Transferring Money to Another Person's Bank Account Securely?

Hi everyone,

I'm really sorry to be asking such a basic question, but I've heard of horror stories where people have tried to transfer money to another person they met online and haven't met in person so I just wanted to double check this!

What's the best way for me to transfer $AUD300 to someone online?

I only know this person online so I don't want them to have the ability to withdraw money from my account….

How can I prevent them from withdrawing money from my account?

Thank you for any help!



    What makes you think if you transfer $$$ to another person, they would be able to withdraw money from your account?


      I've never needed to do a transfer of money from my account to another person's account before so I just wanted to check.

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    They wont be able to withdraw from your account if you just are EFTing (funds transfer online).

    however, I would not recommend transferring to someone you do not know, until you receive the good/service.

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    This might not be for you but I run a couple of accounts for this kind of thing.

    I have an account that has ~$0. I transfer the exact amount to that then transfer to the receiving party. I will then close out that account after awhile then open another.

    Paypal and other providers are also useful. I also use prepaid visa cards etc. Cost a little bit but worth it to me. As you can see from my previous post, I still get bitten, unfortunately by the Council.

    Also, in general, keep your personal details secure. It's amazing how far you can get with a DOB, address and a phone number.

    I might sound paranoid and it might seem cumbersome to do. But I've been fleeced, skimmed and robbed. Some say there are protectuion measures from your Bank but they can really make you jump hoops then wait 90 days if you're lucky. At least I'm jumping my own hoops.


    Ah yes, our dear Pensioner. What mick123 said. They don't get your account number. In fact they have to give you their account number.

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    Sorry, I have no ideal what are you talking about ? :)


    Thanks guys.

    What information do I need from the person I want to send money to?

    What information will they see from my side?

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      you need their bsb and account number ( it asks for name but does not use it , at least most banks do not)
      they get zero information, they have to pay to trace where it comes from , and then their bank asks your bank and your bank asks you , and you can say , i don't want to tell them who i am.


    You have to get their name and BSB and account numbers.

    They will only see on their side what you write. Maybe that will be your name and the item you have bought. Your account details will not be visible.

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    Why don't you say to that person that you are not comfortable sending them the bank transfer. Do the transfer in person, or if they are in another city, see if a friend or relative could help you with cash on delivery.


    The horror stories you hear are most likely about scams. Those scams work on emotional manipulation rather than obtaining your bank account info.


    Unless you trust this person or have the goods, think carefully about sending a transfer. There is very little recourse for you if you send money and you don't receive what you paid for.


    Have you got and use "Internet Banking"?


    The only risk in your case is that you lose the money you sent if they take the money and do not send you the goods (that is if you do not get the goods before you send the money, which is unlikely though).
    More of a risk is to receive money as the seller needs to give the buyer bsb number, account number and complete name on the account (not all banks ask for the name, but many do).
    After saying that I do not think it is that easy to get money out of an account even if you know bsb, acc. number and name.
    What could be easy is probably to set up a direct debit to that account, but that can be reversed as soon as the account holder realises it.
    A lot of companies print their account details for payments on invoices, so I guess it must be quite safe.



    The reason I created this thread was because I'm transferring money to an account that is not a business account.

    The other thread was about depositing money into a business' account.


    I just want to make it clear that I'm in a genuine need of help and I'm definitely not trolling.

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      No offence, but if you need help, you need to help yourself. Teach your self. You make so many threads based on the same thing, asking the question again and again when there are plenty of helpful suggestions from kind people, but you just ignore them- that imo is just rude and trolling.


      why not just go to your bank instead and ask as many questions as you like?


    You can safely transfer money from one account to another. It would be best to know the person to whom you are transferring money. He/She cannot withdraw money from your account. He will be able to view some data such as the name from whom he has received payment, the sum of the payment, the hour of the payment but he can definitely not withdraw money from your account. As I can see you are really worried about this (although many people do it without any problem), you can take into account the other users' advice and open up a new account and deposit the exact sum you want to transfer. This way, even if the person to whom you are transferring money would want to withdraw money from your account (still not possible) wouldn't have from where to take it.

    Let us know if you have managed to safely complete the transaction. Good luck!

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