Whats Your Industry Secret/ Loophole That Gets You Perks?

Hi guys

I am in the aviation industry and I travel a lot
I know a really good trick/secret/loophole which gets me priority boarding, immigration express lane and bunch of other things usually devoted for first class and business class passengers only or people with silver/gold memberships with their relevant airline.

I am too scared to share the secret as it will mean airlines/airport staff will find out eventually since everyone will try to use it and then it wont be there for me anymore.

However, as a sweetener I can share my other secret.
So 4 years ago Subway email me an offer which was buy any 600ml drink and get any 6 inch sub for free - it was a mobile offer, but the loophole is it has no expiry date.
So I can confirm I have been eating $3.80 6-inch Sub and Drink for past few years. And it tastes amazing after a good sat night out.


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    Banks usually waive credit card fees for their employees.
    Apart from that not much.
    Lower fixed rate for home loans and half the rate for cash advance.

    • Is the lower interest rate for the life of the loan or your employment?

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        It's for credit cards, for the life of your employment

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          I left ANZ as an employee almost 4 years ago and still getting the employee benefits on the credit card. The home loan discounts were rubbish anyway so moved that.

          I know people who left NAB closer to 7 years ago and are still getting all of their employee benefits.

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        Once the rate is fixed it stays that way regardless of your employment. This is for home loans.
        Some banks will cut your credit card annual fee waiver immediately as soon as you stop working for them, some will let you keep it fee free as long as you don't close it

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          Each time I go to cancel a credit card-card (ozbargain, points), the bank/company has offered me no fee for life. Is this the norm? Just threaten to leave and they waive the fee?

        • @idonotknowwhy:
          They have a retention team. I guess it depends on your spending habits too

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          Really depends on how well the employment data is matched to the product data. I know people still getting discounted arrangements close on 10 years after leaving employment.

    • Lower fixed rate for home loans and half the rate for cash advance.

      Is the rate actually lower than what retail customers can negotiate themselves? I've worked for a big 4 bank and always found the staff rates to be more than the promotional rates/loss leaders offered to new customers

      • I believe the best bit about staff home loans is being exempt from having to pay mortgage insurance on a 90% LVR. Just threaten to leave to get a better rate. But be prepared to move. You can always come back to the bank you work for later (and get the new customer offer).

    • Free bank cheques too.

      Source: worked in banking.

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      Biggest perks for bank employees (can't say they are all the same) in terms of loans is they don't pay LMI when borrowing more than 80%.

      Wished I worked at a bank for this reason.

      • The bank I used to work for didn't have that! I think the only one I saw for staff was a .25 or .50 (can't remember) per cent off the interest rate.

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          0.50% is an insult!

          Many bank employees have loans not from their bank when LVR isn't an issue.

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        can confirm that, we didn't have to pay LMI while borrowing 90%. 0.7 is the discount on SVR and annual fees, loan application etc are waived

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      buy enough NAB shares and they waive you're yearly credit card fee too ;)

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        • Your
      • How much is enough?

        I have some bank shares but didn't know this!

      • Or I could just ask them to waive it =)

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          You could, some banks will, some banks won't. It comes down to how much you spend on the card. Plus you have to do that every year.

          This way, you get it done automagically each year, plus you get a dividend, for NAB that was a 99c dividend fully franked each year.

    • Also depending on the bank, the offer is extended to family and friends (ie. everyone they know).

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    So 4 years ago Subway email me an offer

    Care to share the email? ;-)

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      There's several references to the deal on ozb going back to 2012. Seems like the coupon was suppose to expire after 24 hours of clicking on the link. I guess the OP just took a screenshot. There seems to be several images on google images, but I don't like the chances of a store honoring it.

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        At this point, why not just take an existing coupon and edit it?

        • My sentiments exactly…

    • Can't find it… anyone can pls pm it to me?

      • Would like a pm too thanks.

    • I think they mean job offer

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    Free food in the dumpsters behind supermarkets after closing time.

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      Got me through uni back in the day.

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      And that's why major supermarkets have to lock their bins are closing.

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        And that's why lockpicking kits show up on OzB occasionally ;)

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        And that's why our world is currently in a terrible mess!

      • Nothing a good pair of bolt cutters can't get through.

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          Better use those on the CCTV that is overlooking the bins as well…

      • Have to?

    • Heard the same applies to dominos

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        I used to take them home after my shift, boss got mad when she found out and thought I was making 'mistake' pizzas on purpose. Shift manager was cool about it though.

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          Aren't all Dominos pizzas 'mistake' pizzas?

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          My first job was a pizza delivery driver for a chain that no longer exists. They didn't pay you for the shift, only per delivery and drivers with seniority had dibs. I often went and got to make no deliveries. Best days I'd get 3 or 4 so I quit that job after only 2-3 weeks. (It didn't get better for those who had been there for longer, unless it was a lot longer). I don't think my time there paid for the crappy uniform plus wear and tear on the car.

          Anyway the manager was a real piece of work. Fancied himself a business man and a playboy. Use to try to convince us to buy a "volcano pizza". Basically he'd have his staff pile on all the leftover ingredients on a pizza and sell it for about 2-3x as much as a normal pizza.

          First and last pizza delivery job.

