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iPhone SE Space Grey 32GB $249 (Locked to Optus) @ BigW Instore Only (23 Stores)


I went to buy an iPhone SE for a friend. Was going for unlocked but she was already with Optus saw this on the counter.
This was BigW in WA so may not be National

Mod: The offer is only available at the stores below where the Sony Xperia XA is NOT available for purchase.

Canberra City ACT
Top Ryde NSW
Young NSW
Kempsey NSW
Muswellbrook NSW
Tweed City NSW
Tuggerah NSW
Grafton NSW
Brookside QLD
Emerald QLD
Yeppoon QLD
Townsville QLD
Gladstone QLD
Mackay QLD
Earlville QLD
Warwick QLD
Mt Gravatt QLD
Kingaroy QLD
Gympie QLD
Morwell VIC
Belmont WA
Victor Harbor SA
Broken Hill NSW

Mod 12pm: It's highly unlikely stores will have any stock remaining.

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      Can u upload reciept

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    Normally big w only stock 3-4 of each mobile they have for sale

    Reckon it would be possible to purchase all the sonys they have so there out of stock.
    Then they will have to honour this deal. Purchase the iPhone
    Then return the sonys saying there the wrong provider or something?

  • I also saw some Sony SRS-XB2 bluetooth speakers on sale for $79 at Mt Gravatt, RRP is $169 for anyone who wants them, not sure if nationwide. Seemed like a great price.

  • So many non believers in this thread. I'm waiting for the conspiracy to start hahah

  • +3

    Nice first post OP. Screw all the haters.
    They're probably the ones who blindly upboat 20% off eBay deals that are #fakenews (looking at you Good Bad Guys).
    I would have hung out with you guys at Brookside but the Mrs likes to get her hair done up on the range in Toowoomba.
    Meet up at Warwick or Kingaroy? 😁

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    i have been Belmont just now. but 10guys visitrd already and there is nothing.

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    Out of stock at Belmont WA.

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    Just rang all 10 stores in WA.
    Belmont would honour but have sold out of SE
    Gateway would honour but have sold out of SE
    Karrinyup would honour but have sold out of SE.
    I couldn't get a raincheck. Thank you all and ESPECIALLY op :)
    Some stores would honour but had Sony in stock :(

    • Thanks for the research, I guess we need some people to go buy the Sony's then return them once the people have got their iPhones :P

      • +5

        I asked one girl. What if I buy all 4 sonys?
        What are you going to do with 4 phones?
        I pause for a few seconds…..Possibly return them next week? haha :D

    • I count more than 10 stores in WA if you include fringe stores to Bunbury

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        Can you list them please?

    • am i the only one rang a store which has no sony but have se, would not honour the deal?

  • Good deal, will check it out, thanks OP

  • I'm in Sydney so there's no store near me. Any chance of a price match elsewhere?

    • Checked out BigW Canberra City, told no stock of either Xpedia or iPhones.

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    i got one but girl wont let me buy 2. if in stock, u should be able to convince the manager. tell them to check apologies section on their computer.

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      Can upload reciept?

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        SA stores are saying no. $469 thats it.
        One store said they did it for a day but don't do it anymore.

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      Where did you buy it? Which store?

  • Great deal, shame there's none near me but good value for regional folk.

  • any left in WA?

    must be some store which will honour

    • You woke up too late. HAHA. and me too.

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    No stock in Victor Harbor SA

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    joodalup wa still have 3 Sony xa in stock, not a single one sold since the catelogue came out. Store manager won't honor , even the Sony sold out. Need approval from higher level

  • No stock is Morwell VIC

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    Told my teenage daughter to show receipt and they gave her last stock, shes happy.

  • Sold out in Canberra city. Thanks anyway OP

  • Belmont store in WA ….thats the information I received. Bunbury do not have at this price.

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    I went to Brookside, Qld at 11am but sold out so the sales assistant called around and said no stock from Tweed Heads to Noosa Heads. I called Mackay just on spec while waiting outside at Brookside and they had plenty of stock and allowed me to pay by cc over the phone for two SE's and will hold them in lay-bys till my niece can collect and post to me. One for my daughter and one for me. I couldn't recall where the se sat in the hierarchy so was excited to discover it's a 6s in a 5 body without the force touch. Deal of the year for an AUS stock Apple product. Thanks a million OP. I'll bet the detractors are eating their words now.

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      Love the length us OzBargainers will go to. Good work.

  • Tuggerah out of stock

    • Yep sorry, managed to negotiate their only SE at 8.30am this morning.

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    Managed to pick up two today in SA for me and the mrs

    Had to get them from differnt stores tho.

    First went to the Cumberland park store. The manager there became rude and shrugged me off once I told her about the apology and the price.

