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VORKE V2 Plus HTPC (i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 128GB M.2 SSD, HDMI 4K, GBe LAN) $349.99 US / ~$452.71 AU w/ Free Express @ GeekBuying


After the success of the VORKE V1 Plus I've asked GeekBuying for a deal on the VORKE V2 Plus. This small form factor PC is similar to a NUC except the RAM and SSD are included. Other features include the Intel i5-7200U CPU, native 4K decoding, USB 3.1 Type-C and a spare 2.5" bay for an additional SSD/HDD.

To sweeten the deal further Australia Direct and SF Express shipping are currently free.

  • Apply the coupon LFOXGJDT to get it for $349.99 US (~$452.71 AU)

UPDATE: i7-7500U / 256GB SSD version now $439.99 US (~$563.81 AU) with coupon CCDNJSZO

Please note: AU$ based on current exchange rate at time of posting. Click Proceed to checkout to choose shipping option before payment.


  • Intel i5-7200U (2.50GHz / 3.10GHz)
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 128GB M.2 SSD
  • Additional SATA 3 Bay for 2.5" HDD/SSD
  • Ubuntu 16.04 Preloaded (Supports Windows, Chrome OS etc.)
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Intel Dual Band Wireless AC
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Onboard Audio / 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • HDMI 1.4a
  • 1x USB-C 3.1 Gen 1
  • 2x USB 3.0 / 2x USB 2.0
  • VESA Mount

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  • Awesome price for this. Thanks clear.

    Would buy if I didn't have a Dell Micro already.

  • +4

    Doesn't have windows preloaded like the v1 deal previously. Might be important consideration.

  • @OP what's the price to include OS/Win10?

  • +4

    HDMI 1.4 no 4k at 60Hz.. would not impact many people but still good to keep in mind for future proofing

    • +6

      I reckon you may use the USB Type C 3.1 to Display Port for 4k.

      • +1


      • +1

        That's a brilliant idea :)

        • +3

          But that is extra spent. Would be a great product if manf. added HDMI 2.
          Does sound travel via display port?

          It is great price taken this includes RAM and SSD. Not sure if there is any Sata port free.
          Good to see some competition in the market. Hope NUC will be better priced soon. I dont like buying electronics overseas due to warranty…

        • +1

          @Gaggy: "I dont like buying electronics overseas due to warranty…" I get u brother :)

        • +2

          @Gaggy: There is a SATA port free for an additional SSD/HDD.

        • @Clear: That is quite good actually.
          Including NUC, if these devices had 2 Sata ports, they can be powerful NAS with RAID as well. Even Dual core NAS with 1 GB cost more than that.

  • -1

    Bit expensive for a no name import. Can get a similar specced M700 Tiny for around $500 delivered in Australia… And it includes Windows. Just no preinstalled M.2 (comes with HDD), but has slot available.

    Edit: oh and 4GB instead of 8 on RAM, but idk if 8 would even be needed in this.

    • +6

      so buy that then? you just listed the differences - they cost money

    • From where?

      • eBay 20% off sales, there's a sale every few weeks/months these days.

        • Yes there's one now but couldn't find one at that price.

  • +1

    great price with included ram and SSD, recommended for anyone needing a new PC for general use!

  • Love SFF but anything available with discrete GPU, 16-32GB RAM and IOMMU?

    • +1

      You'd have to go something like a skull canyon sff with a something like a Razer core connected via Thunderbolt

      • +2

        Or build your own mITX PC with a dedicated GPU.

  • No tuner card? Any decent network attached tuners available for Australia?

    • +3

      Plenty of cheap USB tuners available. Most people are moving away from FTA TV now anyway.

      • +2

        True. But few of those matches of footy or cricket, its good to have.

  • How well would this serve as a PLEX server? CPU seems more than enough, but I'm not sure if PLEX support Ubuntu considering I have no experience with using it. Anything else I would need to ensure the smooth operations of this being a PLEX server?

    • It has a Intel Graphics 620 which should be fine for h264 @ 4k
      But the whole point of this is to be connected directly to your TV and have KODI or something similar rather than being a PLEX server.

      • Thanks mate, I was thinking of using it as a server as I will be using it to download while I'm out of the house anyway.

        I plan on using it more as a server so I can access the content at any of my TV, good to know that it is powerful enough to run PMS and deluge… I have no experience with Ubuntu though, would that be hard to learn? Any cheap OEM windows out there?

        • Maybe get something like this, heaps easier to setup.
          Saves mucking around with OS install and app config etc.
          I have something similar at work but 4 drives and it works great. Except we don't use the PLEX/DLNA stuff.

        • @bogak: Based on what I can see is that they don't support Plex, but can transcode up to 4k. Quite tempting actually… although I'm not sure if it can do what I want it to as well and that is using it as a torrent box

        • @ProjectZero:
          Synology have add-ons, kind of like a app market place. So yes it does have a Plex Media Server app.

          Yes it has it's own built in Bitorrent app e.g https://www.synology.com/en-us/dsm/app_packages/bittorrentsy...

        • @bogak: Cheers for the assist mate, will look for some bargains on this.

