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APC Back-UPS 550VA - $79 + Postage @ Shopping Express


APC Power-Saving Back-UPS ES 8 Outlet 550VA 230V
Battery Backup & Surge Protector for Electronics and Computers

EDIT: Appears to no longer be free shipping

RRP $160
Next cheapest price - Umart $115

• Adjustable voltage sensitivity
• Audible alarms
• Automatic self-test
• Battery failure notification
• Battery replacement without tools
• Battery-protected and surge-only outlets
• Cold-start capable
• Data-line Protection
• Hot-swappable batteries
• Safety-agency approved
• User-replaceable batteries

Product Page -
Runtime Graph -

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  • I'm guessing you won't get much time, that it more to allow you safely shut down?

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      Yes most UPS are really only for this. They wont save you in a blackout, just a temporary loss of power

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      I still get around 1-2 hours (possibly more, not very sure) before it shuts down my NAS

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        Oh wow, thats plenty of time.

        NAS & modem/router was all I was thinking off.

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      Have edited to add runtime graph based on power draw.

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    Keep in mind the recessed socket may be an issue for some devices power cords. It's one reason I got an Eaton.

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      good point, what a bizarre thing to do recess the power points so its impossible to plug in a power pack.

  • I had one of these - works well until the built in battery runs out, and the replacement battery costs more than buying a brand new unit… I did buy the same one to replace it though :)

    • There aren't 3rd party ones available on eBay? That's why I used for my Cyberpower UPS, got the battery for about $25 delivered to replace mine.

  • I am confused why there is no amp hour rating for these?
    I.E would it be useful for powering a 240V light on a camping trip?

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      • Why not? I keep thinking in my head some sort of back up 240V source (even if small) may be handy. I haven't got one yet because I can't think of the reasons lol, but besides that why couldn't it run say an LED globe, or AA battery charger or USB charger or other things like that given power is power, so to speak.
        Genuine question.

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          I keep thinking in my head some sort of back up 240V source (even if small) may be handy.

          It is. Start with a solar 'camping' system, I would. 240V can be avoided for most gadgets and lighting. In other words, you needn't run an inverter if you don't want to, since they can introduce high losses which will run down your battery bank faster.

          DC-DC converters are wonderful things, matched up with the appropriate-sized DC plugs for your devices (ebay). Both step-up and step-down DC-DC converters can be bought (ebay). Some are junk, some are good. To keep the DC-DC converters 'tidy' I keep them inside plastic kitchenware with holes punched through them for the cables. This way, you don't have to run the manufacturer's AC adapter (via an inverter) if you want greater efficiencies. By using a DC-DC converter, you often can save several watts of waste by avoiding the DC(solar)>AC(inverter)>DC(AC adapter) losses.

  • Can use a double adaptor to deal with the recessed sockets. At that price I can't resist

    • you resist some + vote?

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    Is there such thing as smart APC that notify you from the smartphone and/or shutdown your NAS automatically (through IFTTT) in the event of power loss?

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      That is what the USB port is for, to connect to your NAS and talk to it. I get an email from my NAS when it restarts to tell me it is connected to a UPS. If there was a power outage, I would get one too, as long as my router is plugged into the UPS to keep it alive, which I think it is.
      This is all dependant on your NAS, and what UPS is compatible.

      • Oh cool! Let me read up on it. Thanks. I have a HP microserver instead of QNAP.

    • This UPS is already directly supported by some NAS (e.g. QNAP). You don't need any external IFTTT integration.

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    SA Power problems sorted, now all we need is a good deal on around a million power extension cables and we'll be laughing!

  • Site is charging $11.70 shipping for me (metro area). 🤔
    Is there a coupon or discount code for free shipping?

    • Not sure, it added shipping then took it off at checkout for me.

    • I ordered mine earlier and also paid for shipping to Brisbane City

  • Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but how do you get free shipping? Or is it perhaps postcode dependent?

    • This item is marked as "clearance item" and so qualify for free shipping (the shipping cost is reversed with discount). At least it was…
      Bought this before the deal was posted so they may have fixed it.

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    Does this one have USB? Description says 'Provides management of the UPS via a USB port (not available on all models).'

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    Note this has "Standby" topology (rather than the better Line Interactive:

    … but still a good price for a very good brand.

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    How long would this keep a modem running for?

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      Just a modem? Quite a few hours. What will run the battery down more will be the inefficiency of the inverter

  • Anyone know how long you could keep a computer, monitor and broadband modem/router running for? This seams to be a smaller battery than the 600va DICK smith UPS I got also from an Ozb deal (which I still haven't disposed off since your not supposed to put batteries in the wheelie bin!), anyone know how much the 50va weould make?

    EDIT: Assuming I have the right item here is a page that rates it at 9 mins @ 200 load:
    New question: Would my computer monitor and modem be more or less than that?

    • Leave the pc out of it and you will get heaps more time

      Oh, I see. All depends on the size and efficiency of monitor. Modem probably won't use much - see above

      • Sure thats logical but I want another UPS for the PC specifically. I was getting like 20m with the 600va but I wonder how much worse this would be.

      • Just found out that my current monitor uses 16w on current power settings. Apparently my CPU and GPU usee ~73 and 140w respectively, which puts my system at 229 without modem… Mmmm not sure this will be enough. Opinions?

        • Power supply inefficiency as well. You really need to measure at the wall socket to know what it's all using - cheap power meter for example

        • You're a bit silly if you want to run your computer gear at high load for ages even in a power outage lol

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    What an absolute scam. We have a link to the replacement battery. The replacement battery's page is here:

    We have every spec you never wanted to see except the specs you want to see: voltage and Ah rating.

    And we have that lovely APC price. What an absolute scam. Looks to me like this is packing a 12V 7Ah lead acid battery. So, toy-level specs. A replacement battery should be around 30 bucks, not $170. You're not going to have much time for anything with this battery.

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    Wonder when the battery expiry date is - all of the ups units have a expiry date that if left on the shelf can expire.

  • Do all 8 slots have battery backup?

    You can buy an APC 700VA UPS for $108.

    • yeh… but its from shopping express! yuk!

    • +1

      4 with battery backup, 4 with surge protection only

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