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Friends of Click Special Energy Offer - $100 Bill Credit


Friends of Click Energy $100 Bill Credit

I work for one of Click Energy's suppliers, and received this special offer via email.
The offer is only sent to their associated partners, but the link is not unique, so anyone can use it - you just need to submit the promo code CLICKFRIENDS when you sign up.
I'm in Victoria, so I get a $100 off bill credit, paid in two $50 credits. They have all the details in this link https://www.clickenergy.com.au/friends-of-click

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  • I get a 20% pay on time discount with dodo. I find electricity suppliers so difficult to compare. Should I stick with what I have? Any feedback/help appreciated :)

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      Try here http://victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au

      That's assuming you are in Victoria of course.

      • Thanks mate. And everyone else. I'm in NSW. It's a shame there isn't some ACCC initiated way to simplify electricity bills… it's a massive shit fight

        • @NigelTufnel: thanks mate. Dodo doesn't look that competitive. However once I put in my details and after the 20% pay on time discount it works out about the same.

          The first page best prices is full of companies I've never heard of. I assume it doesn't make a difference as my electricity isn't dependent on these companies and they only do the billing/marketing/etc?

        • @Bellpop: They are just resellers.

        • @Bellpop:

          I assume it doesn't make a difference as my electricity isn't dependent on these companies

          Correct. Even if the retailer you chose went bust (unlikely), you'd still keep receiving electricity.

    • Electricity suppliers are hard to compare and will jig things in the background that evens things out usually e.g. great discount but offset by solar charge, higher supply charges etc. Know your electricity usage and crunch the numbers based on the plan fact sheet. If the new plan works out cheaper, you could go to your existing provider and see what they can do. If you do switch you'll probably get a call from your existing provider once they get the transfer request and have a chance to get a better deal then. Remember the 10 days cooling off period.

      • If you're in vic, it's too easy.
        Get your smart meter data (see here how to obtain it)

        then as @Jollster said goto http://victorianenergysaver.vic.gov.au/

        Follow the wizard,
        Upload your smart meter data
        Select include discounts

        and waa-laa you have the comparison.

        • That's handy. I'm in Brisvegas

        • @cheaponos: well you're just the smart state we're the Smart meter state

          Anyway you've gotta pay extra for that Adani mine and all the other welfare dependent coal mines up there, that $10b needs to be earnt you know :-)

        • @supabrudda:
          Adani…what a mess.
          At least the Brissie sunshine is good for my 50c FiT.

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      With Click I'm going to get a 26% discount for my electricity and 16% for my gas - that's a Victoria discount. They also discount usage and supply, not just usage, so I think that could make a difference.
      The discount depends on the state you're in, but also check on your bill if you get a discount off both supply and usage.

      • Yeah not many discount both usage and supply. 26% off electricity 👍. I wonder what their Brisbane deals are.

      • but you don't get the % off credit on your bill, it's comes as credit on your next bill. So they sit on it & I expect with your final bill you miss out completely.

      • Currently getting 32% and 18% discount with Simply Energy for being an RACV member. Applies to both supply and usage.

        The current RACV offer available now with Simply Energy is 40% and 25% but only on usage which works out more expensive for me, so think I'll stick on my above mentioned discount/plan. Nothing else comes close.

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      % off means jack all really.
      The cost of Kw/H and the daily supply charge is what to look for.
      Check out one of the compare websites.
      I used compare victoria energy.
      Depending on who owns your supply netwrok you can upload usage rates direct to that site from your smart meter.
      I switched to pacific hydro recently because there rates were just low with none of this % off discount crap.
      The real saving is just getting a decent rate in the first place.

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    Think most of OzB can tell you Powershop works out best if you pay in advance

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      Since they've started hiding the unit price, I find it hard to compare.
      I left them for this reason.

    • Nope, In Vic not any more.

    • Looking at the pricing, Red Energy is cheaper than Powershop, has 10% off, but lower rates to start and so beats the 18% off for Powershop. i.e. RE is 88c a day service, PS is 104c. RE is 22.5c/kWh vs 34c/kWh.

      That is for NSW though, not sure about other states.

      • Just be aware that Red Energy hasn't put their prices up yet. If you check on the website it says prices in NSW will be staying as they are until 01/12/2017. I'm switching from Powershop to Red Energy as I can't go to Dodo at the moment since they currently don't support COMMS4 smart meters. I'm hoping that Dodo support the COMMS4 smart meters at the end of my first quarter with Red Energy so that I can make the switch then.

    • Powershop was the winner of of the One Big Switch campaign. I looked at their prices, and it was more expensive than what I was on. What a disappointment.

      And you have to fiddle to get their prices. That is more effort than I'm willing to put in. And since there was no saving, I passed.

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    You can keep your $50 and I would be surprised if you stuck around for 12 months to receive the balance $50. The rates for NSW are horrendous. suspect other states would be the same story. I am with Red Energy and they are approx 20% cheaper than these rates for both Electricity and Gas. Stay away folks..

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    I just ditched Click for Pacific Hydro.
    They're only small, so you can't sign up online (you need to fill out a form & email it back).

