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FREE 60GB Windscribe VPN (Save $90) @ SOS


★★★★★It's 60GB and can be applied to existing user accounts as well.★★★★★ (For PC and Mac)
Browse the web privately as it was meant to be.
Windscribe encrypts your browsing activity, blocks ads, and unblocks entertainment content

Windscribe Ltd. is a Canadian VPN service provider that is based in Ontario.
Your online privacy is under attack. Windscribe sets you free. Windscribe is a privacy tool that allows you to access the Internet anonymously, helping you unblock Geo-restricted content, bypass network firewalls and keep your browsing habits hidden from prying eyes.

Windscribe is not just a VPN, it’s a desktop application and browser extension that work together to protect your online privacy, unblock websites, and remove ads and trackers that follow you across the websites you visit every day. Never mess with confusing settings and options menus again, our minimalist applications are designed to be turned on once, and forgotten about.

  • Mask your physical location from 3rd parties with an encrypted tunnel
  • Never see most ads again (Requires browser extension installation)
  • Access geo-blocked content
  • Torrent securely and share files without worrying about your ISP snooping on you
  • Use on all your devices simultaneously
  • Best-in-industry firewall that protects you in case of connectivity loss, which is superior to a “killswitch”
  • We take your privacy seriously: emails are optional, and we have a strict zero logging policy
  • Earn money sharing links with your friends

With all of that said, Windscribe VPN definitely deserves a try out from users who are looking for something new but secure.

Dedicated VPN apps for all major platforms
Good online protection
Privacy policy is transparent
Chrome extension
No live chat
Setup guides are slightly complex and may put off new users
The number of VPN server locations is small

Mod: Updated deal to direct link and added code. Thanks alvian

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Both referrer and referee get extra 1GB/month. Referrer gets Pro upgrade after referee upgrades.

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  • +46 votes

    No need to visit SharewareOnSale. It simply gives you the promo code SOS60GBS to be applied to a free Windscribe VPN account.

    New Users

    Click here to go to the Windscribe signup page and click either the USE FOR FREE or GET UNLIMITED buttons (either button will work) to create a new Windscribe account. Next, fill out the form. Before you submit the form, click HAVE A VOUCHER and enter SOS60GBS in the voucher code box that appears. Now submit the form. (You may have to confirm your email address.) Now download and install Windscribe, log into your account within the program, and enjoy!

    Existing Users

    Click here to go to the Windscribe login page and log into your existing account. Once logged in, click CLAIM VOUCHER, enter SOS60GBS in the voucher code box, and submit it. Now your giveaway will be activated. Enjoy!

    • Gives 60 GB free per month.

      • +1 vote

        60 GB free per month for 1 year.

        This is a 1-computer 1-year 60GB-per-month license, for commercial or noncommercial use.

        Looks like they updated the T&Cs

        • Oops.

          I was on a lifetime account 50GB per month.

          I just "upgraded" it and now I've only got a year to use it. :(

        • +2 votes

          @lostn: I re-inputted the 50GBFREE code and it went back to 50GB? But I don't know where to check how long the subscription actually lasts

        • @lostn: thanks for letting us know. Looks like I stay at the 50 gig deal.

        • Maybe this is a way of deviously shifting everyone who took advantage of the lifetime plan onto a time limited 1 year plan. Really shafty.

    • After you activate your free account online, do you have to install Windscribe?

      Can you just install the Chrome extension to have the VPN only in Chrome? Leave everything else as it is say with Firefox etc.

      • No idea mate. Why don't you try it and report back?

      • It tries to get you to install the Windows app but the Chrome extension does work by itself. Seems to work quite well too.

      • When I installed the desktop app for windscribe my computer (windows 10)went wacky, sometimes not allowing access to my web sites, sometimes not allowing me to log onto my computer. The window for turning it on and off only periodically worked (1% of the time), in that you could tell if it was on or off by looking at it. I contacted support and they said they could not recreate it so could not assist me. I gave up and uninstalled it. Now I only use the windscribe browser add-on for chrome.

  • 50gb of data Per month.

  • Out of all the VPNs, these guys have one of the fastest/best Chrome extensions. The 60GB free data still only includes 8 locations not including Australia. Paying unlocks 45 locations including OZ and browsing is much faster.

    • Not only that, but you have a system VPN that's different from the browser. So I can VPN into home on my laptop, then still use Windscribe to browse like I'm in another country.

  • But it's slow

    • Don't expect to be streaming Netflix or Hulu on it. Use it to get around price discrimination or geoblocking. It's too slow for anything else.

  • The current Humble Bundle top tier of $12 includes a 1 year license for Windscribe VPN…

  • Should we get both the Desktop App & Chrome extensions? Do you guys keep them on 24/7?

    • Depends. If you're torrenting, get the desktop app. If you're using it just to browse, get the Chrome extension. But honestly, if you want privacy, don't use Chrome. Use an opensource browser like Chromium or Firefox.

