eBay Sellers Trying to Screw You out of a Refund by Wasting Your Time

After the overseas sellers pretending to be located in Australia debacle, I thought I'd exclusively buy from within the state wherever possible.
That's when I had the most bizarre interaction in about 10 years of eBaying.
Bought an S8 cover that didn't fit the phone, informed the seller, seller asks for photos, I send requested photos via eBay (so far all normal, right?)
Seller asks me to email the photos to them instead because the photos had been compressed in transmission (o…k.). I upload them to an image sharing site, where I can ensure resolution is preserved.
Seller starts talking about their disability (wtf?) and demands more photos.
I upload more photos and ask them the relevance of their disability.
Seller says I'm trolling them and it's very painful to them (2xwtf?)
This happened over about 20 messages in a week, and I'm still waiting on a refund.

It seems like this person is just trying to screw me out of a refund using delays and excuses; at this point, it's not about the measly $9 anymore for me.
Call me a cynic, but I think bringing up (potentially BS) disabilities and saying I'm hurting them is a real dirtbag move.

Anyone else had experience with stuff like this? What can I do?

More info: I asked for self-addressed postage with tracking so I can return the item for a refund. This seller seems like the kind of person who would lie and say they never got the return

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  • Just lodge an ebay dispute and use paypal free return postage.

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      paypal free return postage doesn't have tracking, and I'm 90% sure this person will say they never got it.

      • You pay for postage with tracking and then paypal will reimbuse you.

      • I am sure any Australia Post parcel has tracking included in it. If this is still not good enough for you then you can register the package so that the other end has to sign to receive the package. Registered parcel cost $3 extra. You can then use PayPal return to reimburse all your cost. You can claim up to $45 each return and 8 returns a year. Once it is returned, you can ask PayPal to refund you if the seller is still giving you a hard time.

    • Er no they don't. Usually.

      • "If you're returning an item because it's not as described, the seller is responsible for the cost of return postage. The seller may provide you with a return postage label, or contact you to facilitate the return in another way."

        I posted the link from ebay for people to read idk why you didn't but you are wrong.

        Ive been through ebay returns before and just today got send a postage prepaid postage label to return an item.

        • He's not wrong. The seller is meant to provide a pre-paid return label as you quoted, but it doesn't always happen and instead you get this unhelpful email from eBay:

          "Subject: The seller can't send you a return postage label.

          Message: Contact the seller, xxx (Buyer)

          Hi xxx,

          Yyy (Seller) let us know that they can't buy a return postage label for you to use for zzz (Item description).

          The seller is still responsible for return postage costs, so contact them to arrange return postage."

        • @iseenya:
          Spot on.
          had exactly that a few months back for an item Not As Described.

          Buyer pays to return the item.
          Tracking confirms delivery.
          Seller plays dumb on receiving item then stops replying to email.
          Buyer asks ebay to intervene.
          ebay advise that 'refund will not be offered' with no reason provided.
          Buyer lodges dispute.
          ebay do not respond to emails.
          Buyer is out of pocket for shipping almost to value of the item.
          Buyer cuts losses after weeks of largely one-way communication and gives up.
          Seller resells NAD item to next buyer. Wins.
          ebay collects commission. Wins.

        • @AnneThrope: I dunno.

          I had a seller dick me around like this with some USB battery banks (understated capacity so NAD) and eBay eventually said "here's your money back, keep the items". Only abut $20 worth.

  • send photo by email attachment

  • Just lodge an ebay dispute, provide details via that, if still messing you about. escalate to ebay as soon as you can. 99% of the time ebay will issue the refund.

    • I had worse exp with eBay in a case where I paid using credit card, which was processed by default by PayPal. The item was counterfeit.
      Re refund, eBay acknowledge that I should get refund but via Paypal and closed the case. PayPal keeping saying talk to eBay. I asked why don’t you guys talk each other directly to refund my money, as eBay forced me to pay via PayPal, no results
      To make the story short. After many hours and days, I spent to resolve the issue with these two giants, in last attempt to get my money, I sent the case details to my CC provider. They backed my claimed and refunded my money without any issue. PayPal did not have any other option than returning the money to the CC company, for which they were fooling me around.
      In the this horrible exp, PayPal customer service was worse, even on phone they used to provide automated responses.
      If you don’t believe me send an email to PayPay using your account with your case specific details, you will get an automated response like FAQ.

  • Open a dispute. Make them send you a return postage label if they want it back. Even if eBay instructs you to pay out of your own pocket, ($2 + use registered post = $5.90) you should be reimbursed by the seller along with your original payment.
    Just make sure you do this via an eBay dispute.
    Could also leave negative feedback if you don't get the desired result, just don't use feedback as extortion.

  • I had this recently as well. I always sick to the facts and start with asking what I need to do. Always communicate via eBay so eBay/paypal can see everything or send a message saying what you sent inside eBay. Lastly if they don't tell you how this can be resolved then raise a dispute.

    I will say the dispute process is crap on your phone, do it via a PC otherwise you may not be able to access the pages. Also to raise a dispute now they have changed the name from dispute to resolve a problem and return an item. This confused me last time.

    I got a full refund because they wanted me to pay return shipping which was only $1. I said I wasn't at fault so I want responsible to pay for the resolution. They stuck to their guns and in the end i got the full amount refunded. Totally stupid sellers.

  • Open a formal dispute with EBay for an "Item not as described" before the time window to do so is still available. The buyer is merely stalling for time.
    If the buyer will not resolve the matter to your satisfaction then escalate the matter with EBay ask them to step in a make a decision. Almost without exception they will decide in favour of the buyer.
    The last thing an Ebay seller wants is for EBay to resolve the matter and close the case. The seller will have a transaction defect recorded against their sellers account which will severely (negatively) impact their sales on EBay

  • Start a dispute and you will see an instant resolution from the seller.

  • In what way an S8 screen doesn't fit your device? I got sense you're buying a full cover ones not those case friendly.

  • first off, buy from a reputed seller, but I've had sellers tell me to close the dispute promising me a resolution, never do that!

  • Ebay is becoming unreliable regards to international sellers

    • +2 votes

      Just the Darwin based ones then?

      Mind you I brought something where the location was stated as 'Australia, Australia", so I'm doubly sure exactly of where it's coming from (and the stated three week delivery time just might be another clue).

      Yeah, they're getting a neg.

      I don't have a problem ordering from China or wherever, but this fake location crap needs to stop.

  • I'm going through the same thing at the moment over a $1 iphone cable that never arrived from a seller based in Darwin (but not). They must just think I am going to give up on that $1, well they've got another thing coming for them!

  • Leave bad feedback.

  • I'm getting sick of sellers saying item located in Sydney or Melbourne only to have freighted from China. I contacted eBay and they say take it up with seller. you used to be able to trust location now it is just a way for sellers to charge more by faking location. I now only use eBay when no other way options.

  • Exactly the same thing happened to me although I had already returned the item with tracking and signature on delivery and got my PayPal return shipping cost refunded.

    What followed was a week of inane questions that were clearly delaying tactics.

    Messaged eBay suggesting this was the case and they replied within a day saying it did look like the seller was trying to avoid the refund and they sorted the refund instantly.