us/delivery driver "its the super hero shop!! did he bring me the hulk?"

    • +1

      hahah cute kid :)

    • Ordered mine in my son's name!! Gets so excited when it's mail addressed to him lol

  • Webpage do not open,but was able to order by mobile browser.

  • +1

    worked for me on chrome just now

  • +1

    Now you know why we don't give away extras of these damn things to anyone who asks.

  • Thank you OP, does anyone know which woolworths in (Sydney &surrounding)still have the albums?

    • Yes. Haymarket has dozens of them for 10c. I will get a photo later and post it as a deal.

  • I've just managed to order my 10 a couple of minutes ago, but had loaded the page a half hour back. Turn off ad-blockers - I couldn't do it properly when Ghostery was enabled.

  • OMG thanks finally completed the collection especially when the promo is over.

  • Actually….the design is abit strange and the portrait is a little tiny and my kids find it more fun by using it to make shapes instead of putting into the book.

    Well free is free better than paying for trading cards.

    Note:It will be awesome if they have like 100 set marvel/dc heroes trading cards with stats….now that is worth …infact I might even collect it myself :)

    Australian Marvel/DC art style….. lets wish one day.

  • great they are doing this - sucks for us though Still one short and because i did it top to bottom of course it is the hardest to get 42 hulk

  • Anyone got a spare No.1 Spiderman plsssss

    They are out of stock already.

    Msg me


    • -2

      They are out of stock already.

      Excellent, should increase the value when I sell them on eBay.

    • spidey was one of the most common discs

    • It seems to have been refreshed, with all of them now available

      • Thanks

        Just got a neighbour to place an order with No.1 in it.


    • Have just messaged you

  • I wonder if the availability of these is different to the standard disks, there are a few common disks that were in short supply (6 12 18, etc) in the shop giveaway, so expect they will get inundated for these ones.

    Im just imagining some poor guy at HO opening 1000s of packets trying to find enough rare ones to satisfy the orders. :)

    • +1

      Those are the rare discs (6,12, 18, 24, 30, etc.) Woolworths should just made it all commons discs and you would have all these problems.

  • Damn the demand is still strong. Woolies is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Gave away 3 hulks during the swap day with my son… Should have cashed em in!! :P

    At least he can now complete his set, after black panther.

    Cheers op

  • Thanks OP - managed to order 10 we didn't have. Still missing a few but that's just how it goes, and a few we were missing were out of stock anyway. Still the young bloke is happy he has got a few extras that he had missed. Cheers.

    • +2

      They are back in stock this morning. limit is per household so you could get the extra ones sent to relative/neighbour.

      • Thanks. Got the extras we needed using the grandparents address so should have a full set now.

  • Bugger, waited until school finished to ask my son what we needed to finish his collection and they're all gone.

    • +1

      Check now mate

      • +1

        You're a legend, thank you! Spider-Gwen and Black Panther acquired!

        • +1


  • Only 6 varieties available now

    • Is it restocked…I can see all

  • no wonder woman?

    • That's DC. I'd be surprised if that existed.

  • thanks for sharing

  • possible to put thru multiple orders and get the entire set? 40 discs/10 discs per order. = 4 orders, 1 address, 4 different names?

    • na. It does address match.

      • So if i have 5 houses i can get a complete set for free?

    • You'd be two short either way.

    • Only with different addresses

  • Thanks for sharing~

  • Thanks OP.

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