        • @ProjectZero: Synology are quite expensive for good specs. Also this box does not have HDMI 2 as such. so 4k needs to go via usb c to … to hdmi as per comment above.

        • @Gaggy: found the ds216play for around 300, pairing it with a hdd brings it up to 500 (nas plus 4tb). I dont have a problem with this and its that if i was not at home, i would not be able to stream 1080 from the ds216play, so im still deciding between that and this box.

          As for 4k, i have no itention of moving up to 4k media any time soon since majority of media is still 1080 with exception of some streaming services and blu rays.

        • @ProjectZero: I was looking for dsplay as well and during sales, cheapest was $285. Taken you are adding small HDDs, I was taking 2 NAS HDDs ( 4 TB or 6 TB). That was making cost a bit high.

          Hardware wise, that NAS is not that strong I recon taken new movies are coming in 4k and I wont be changing NAS in next 3-4 years.

        • @ProjectZero:

          Also consider Steam streaming - if you get a Synology NAS, you may not be able to "project" your gaming computer screen (ie. placed in another room), to, say this NUC-like device connected to your TV.


        • @ProjectZero: Would recommend that you check out Xpenology and build your own server.


          My server has a Pentinum G3320, 16Gb of RAM (probably an overkill), basic business motherboard with 5 HDD. Only costs about $400 or so + HDD.

          My CPU usually runs at <10% utilisation and I easily max out my Gigabit and WiFi bandwidth simultaneously.

        • @kingmw: I've thought about building my own before but last I checked (about 2 years ago), the cost was the same as a normal NAS for what I need it to do so I'd prefer to just get a pre-built for simplicity and warranty.

          @pwrusr-com: That is a good point, this would be more portable and I can use it as a portable "stick" PC if I need to.

          -Edit- bought it… now to find a cheap copy of windows… any suggestions where I might find one?

  • What's the difference between the V2 and V2 Plus?

    • +2

      V2 is using the older Skylake Intel i7-6500U or Intel i5-6200U with HD Graphics 520.

  • +3

    can you do a discount on the i7 256gb ssd one please

    • Sure. I'll ask GB and get back to you.

      • Either way, this is a fantastic product at a good price.
        The only downsides, as pointed out, doesn't come preloaded with Windows 10 Pro and lacks HDMI 2.0
        The CPU, iGPU, RAM, SSD and IO are adequate. And the SATA 3 port for a 2.5" HDD (2TB) is a great solution.

        I think this puppy can also run Kodi, RetroArch, maybe Android-x86, Linux, and possibly Hackintosh.
        Good times, good times…

    • +1

      GeekBuying can do the i7-7500U / 256GB SSD version for $439.99 US (~$563.81 AU) with coupon CCDNJSZO

      • Make it $399 usd and i think you will get alot more sales

        • That's as low as Vorke will currently allow.

        • @Clear:
          No problems I will wait for now then

  • +3

    Does anyone know the power consumption of this thing on the lightest CPU? I have a Fit-PC2 from ~2010 which is still doing it's job fine but wouldn't mind replacing it someday. It's benefits are using 6W @ idle and 10-12W on load.

    Answered my own Q: I5-6200U = 12.19W typical power consumption. Not bad at all considering it would run rings around the Atom Z550 CPU (2w) in the Fit-PC2. So overall unit consumption might be around the 15-18w range after SSD and RAM.

    I thought this PASSMARK comparison was funny:

    Core i5 6200U = 3,983
    Atom Z550 = 381

    • Ahh the Fit-PC2 were awesome at the time. I still have one around, used heaps of them at work for temp solutions back then from info-tvs to vpn gateways. Good stuff. No moving parts so setup and forget.

      • Yeah I originally had 2, 1 suffered a power failure and RMA to Israel was pointless by that time. The other is going strong, still running the same 500GB HDD I installed on day one, other than 2 or 3 days of downtime from moving, it's been on 24/7 and outdone all expectations, the HDD alone should have failed years ago and still comes up 100% in all tests. Without a fan it gets warm in summer too. They sure make quality stuff, but the new ones are very expensive compared to alternatives like this deal here.

        • Haha same thing, a 500g seagate, perfect little box that survived the QLD summer. Can't fault it. Two GigE ports made all the difference back then as well.

        • @decr:

          Oh nice, I think you must have the Fit-PC2i, pretty sure that version had the 2 GigE's where-as mine only has the 1 but for my application it was perfect. If memory serves, the Fit-PC2i had something else over mine too, slightly faster CPU maybe.

          Great little units they were. Mine runs Windows-XP, over the years I tried alternatives right up to Windows 10 but nothing does the job like XP (I needed a Microsoft OS to run certain applications), as it's too slow to really handle anything newer, yet strangely still performs its duties perfectly. It's like that old TV you want to die so you have a reason to upgrade…

        • @Click_It: ah yes, the i model. You are right. I never ran windows on it so no idea. It did kill a hdd in QLD so swapped that to an SSD, perfect low-power combo for the era.