    But VicGov website suggested I'd save $530 annually switching.
    APart from being the cheapest (and there's no discounts, tricks, etc) They automatically locked in my price for the next two years (& I can exit for $0 anytime).

    I'm with Jemena (prices Inc GST)
    Supply: $0.9493/day
    Power: $0.34.10/kWh
    FIT: $0.12/kWh (exGST)

    Supply: $0.7920/day
    Power: $0.1936/kWh
    FIT: $0.112/kWh (exGST)

    Click do have pay on time discounts, but that'd have to be over 30% on those prices.

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      Did the same thing. They were way way cheaper with none of the % off bullshit.

    • Funny this came up today. Have just gone through the comparisons this morning and signed up with Pacific Hydro also. No gimmicks or stupid discounts and a very competitive rate when compared with the others in Victoria.

      • Yeap looks like Pacific Hydro is the go for me as well. They're pricing is so much cheaper than Lumo which goes up every year.

        • it's funny The Govt comparison site said lumo was about $10/yr more then Pac Hydro for me, but lumo has all those overly complicated discounts and their customer service have been useless before (thats after waiting 45mins for them to answer). It really was a no-brainer for me.

          Did they tell you about how they lock in the rate for 2yrs? When they told me that I said Oh stop it, I already said I'd sign up, stop making the decision easier

        • @supabrudda:

          I just got them to do a straight price comparison against my last bill and realised the savings straight away. It was definitely a no brainer

    • are you using gas, if yes then which provider? I'm with Red Energy at the moment and after their last price jump, they are not the cheapest ones anymore…

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        My gas is still with Click (they'll give me another $50 if I stay until Dec). I haven't checked as we don't have gas heating (so our bill is ~$50/mth)

        But goto https://compare.switchon.vic.gov.au/ select Gas,answer the questions, plug in your last bill & see who they recommend,
        Mine shows that gas by itself, that Dodo & Momentum are the cheapest. But with electricity combo Simply energy.

        Looks like I'd better change to Momentum - thank for the push
        looks like they don't sell gas without lecky.

        • probably depends on gas retailer and area, mine shows that the cheapest is Energy Australia and then AGL :) Thanks, anyway!

    • Thanks for your post. I switched to Pacific Hydro yesterday having previously been with powershop.

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    The Pac Hydro prices are sharp for their usage.

    A quick compare on the Vic gvt site shows a flat usage of 17.6C / KW (excl GST). Bundle that with the daily standing charge and that's a great deal without any PoT discounts.

    I am currently with Next Business Energy who are comparative with their daily charge but their peak usage is $0.362 / KW and off peak is $0.131 / KW.

    • +1
      • Their supply is cheaper but seem like power is more then my current one (powershop). Did a quick compare only save $3+ for $360 bill so not much difference.

        I like Lumo cause they'll pricematch for you and they generally come pretty close otherwise you can leave them without any fees. They now have a refer a friend with $50 giftcard to each.

        Signup are good if you can be bother to switch back and forth a bit. Great for gas as hardly any difference in rates.

        I was thinking about click but dont like they only give you the rest 12 month after. Read the comment most likely wont be going to them at all.

        • I just signed up to Pac Hydro. What I REALLY (I am a bit excited about it) like is the fact that they have locked in the rates for two years without asking.

          I will take that any day.

        • @jollster101: that is good but I assume they'll still do that after 3 month, so you can do the arounds, lumo collect $50, powershop collect $75 and then signup with hrydro. I'm sure your electricity saving isn't going to be $125 over about 3 months.

        • @huntress_love:

          I could well do that but I cannot guarantee they will offer the deal in 3 months.

          Maybe they are buying up business now and offering good rates and a 2 year lock in. Who knows…. Hell I might not even be alive in 3 months.

          Hopefully I still am though.

  • Wow, just checked the pricing and they are around 10c per kWh more than my current provider. I'll stick with my current provider.

    • Look at Pacific Hydro

  • You can get that from Energy Australia also. Don't need to be a friend of anyone.

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    I'm with Click Energy and have found the Bills are hideously complicated. You have to cross reference previous bills to check it. Then when it goes into a negative value, shit I gave up !!!

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      Yeah that's the same with Powershop.

      Too much work, and deliberately confusing, for very little actual saving.

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    I don't see how this is a deal given that it's likely that most people will end up paying more as opposed to shopping around for the best deal.

    These promotions are only there to draw in people who can't or won't look at the real cost to them of changing over. I'm negging this deal so people look further into this before deciding to change.

    Click Energy are often more expensive, their billing is atrocious and confusing and long waits on the phone are the norm if your read any of the forums like Whirlpool.

    Click energy have heaps of bad feedback on the various forums, this is one such thread about issues in dealing with them - https://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2160997

  • Agree with maverick-au, click energy prices are less competitive and use referral as bait

  • Thanks for the push Ozbargain community. I have just switched over to Pacific Hydro for Electricity and Lumo for Gas as per the Switchon comparison website. Had been with Energy Australia for 6 years and was paying more :(

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