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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 150 pack AUD$96 ($72.20 USD) Delivered @ Amazon


These are very highly regarded among professional artists. This set costs $229 at Eckersleys.

These are NOT your kid's colouring pencils. This is something for the serious or aspiring artist. They won't make you better at drawing or colouring, but if you're keen on these, this is a good price. The 132 pack was available on a deal here last year from Amazon for AUD$103, so this is even better.

Here's a Google Image search of the type of art that people are producing with these pencils: Prismacolor drawings

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    welcome amazon overlords, treat us well

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    Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 150 pack

    I prefer Hard Core

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    Now when I colour in letters like o, a, e and d in the newspaper, it's going to look really nice.

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    Probably better to invest in digital art equipment.

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        The leads don't break as easily…

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          They just short circuit.

  • Are these better than Derwents?

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      I'd imagine so, Derwents are so-so

      • If someone buys these pencils and takes them to school is it a free pass for everyone to take the piss out of them for being an art fairy? Or is that now politically incorrect since the 90'# finished?

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          Interesting to know what sort of school you went to. 🙄

        • @jackspratt: i thought everyone went to a school like that in the 90s?

        • @Jackson:

          Hopefully not …….

    • "Better" is subjective, and Derwent has many lines of pencils. I would say these are similar to Derwent Colo(u)rsoft pencils. Most people who have Derwents are likely to have Artist's or Studio pencils, which are a hard type of coloured pencil.

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    Are these any good for ruining the leather upholstery on Grandad's C class?

    • I would say perfect for that, especially Mercs

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      No. You're better off getting textas for that. The really cheap nasty ones that you can smell the fumes coming off them.

      Or the bloody Crayola fabric markers. Why the hell did she give those to the kids when they were in the car?

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    Friends, they appear to be $58.54 usd right now.

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    Thanks OP, these are my daughters pencil of choice and very expensive and hard to find in Australia. Her birthday is just around the corner so the timing is perfect.

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      So did you end up buying or just wanted to comment

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      Ha. In that case, ignore my comment from the description. I guess that these ARE your kid's colouring pencils ;)

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    Sorry maybe I should clarify that my daughter is no longer a kid and is a student in visual arts.

    • Yes, I assumed that's what you meant - I was just joking around.

      I'm glad that this post is useful for someone. :)

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      In that case may I suggest you press the green + button…

  • Trying to save money BUT this deal is just crazy good ;_; Wish Copics could come out with a price like this but I know I'm completely dreaming on that one..lol

    • On the up side, prismacolor are archival, copics aren't? But yeah Copics are $$$ and often supply constrained :(

      • That's true. I have to invest in some refill some bottles for Copics but they're costly as well :( I haven't tried Prisma markers before I wonder if they're on par with Copics?

        • I don't know… it's so expensive to experiment with different brands, I tend not to change :). If I want archival I use watercolours and if I want fun I use Copics. I've been keeping an eye on the Winsor & Newton pigment markers, waiting for them to make brush tips.

        • @lupiter: I agree it is :( For me I've end up with a hodge podge collection doing exactly that..I've gotten away from doing that but my bank account doesn't like me for liking Copics! lol
          I've never used Winsor & Newton before but I can't imagine they'd be cheap either with their many sets?

          Love brush tips! They give you that much more control!!

        • @pikapika: W&N water colour markers are about the same price as Copic Sketch. Not sure about the Pigment markers.

          Brush tips are magic! If I have to use markers without brush tips it feels like using kids textas, haha.

    • I normally get my Copic markers for around AUD$6.35. Still super expensive, but better than the $9-10 that Eckersley's charge.

      • That is a better price I'm paying the $10 price range usually from Office Works and various other art shops around here were similarly priced :( You buy online or just have a good place in person?

        • I've bought a heap from Craft Giraffe. I think they're typically $7.95, but their regular sales have them for $6.35. At least that's what I paid last time. Just sign up for their email list.

        • @t3chshopper:
          Oohh, very nice. Thanks! :)

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      • Ok thanks, needed it urgently but will order from Amazon for sure considering the delivery time on eBay is also 20 days within australia.

  • Doh I totally missed out! I put these in my cart yesterday morning and when I came back to it at night the price had gone up to USD$85.95 … why did I hesitate? Ahhhh!

    • In the same boat :(

    • same, i thought it was the normal price as it didn't really say it was a sale?

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