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Waeco TB-08 BordBar Portable Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer 8 Litre - AUD $79 (RRP $109) @ Ray's Outdoor


Waeco TB-08 BordBar Portable Thermoelectric Cooler Warmer is currently on sale at Ray's Outdoors for $79.
Cheaper than other places I checked out (BCF, Supercheap Auto, Tentworld etc).
Great little cooler unit to keep a can of drink or two cold or keep your lunch cold, for people who might be driving all day for a living, ie cabbies, uber drivers, delivery drivers etc etc.
Yes, it not a big portable fridge but hey its not priced at $599-$1000 either.

Here is a quick video review on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IszitJvtaL8


Lightweight and simple to carry with astonishing cooling capacity. The Waeco TB-08 BordBar 8L Thermeletric Cooler / Warmer is equipped with wear-free and maintenance free technology and can be used for both cooling and warming. Economically priced and reliable thermoelectric energy is just right for a car cooler.


Solid polyurethane foam insulation.
Fits perfectly between the seats.
Built-in seat-belt slot for safety and security.
Adjustable shoulder strap.
Power cord length of almost 3m gives great flexibility in positioning in your vehicle


Dimensions: W 200 x H 298 x D 442mm.
Weight: 3.2kg.
Capacity: 8 litres.
Voltage: 12 volts DC
Cable Length: 2.9m.
Temperature Range: Up to 20°C below ambient, cold/warm switch.

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    But you get 10% off via Ebay.
    If you need delivery Tentworld has it for $78.30 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/232146947241

    Rays is $71.10 if you can pickup http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/222240072823


      thank you wolfy, and thank you op too
      bought one for my delivery van


    Peltier Effect based cooling on a hot day your drinks will be 20。plus…

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      Not bad when the temperature outdoors is 40°C


        Can confirm. They're best used in a car while you're travelling, so you can have cool drinks. But I've used one while camping, running it outdoors on a solar panel. The days were 30-40°. The beers were passable in the circumstances.

        Not something you'd want to use for food.

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    I have one of these, they work ok but need cold items put in them as they struggle to cool warm items down. Buy it through Rays eBay store with cash rewards & use code PLENTY for a further 10% off or price match it at Anaconda stores. EDIT, mentioned in above posts.

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    Yeah these things are a piece of junk, unless the items are cold when they go in they wont get cold anytime soon. Being pelter they also really chew through power and are highly susceptible to ambient temps and direct sunlight effecting the internal temp.

    Ive had one of these + TF-14 and ended up replacing them with a CDF-11 (Which is a proper compressor driven fridge/freezer) and its not only far more effective at keeping my drinks and lunch at 1c but its quieter as well and much more power efficent.


    Yeah I've found these to be junk. Better off taking a freezer block from home for your lunch.


    Agree don't bother with Thermoelectric coolers. I bought a cheapy brand 35L fridge/freeze for $350 a while back on ebay special. Still working well 3y later.


    I was looking at this as an armrest with drinks holder for the rear bench seat! Is the lid hard or soft plastic?