      • thank you flaminglemon :)

      • if you want privacy, don't use …

        and use OpenVPN instead of provided client. Now, why would Windscribe charge for use of an open source client?

        • I use PIA (and this one too, I guess), and they use OpenVPN too. You're paying for the service they provide, and you also pay for your privacy.

          I'm guessing the free ones get money from mining and selling your data… maybe throw ads at you. That's basically what all free services do to make money.

      • And Firefox has it's own free VPN addons (like Hoxx) that work pretty well in my experience.

        • I'm wary for free VPNs. But then again, it depends on why one would use a VPN in the first place. If it's just to get around geoblocking, that's fine. I use a VPN whenever I connect to free wifi, and quite often, I have to check emails, transfer money, etc. For that, I'd go with a reputable VPN.

          Not saying that Hoxx is bad or anything, but I look at reviews before I decide to go with a particular VPN.

  • Can't use the Android app unless you have a pro account. (for now, at least)

    Apparnetly they will make it available for free users soon.

  • Nevermind it works now

  • I've got a pro account from the last time this was posted but recently speeds have been so slow almost unusable unless you connect to Aus or NZ servers

  • There is a limit with 60gigs? I've never used a VPN that has a requirement before (yes,paid VPN not free ones).

  • Thanks OP. Got 10G extra.

  • Yep 10GB extra for existing customers. Fantastic deal!

  • Great thanks OP :)

  • Pretty newb question here but does anyone even get caught is Aus torrenting without using a VPN? I torrent occasionally and I've never been caught. Can they look you up retrospectively? Also does a VPN slow down DL speeds?

    • About 6-7 years ago I received emails from my ISP (TPG) with warnings. Basically cable networks, TV and Movie production companies send out details of your IP address and file that you torrented and a warning, to your ISP. Your ISP forwards this warning I suppose in good faith to uphold their side, but in the end your ISP does not give a shit and wont disconnect your service. It's their(Your ISP) way of saying "hey we have done our part of telling our customers not to download files illegally."

      These production/cable companies like Showtime and Viacom send out these warnings in the hope that your ISP will forward them to you as a scare tactic so that you wont do it again. I have received 3-4 emails like this in the past, nothing happens. I've been torrenting for over 15 years, they don't do shit.

      Email from ISP

      Attached Email from Showtime Networks Inc.

      • Dexter is one of the all time great series, so worth it I'd say. Still haven't gotten around to watching the final season, people were pretty divisive on it I hear

      • They have taken action against torrenters before though. That Dallas Buyer's Club movie that flopped at the box office, went after p2p pirates and extorted thousands of dollars (where the real 'sales' were made) from them with the threat of taking them to court and facing even bigger fines if they didn't settle out of court.

        This is rare though and it was to set a precedent to scare people from doing it in the future.

        Personally, I use Usenet and avoid giving my IP away. It's also encrypted so they can't tell what you're downloading. They do issue takedowns to servers though, which doesn't happen on torrents. All things considered, it's still my preferred way to download.

        • Is there a free way of using usenet?

        • When the Dallas buyers Club tried that in Australia the judge told them to take a hike. They could only claim reasonable costs, not extort people. They didn't bother proceeding after that.

        • @FeRGan: Not any that are worth using.

          I am using XS News on 60% off sale. It was something like 78 euros for unlimited speed 2 years, which works out to be about 3.25 euros a month for an unlimited speed, unlimited download plan. That's cheap. This sale was on twice (once for xmas and once for Anniversary), so I locked in 4 years.

          Retention is over 3 years. A torrent could easily be dead after 3 years or at best lose a lot of seeds, giving you a slow and unreliable download. Depending on how obscure the download is.

          What I used to do is save up a bunch of NZB files to download later. When I had a sufficient amount, I'd buy an unlimited one week plan for about 1.50 euros and download them all that week. In a month I'd only be paying for one week's service, and this was at the slower 10Mbps plan. Now I don't bother. With 4 years at a good price (even cheaper per week than I was paying per week on the 10Mbps plan), I can download anything at any time I fancy it, instead of saving them up to go all at once.

        • @twinbag: You're right. AU court protected the defendants thankfully.

          Though I remember that either the Abbott or Turnbull government passed some laws to make it easier for the movie studios to go after accused pirates?

        • @lostn: this is the first time I hear that court defends people who download through torrent…

        • @FeRGan:
          Use Internode as your ISP. They offer (unsupported) free Usenet.

  • +3 votes

    The chuck norris approves gif for the email confirmation was a nice touch. :)

  • Just curious though if this can be used in China?

    • My own experiences with paid and non paid VPNs in China as of January 2016 was that sooner or later they disconnect you or slow your VPN connection down (the great firewall). It is okay for just tourists going through China but if you are staying there for a long time you might want to try other methods. To clarify, yes you can reconnect to the VPN and try another server but the same thing will happen. This happened in video chats for example.

