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Telstra 20% off Sim Only Plan. $56/Mth, 12mth: 15GB, Unlimited Talk/Text Incl 10 Countries @ MBN Mobiles


After seeing another Telstra post requesting a shorter term for Sim Only Telstra deals we have put this together.

Telstra Friends/Family deal of MBN 20% off Telstra Go Mobile Plus 12 month $70 Plan (bringing the monthly cost down to $56)

Comes with Unlimited Talk/Text including calls and SMS to 10 Countries.
plus Bonus inclusions as per Telstra's promotion.

Eligibility: Telstra plan for family and friends of the Medical Business Network. Basically everyone who has a friend in a medical related field. Chemists, Pharmacies, Hospitals, Medical Centres, Dentists, Studying Health, Sports Medicine, Medicine or Dentistry at Uni or Tafe etc etc.

Looks like a great deal for those who want the best Telstra coverage and Telstra's fastest mobile data speeds.

Offer Period: Now till end of July.
We are also gauging the effectiveness of QR Code (http://q-r.to/balfFI which links to mbnmobiles.com.au) Note. this is not a referral link.
Only available via the link.

Please note that these deals are only available to new customers and existing off-contract Telstra customer, and all Optus and Vodafone customers.

Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan: If you cancel early you must repay any early termination charges for your service. Usage excludes calls/SMS/MMS to premium numbers, 12xx, satellite numbers and content charges. Allowances expire monthly. If you use your international calls/SMS allowance for things not included in your allowance or to call non-eligible countries, International call rates will apply. Eligible countries are: Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, UK and USA. 2 min standard call $2. Extra Data: If you go over your Monthly Data Allowance, we automatically add data at 1GB block for $10 for use that month. For use in Australia and shared with eligible data sharing services on your account.

Also includes:
-Watch every AFL, NRL and Netball game live and data-free this season. Included in all Telstra mobile plans.
-enjoy Apple Music data-free for 6 months
-free Wi-Fi data with Telstra AirĀ® until 27 March 2018
-Free 200GB Cloud Storage Subscription for eligible customers

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    It looks like all plans large and above apply a 20% discount.


    so, do we just sign up straightaway? for everyone?


      Hi Webtherapist,

      Yes everyone can sign up.

      My team will contact you the next business day with final steps.

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    Sim only plan $56/months is 24 months not 12 months on you web site.



      Ill get that fixed.

      Place your order online and the 12months is confirmed by me now and my team when they contact you next business day.

      • +3 votes

        Once its fixed (12 months) on your web site I will sign up to this plan. How it is now Im signing up for 24 months

        • +1 vote

          You online request is an order, it isn't the Telstra contract.

          Regular Telstra credit assessment applies.



    what evidence do you require for proof of friendship of someone in a medical field?

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    I used to watch Grays Anatomy and E.R s I'm practically a surgeon. Signed up. Cheers


    Hi I have 4 months left on my current telstra contract. I work in a medical practice am I able to switch over?


      am I able to switch over?

      Job or phone plan?


      Hi Jatz,

      Unfortunately this is only available to off contract customers.

      PM me if you are happy for me to contact you at your contract end date.


    What happens after the 12 months? Does the discount disappear or does it continue at $56?

    Is the $47 8gb plan also 12 months or only 24 month?


      Hi butwhy,

      The discount applies during the contract term.

      However we aim to continue the discount with the 'in market' offers available at that time.

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    I'm currently paying $70 a month. Sim only. Can i change to this?


    If I sign up for $76 Go Mobile Plus Handset Plan 24m (20% Discount Applied), am I getting 8gb data ? or is there bonus data?


      You will get the bonus 4gb of data as long as it is still available from Telstra. Which I understand it is. We haven't seen an end date as yet.


        Hi, just for clarification, if we sign up to the $56 plan, will we get the bonus data for the life of the 12 month plan? Or will it only be until Telstra decide to cancel it?

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          Hi Rail Rider95,

          The $56 plan (discounted $70 Go Mobile Plus BYO 12m) comes with 15GB as standard.
          GB will remain intact as long as you are on the $70 Go Mobile Plus BYO plan. The discount is only for the 12month contract term.


        Hi, I have applied for phone + plan yesterday. Will I get a call from Telstra?


    I'm ok Telstra prepaid, can I port my number over to this deal?


    Hi Can you put say 2 phones on this plan and share the data as a group?


      Hi Hot,

      Yes, you can share your Monthly Data allowance with eligible data share services on the same
      account. Eligible data share services include Go Mobile Plus plans,
      Go Mobile Plus BYO, Go Mobile Plus Casual plans, Go Mobile plans,
      Go Mobile BYO.


        Thanks for the info

        Do you have a data usage app and/or web page where you can see the usage?

        If you already have an account + phone with TLS and you're just moving the number do you have to go through the ID process?

        And finally payment terms :)


          Hi Hot,

          There is the Telstra 24/7 app to monitor your individual data usage.

          The ID process is part of the formal application process to ensure no fraudulent connections are made without the correct authority.

          For example, if the account is in your partners name and you want it on that account, then your partner is the one who needs to apply.

          Payment terms are he same Telstra payment terms you would be used to. The bill still comes from Telstra!

          Hope that helps.


    Hi There,

    If I sign up to the PREMIUM + plan, do I get a welcome credit of $295.50?
    Also my cousin is a GP do i need to speak to him to sign up or could i do it directly.
    I do have 2 months remaining on my current contract with Vodafone, I am ready to move by paying ETC, how soon can i sign up,




      Hi Prav,

      On selected plans you will receive the equivalent of 2 months of the Telstra voice plan.

      Feel free to include a note from your GP.

      Submit your request online and my team will contact you the next business day.


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