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Exped Megamat 10 LXW Camp Mat - $219.90 + Free Delivery @ Snowys (RRP $339.95)


Most comfortable camping mattress I have used and a great price as they don't come on sale very often.

First post from a long time lurker. Hopefully someone finds it useful :-)

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    these are excellent indeed +1

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    I'm actually tempted to get one of these and sleep on the floor with it (indoors)

    • Why

      • Just for fun, and reading the reviews it sounds great

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      You would like the ergoflex mattress

  • I see there's a few two person mattresses (Here)… Anyone tried them?

    We usually sleep on two ultralight pads (neo-airs) shoved together, but after something one-piece for car-camping :)

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      Personally I dont like the two person mattresses. It is more difficult to pack in the vehicle compared to the single mattresses as you need to find a space wide enough. Better to get 2 single side by side. Also as you roll when sleeping, it may affect the person sleeping next to you. If there is a hole, then 2 person gets affected. I cannot see any advantage of a double unless you plan to sleep by yourself in a two person mattress.

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        Thanks! We always sleep grabbing each other like limpets, so we generally end up dead centre and fall down the crack; tried all sorts of joining straps, no luck! So trying to avoid that… But I agree in general :)

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          I'm looking for a mattress for two people too.
          Both the black wolf mega deluxe double and exped megamat duo fold in half, so they pack into the car just as easily as the single.

          Now, just need a sale on the megamat 10 duo, please Snowys?

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          Turn them 90 degrees? (Might need 3.)

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    high recommend these

    we always used air beds, and always would get holes in… either camping, or for guests to sleep on at our house.
    they would be lucky to last one or 2 uses, and didnt matter if they were cheap or expensive air beds.

    got 2 expeds 2 years ago, and have not looked back..
    best camp sleep I have ever had (was worried since they dont stand up tall, and you are close to the ground), and we regularly use it when we have guests stay.

    the beds strap together and you dont really feel the joint in between them.

    only "fault" I have with these beds, is that when they are not in use, you aren't supposed to leave them rolled up, and they are to wide to fit under our queen bed, but we have them stacked on each other, and store them under our sons king single.

    • You can store them rolled, but if you do, you probably want to inflate it for a few days before use.

      • while I am sure it is okay to do that, the instructions say otherwise.

        - Be sure to store the mat unrolled with both valves open in a dry and cool area e.g. under the bed or
        behind the couch."

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          The purpose of leaving it unrolled is to allow the foam to expand (which compresses when it's stored). The foam take a lot longer to expand, than the mattress that's just filled with air. My bed doesn't have enough space, so that's the advice I got from Snowy's. It's kinda like using it for the first time, again.

  • this gives a great night's sleep.

    I love it and use it whenever I go camping or sleeping over at mates places.

    So much better than the dune 4wd mat I tried first, which was ok but balloons like a normal air bed. I don't find that with the exped.

  • Nice. Currently have a hodge-podge of two thin mattresses in my camper. I didn't know I needed this. Done!

  • Cracking price when including delivery out to my area. Decent prices also available on the Deuter Traveller and Helion series bags, particularly if you are able to claim TRS (need to have enough Snowys goods together to ensure >$300AUD and other conditions).

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    I have two of these - could not recommend them more!

  • any better then thermarest? ive got twox thick king singles and my old (35yr) bones are feeling it when camping on these mats these days

  • Good price, I bought two of these for $493 1.5 years ago.

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    I just picked up one of these to go with it:


    They list it as being reduced from $240, although it's listed for $120 in other stores. Still, $99 is a decent bargain.

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      thanks for the heads up, I bought both :)

  • These self inflating mattresses are fantastic. I bought the blackwolf and have never looked back.

    Goodbye air matresses!

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    Thanks OP. Just purchased one :) If they are as good as ppl say might get a 2nd one before to sale finishes..

  • Yeah I got one of these last year and I'll by swear it
    I've never slept better (whilst camping)!
    Best of all is when you roll on your side you don't hit the ground!

  • Decent price on the Downmat too. Downmat isn't self inflating but packs much smaller if space is an issue.

    Exped Downmat 7LW $179.90
    Exped Downmat 9LW $199.90

    7LW is rated down to -24°C and the 9LW down to -38°C. I'm never going to be in a tent at those temps but the extra insulation makes cold weather camps much more comfortable.

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