    Called around a couple stores. Gawler store said that they will do one for me but unsure if they were even allowed to. But did it anyway. Wouldn't let me get a second there for the mrs tho

    Second was brickworks store. They had one left in stock and were happy to do it because they didn't have the Sony in stock

    The other stores didn't want a bar of me even asking. A couple were really nice and explained it's for stores that didn't have the Sony stock during the toy sale. They all got the apology sent out to them but wouldn't sell them at that price

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    Dont forget cashteward as well

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    Poor Big W was already struggling big time and this won't help lol

    • why not? cheap marketing over here helps every bit helps sell stuff

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        Quite sure $249 is a loss case especially people only buy it and get out of the store with no other full price purchase.

      • They will be losing lots of money on these

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    Thanks OP, Managed to get it from Logan, now for the case and screen protector, it's very slim. It was done as an override and the staff said it was the last one.

    • Which one at Logan. There are multiple…

  • +1

    Grabbed the last one at earlville. Great post

  • Went to Liverpool Westfield and they matched the photo of the sign, I will upload receipt when I get home

    • did they have stock for sony one?

      • +1

        Why would I want Sony

        • as in did they give you that price, because they don't have sony in stock, or they do and still gave you that price.

    • receipt please

  • You can cross Warwick off the list….. all sold out there too.

  • is the sony worth it at $249?

  • Try The mottington NSW store if you are around

    Bought 2 there

    BTW it works with Telstra

    • So the optus branded just works outright with telstra? No requirement to factory reset?

  • Correct

    • That will be great, I haven't tried as old phone was already on Optus

      • Wondering if it works for Vodafone outright… That's pretty much all the major telcos and would mean it would be unlocked for aus use?

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    This Deal is no more it has been replaced at all stores this afternoon. thanks

    • Expand further please.. sounds fishy

      Member Since
      2 hours 14 min ago

      • Its not fishy its the truth. We are not allowed to do this deal at any store now!! This deal is NO MORE!

        • I'm amazed you were allowed to do it at all

        • +1

          @imnotarobot: I was too but Not All stores were doing it or allowed to but that didn't stop the phone calls and people asking about it to the poor staff. I had about 100ish today started 8.30 this morning and people got really angry and mean! :-(

        • +3

          Yeah that sucks, sorry to hear.
          But surely the boffins in head office knew this would happen? They understand retail, right??!!

        • @imnotarobot: Head office can never understand what the front line CSA's go through because most have never gone down to the grassroots and understood the implications something like this can have.

          Which is why I like shows like Undercover Boss, it gives them a real world understanding. When will people understand that a $200 discount for you could cost a CSA their job, just like it would them if they did it.

  • When does this end?

  • +1

    Still on offer at Big w Taree. 2 left in Stock.

    • Willing to post it to Perth at my cost ? :)

      • Sorry champ, don't live in town so won't be back in for a few days.

  • All stores back In Perth back up to 499 for 32gb.

  • +2

    Stopped into Box Hill Big W on my lunch break and tried for the (profanity) of it. They coincidentally were out of stock of the XA also, they honored it no problem. Don't even need a new phone, happy with my current one, but god damn, at that price I have to.

    Here's my receipt.

    • Lol, who negged me? You're right, I shouldn't go on here to say that some stores are obviously willing to still honor this, and I definitely shouldn't post a proof of purchase to help any potential chancers.

      (profanity) off.

      • Here, have a +1.

        Probs just salty people who can't have tried and failed.

        I'm still after one if you're willing to purchase one for me and ship to Syd? ;)

        • +1

          I'll bop back in on my lunch tomorrow and see if they'll do another one for me.

          If they do I'll gladly send it your way for the 250 + whatever the postage is. Worst case you change your mind and I flip it on a buy/swap/sell page for my money back, and someone else ends up with a cheap iPhone.

        • @TheDukeOfNukem: Yes, please if you can get me one too :). I'll pay it through paypal.

        • +1

          @anthox80: I ain't a millionaire yo. I'll hit them up in a couple hours and I'll grab one if they let me. If the other dude falls through it defaults to you, and if they don't then I'll send it their way and try to grab another one.

          I'm down to put 250 on the line for a stranger who might screw me, since I can sell the thing on a buy/swap/sell group for 300 wrapped up and make a little bit of money, while still selling under RRP and making someone's day. 500 though, I ain't rich. Sorry man, I'll try to sort you out though.

        • @TheDukeOfNukem: understood sir :). pls do let me know. I'm in brissy.

        • +1

          @anthox80: Sorry dude. The guy said a bunch of people came in yesterday and grabbed up the stock they had. PM'ing the other dudes now. Sorry man :/

        • @TheDukeOfNukem: that's okay, no worries, let me know if it fails.
          thanks for trying anyway, really appreciate it.

  • Looks like this Phone is essentially unlocked?

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