  • I'm looking for a small PC for casual gaming, LoL, CS:GO etc.
    Main requirements is for it to be VESA mounted so that I can have a clean set up with just a visible monitor.
    Looking at reviews hd620 is more than capable of running those games at 1080, 60+ FPS

    This seems to be the best option I've come across. Does anyone have any other suggestions at a lower price point?

  • Does the M.2 slot support NVMe drives?

    • Doubt it.

  • Excluding the GPU, this thing is more powerful than my getting longing the tooth gaming computer :S

    • It's definitely more powerful than a PS Vita, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, or a Nintendo Switch.
      But only barely. Basically a laptop. It's much slower than a Xbox One, PS4, PS4 Pro, or Xbox One X if you must know.

    • +2

      The phrase is getting long in the tooth.

      • I’m not even sure what being long in the tooth even literally means.

        • It means getting old or useless.

        • i know that but what does it actually mean

        • @AustriaBargain:
          Totally off topic but: As people get older their gums typically recede, making their teeth look longer. Hence old == long in the tooth.

        • +1

          @abro: mm, I just looked it up, the effect is exaggerated with horses so an old horse will appear to have very long teeth.

  • +3

    Not bad if you really want that USFF form factor, but if all you need is a HTPC and have some space in your media cabinet then nothing can beat the value of a refurbished/used ex-business desktop.

    I recently bought a used HP SFF machine with a 2nd gen i5, 8GB of RAM and Windows 7 Pro for $175. Then in threw in a low profile GF 710 2GB GFX card ($45) and a 120GB SSD ($60). For an all in cost of just $280 now I have a pretty decent HTPC capable of outputting 4k @ 60Hz running Windows 10 Pro (freely upgraded 7 Pro copy) and a DVD drive! Those HP business machines are pretty robust, I’d rather get a used HP business machine over a no name USFF any day.

    • Hi Mate can you provide links of where you got the stuff, i'm in the same situation and like what you have done.

      • I got it from a used computer wholeseller off a gumtree ad. Mine is a HP Compaq 8200 Elite SFF. But there are number other HP and DELL SFF models with 2nd and 3rd gen i5s out there with low profile expansion card support. If you want the same model as mine, then search HP 8200 on Gumtree (or eBay). I walked into the seller's wearhouse and tested the PC before buying; the guy was nice enough to even open the case and show me the inside. I suggest you do the same as you never know what you may get with used computers.

        Got the GFX card from Centrecom and the SSD from MSY (from a sale a while back). If you are getting an SFF machine, then make sure you get a low profile GFX card!.

        • What do use for a controller? Wireless Keyboard?

        • @Mchappy01:
          Can also use the Xbox One S controller, it has the usual Microsoft Gamepad protocol but now uses Bluetooth.

          On a side note, I recommend the SFF (not USFF) ones… and the Dell Optiplex 9010 is probably the best one there is.
          You can run it with a GTX 1050Ti (LP), which is basically the performance of a PS4 Pro.
          The MT (mid-tower) models are even better to rip out the PSU and fit a full-sized card.
          Some have a Core i7-3770 which can be overclocked to 4.3GHz.

  • Are there drivers available for windows 10?

  • Anyone else buy one? How long did you wait for the confirmation? I bought one, paid for it on the 19th, still waiting for it to process… since I paid with paypal, I was hoping for a 24hr turn around.

    • Processing usually means that the order is being processed and packed.

  • I bought one 21/7 order is still processing! Any idea when it will be shipped rep?

    • Order number? I'll follow up.

      • 4074148Order

        • Cheers. I've sent a message to CS who will look into it.

        • CS said that it will be shipped next week.

        • @Clear:

          Hi rep still hasn't shipped. This is ridiculous! Have them sort it out.

  • Hi received the item today and just about to install win10 then its turn off and wont be able to turn on again. Check the power adapter has output 19v but no light on the pc and no display think its burnt, how do i return for refund? Only use for less than 10 min has no confident in the product now prefer a return for refund instead of replacement

  • BTW the order# is 4070283

    • 240 volt input to a 19volt device will try it? Are u sure it's not 240v input?

    • I'll speak to customer service about it tomorrow when they're online.

  • its 240v adapter to 19v into the PC, thats the one came with the unit and is working for a while.. i measure the adapter output with multimeter and is working fine so must be the pc itself faulty now.

  • Hi rep, my order still hasn't been shipped. Please advise ASAP I feel it should have been in transit by now. Purchased 21/7

    • +1

      Order number? I'll find out.

  • hi rep, can you help me follow up on the return for faulty vorke V2? your technical support said will email return instruction 4 days ago and i havent got a reply, sent 3 email didnt get any reply.

    • Just sent a message to Geek.

  • thanks mate, your 1 message beats my 3 message, got the return instruction immediately.

  • Thanks Clear, it's awesome price for this mini PC. Could you please confirm is there one more memory slot available for another 8GB stick?

    Actually more interested on the V2 i7-6500U edition. Any promotion for them?


  • Hey Clear, I paid way back on 20 Jul and still haven't received a shipment notification. Can you please follow up on #4073283 for me? I've sent my own messages but haven't gotten anything confirmed

    • Thanks. I've sent a message to Geek.

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