      • I think he was asking if this particular one can be used in china. China has been blocking a lot of vpns over the past few months and will block even more before the congress which takes place in autumn. if i were you, i will download as many vpns as possible, just in case

      • Get a cheap vps with shadowsocks server installed, my experience with bandwagon is pretty good, (12 USD per yr with 500GB data every month, it also have shadowsocks built in), since the ip address is for yourself privately, the connection is relatively stable and you never need looking for another vpn provider.

        • Would then this defeat the purpose? Chinese govt can easily block single ip, plus it can be track back to you as VPS server owner, right?

  • Would this work for Netflix streaming? So we can get US content?

    • No, netflix blocks shared IP addresses. You'll have to sign up to a VPN that provides dedicated IPs (extra cost)

  • can anyone explain to me please what's used for and is it necessary to use this? thanks

  • +1 @Ozii for the find and congrats to you for featuring on Gizmodo AU ;)

  • I downloaded Windscribe a while ago. Its free and gave me 50gb each month. Although its user friendly and free, internet speeds are so slow I dont use it. Not sure if its because i use the free version.

  • Surprisingly fast for a free service, good enough for browsing & 1080p streaming (Canada server). Will see how long it lasts …

    • 60GB.. maybe a dozen or so movies / tv episodes streaming.

    • I actually meant the speeds. Usually these free services gets congested (or providers cut bandwidth to encourage users to upgrade) and becomes unusable.

  • Does anyone know if this works for Netflix USA

  • Good for signing up things not available in Aust, but it's slow to use even for regular browsing. It's good to get if it's free. I wouldn't pay for it though.

    • Further, there are major lag spikes when browsing and downloading. Even small files (a few hundred MB) take a long time because it will pause or go very slow before returning to its top speed, which is around 500-800KB/s.

      You definitely need a download manager or it will be frustrating.

      It's still worth it for me, because the things I need from a VPN are not too speed critical.

    • Do you reckon it is fast enough for gaming.. thinking of trying this for some geo blocked international gaming or to just get into communities that are location centred. I don't mind taking a minor lag hit on my end as long as it is still playable 400-500ms total on my end would be best but if it shows as under 200's on their end that's fine.

      Also am on android.

  • So does anyone know if this boosts the previous lifetime 50gb deal (if you've applied it before) to a lifetime 60gb deal? I don't see any place to check when my subscription expires (doesn't appear on my account page)

  • The Pro Lifetime is also on promotion for US $49 (, ends in 2 days. Was thinking about getting this but now in doubt as I read here an on reddit that some users experience slower connection through windscribe that used to be fast

    • Free and lifetime VPNs are doomed to fail. Ride the free train of the cliff or buy the 12 months above, because that's how long they might have left.

  • I get this error:

    Your connection is not private

    Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages or credit cards). NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

  • OK I created an account now have 60GB. I only installed the Firefox addon as I don't want it on my PC.

    I only want it to watch geoblocked free content from places like the BBC and Hulu etc. Just tried the BBC and it worked fine, no problems.

    I selected the UK as the VPN, turned off all the adblocking stuff as I have UBlock. Seems easy to turn on and off as needed.

    Thanks OP.

    • I loaded the Firefox add on on two computers and they both work so I can vouch for the fact it is not limited to one computer.

      As I said it streams BBC TV very well if you pick the UK location.

      Works well for this.

  • use a spam email account if you don't want promo emails. from EULA "As a free user, by providing an email address and in exchange for additional bandwidth, you give Windscribe the permission to send you promotional offers. You can unsubscribe (remove your email) at any time, but you will be downgraded to the basic free plan."

    Also, a year old reddit post on windscribe where the founder of windscribe (user/o2pb) answered some questions.


    FYI - everyone needs to sign up to this now because this will help you avoid paying GST on all digital goods lol

  • Thanks op, is this any good for p2p?

    • possible but a bit slow

      • @uccoffee Thanks for your reply, I asume you were refering to the free offer as that is what I was enquiring about. I guess if it is slow for p2p that is understandable for a free deal.

        However I just wanted everyone to know that I have taken advantage of the humble bundle offer that was posted above and I got the Pro Unlimited service for 12 months (plus other software). I installed the app on my Win10 machine and did some torrents last night. Happy to report that the speed was quite reasonable and comparable to the Torguard VPN service that I had (before it got slow and unreliable forcing me to let my subscription lapse). I hope it continues to work well but so far so good, I even saw it recconect successfully a couple of times when it disconected, which Torguard never managed to do :)

        Unfortunately though, this means that I cannot say if the free 60gb per month service in this Ozbargain works well with p2p as I didnt try it before upgrading to the humble deal.

  • +2 votes

    Just confirming that the deal is still valid although it is marked as expired.

  • 60 GB sounds ideal. Signed up and now awaiting an announcement that mobile OS/ handsets get a login to the trial next.

  • Lol…just got an email reminder from windscribe:

    "You created an account on Windscribe, but have not actually used it, and that makes us sad, kinda like how Yoda felt back in "Empire Strikes Back" when Luke failed to use the force to raise his X-Wing from the swamp."

  • i wish they have japan server for free too ~