This was posted 4 years 6 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Motorola Moto G5 Plus (16GB/3GB) Grey $319.20 @ The Good Guys eBay


Credit to TA for this 20% off Good Guys Ebay deal

$319.20 for the Motorola Moto G5 Plus in grey

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    This is the best price till date for G5+.. C'mon ebay, with the sitewide 20% you guys can beat this !

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      I got mine for $304.03 delivered a few days back

      EDIT: Though I bought via an NZ company which is possibly cheating?

    • I paid 296?

  • Where is sitewide?

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    Internal Storage: 16GB

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      These take micro sd cards though.

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        My phone (xperia z3) has 16gb internal and I'm also using a 32gb SD card. I'm constantly transferring apps to the card as I get the 95% full warning. It's quite annoying. Just a heads up.

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          Yep, but Motorola doesn't have the overhead of all the Advertainment crap Sony throw on their phones with it's unstoppable "What's new" offering. Sony sees its phones as sales devices for its Sony-Times-Warner stable of entertainment, and has been desperately trying to catch up to the bus Apple are driving ever since it got hijacked with the i-Pod.
          I had a play with these yesterday, and was surprised as the zippiness and the camera and it's software - and the funny thing is they seem to have put a better camera on the G5 than the G5+…
          IMNSHO, for a mid-range phone, the G5's wipe the floor with the others, and have a nice clean android skin.

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          @terrys: Agreed, I'm sick of seeing their propaganda (for which I'm able to stop the notifications from appearing, but ultimately I'd like to remove those apps altogether).

        • You can combine your internal and SD storage so you don't have to transfer (unless your android version's too old)

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      Yes - that's a bit of a downer. I had a samsung G4 16Gb and was always running out of space even though "my" used internal storage was a whole 1.4Gb. The rest was system crap. I believe the moto has less overhead (hope that's true as I've just clicked buy)

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    thanks OP! got one

  • -2

    3GB not 4GB either $233US…..not really a bargain! = $306AU

    NO NFC!

  • finally in the last days of EOFY sales, was waiting for this. =)

    • im still hoping for the ebay sitewide 20%

      • +1

        just bought one of this.

        I'd make a bet its coming either tomorrow or as a one day special on 30th June

  • Purchased - thanks OP!

  • Is there a noticeable difference between the 3gb and 4gb models? Can't decide on which one to get.

  • how is it compared to Nexus 6P?

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      Its smaller, cheaper, less powerful CPU but its an all round good phone. It will have better battery life than the 6P. Camera is also as good as the 6P.

      • wow, that's good. thanks

      • Also doesn't have the microphone bug or the battery bug of the 6P. Only think 6P got going above this one is the screen resolution.

      • Worthy as an upgrade from the G4+?

        • Worthy upgrade from a Nexus 5X?

        • +2

          yep less heating issue, you can always sell the old one for a decent price

        • +1

          Unless you push your phone hard with heating being an issue, or the size is too large/thick, I would stick with the G4+ for another year. That also should get one more major software update hopefully too.
          If you got it cheap and can sell for good price, and you want the latest ( although smaller screen ), then go for it :-)

        • @ozhunter68:

          Cheers, thanks!

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    Can this phone play Pokemon go well?

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    Would this be an upgrade for a Samsung Galaxy S5?

    • -3

      No. Very similar. Slightly different specifications. S5 faster processor, but standard firmware is more bloated.

  • Seem like it's single SIM ! Quite good value though

  • Is there any way to get a refund if I just bought one through the 15% ebay discount a few days ago?

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I've been trying to make up my mind on a new budget/mid-range phone and just couldn't decide. Anything that helps put me out of my misery is good!

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    picked one up this arvo. can confirm it is dual SIM.

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    Can anyone recommend cases and screen protectors for this? Still have my Nexus 5 but need a new phone. Have only ever had Nexus phones. My wife has the 6P. I'm tempted by the Pixel but it just seems too much to pay (even after claiming GST and tax - as for business) - the real killer for me being that upgrades stop for Pixel after October 2018. Interested in comments - and especially impressions and comparisons from people who've owned the Nexus 5 and this.

  • Anyone know what variant this is?


  • even with the new 15% off ebay, cant beat this price on G5+.

  • For the people who already use Android Pay, where can it be used? Supermarkets? Cinemas? Restaurants? Which shops ie. Good guys, Officeworks? I would like to know how widespread Android Paid is used by merchants.

    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      anywhere you can use paypass/paywave.

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