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          …leftover ingredients on a pizza and sell it for about 2-3x as much as a normal pizza.

          That's not a perk - that's getting exploited by your boss! haha

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          I don't know why you were downvoted. It certainly wasn't by me. That's exactly what he was trying to do. I will point out he didn't ever sell me one because I recognized it for what it was. A couple of my friends on the other hand…

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          @syousef: 'buy a "volcano pizza".'

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          That's not a perk - that's getting a s s-raped by your boss! haha

          Guess that's where the playboy bit comes in lol

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          Salmonella instead of lava.

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          He leased a very new sports car that was way above his pay grade. He probably had to run every scam he could just to meet repayments.

        • @syousef: I used to deliver for Pizza Hut back in the '90s. We'd get to take pizzas home as well occasionally. Used to get $6 an hour plus a per-delivery amount, something like $2. What they used to do is send the pizza makers home and get the delivery drivers to make the pizzas, for $6 an hour.

        • @Wampus:

          I think at the time Pizza Hut required you to be 19 and i was 18, or was it 18 and I was 17. The company I'm talking about didn't have that restriction but only paid per delivery - no hourly rate at all. There was a reason I didn't stick with that job. I've been in my current job 13 years, and the one before that 5 years.

        • What were the type of pizzas that she deemed mistake pizzas?

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      I can now afford smashed avo at the cafe AND a house yay.

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        If you own a house, you can plant an avocado tree

        The rich get richer…

        • Sure, if you want to wait 5+ years for it to fruit.

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          @macrocephalic: Buy a grafted tree, you will get fruit in 2 years

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        Bloody millennials.

        No wonder you don't have a house.

        You get your avocado (possibly pre-smashed) and day-old bread out of the dumpster so you don't have to buy it at the cafe.

        Because you got them out of the dumpster in the wild they are free range, so with that hipster cred you can go to to the cafe where they will proudly toast your bread (save on your power bill) and serve it to you for doing your bit in being a tightarse saving the planet.

        If you have the correct beard and glasses you might get a gratis organic fair trade caffeine free no fat ground up chalk in water soy milk latte in a jam jar (that inexplicably has a handle attached to it) as well.

        What do they teach in schools these days?

        Why back in my day we wore the almond skin as shoes when walking uphill to the cafe in the snow…

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    I work in a service that gives me 50% discount on the service. Comes out over $4000 in annual value.

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      Trying to think of a service I spend $8k p.a. on.

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          You deal in a fairly high class of companionship, I see.
          Or, I suppose, under $25 a day is pretty low rent if you go for quantity.

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          @mskeggs: No, not for everyday, just for special occasions, silly!

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          @John Kimble:
          Devil's special?

          $666 per month visit. Working there as a cleaner and you get 50% kinda deal.
          It's cheaper if you go for the Bikie's monthly, nothing beats the solitude of a man and the puttering exhaust of his Betty his Harley Davidson, and there will be blood ; )

      • Service is a generic word. Insurance premium for family in my case.

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          Haha, I'm just playing. I don't have the money for escorts, fortunately/unfortunately.

      • Bikies.

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      When I was single, I use to serve myself. 100% free.

      Then I got a girlfriend. Woohoo 100% free.

      Then I got married. I'm now paying for it but get nothing in return.

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        guess you are paying back now

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          It's like one of those 'take home now and pay nothing for 3 years' items.

          After 3 years you start making repayments, the item is now worn, obsolete and you can't give it away.

        • @JB1:

          There are clubs where you can go to swap

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    Go to any Pig 'n' Whistle and say you work in hospitality, name a random restaurant and enjoy their hospo fare.

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      What is a pig n whistle

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        Seems to be a resturant

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          Huh TIL

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      Reeeeallly. This will work in any of the Brisbane CBD ones? Food and drinks? What's the discount? This could be a game-changer if I can get my social engineering act together.

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    After a modelling assignment in Milan or Paris or somebody's yacht my PA packs the garments into my suitcase.

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      It is the greatest perk for us models…

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        It makes up for Donatella Versace stalking me.

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          @Seraphin7: That one could suck the colour off a marble.

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    I get to choose what the winning lotto numbers are.

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    i work in IT and pretend to be interested in various supplier's goods and they take me out to the footy, tennis, etc in corporate boxes.

    it's excellent fun :D

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      Likewise and ethically challenging.

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        i find being upfront about things helps - eg: i really like your product but i honestly have no budget to spend on it.
        a certain firewall vendor keeps inviting me to things and i feel guilty going, but i've been pretty straight with them that i do like their product and i would like to buy it, but i just simply don't have the budget or project requirement for it at this stage.

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          Don't feel guilty. If they couldn't afford to wine and dine you, they wouldn't. They have an entertainment budget and corporate boxes etc already, so may as well enjoy it if invited. You could always decline if that concerned…

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          @John Kimble: totally. i don't feel bad enough to bail completely :P

          i actually feel horrible when i say i'll be at a function and have to cancel last minute though. got a P1 call last week 20 minutes before i had to go for free breakfast. shattered.

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          Tell us what the product is. This will ease your conscience. Sure, you may not have the budget to buy it, but if you like it and tell others about it and why you like it, that's giving the vendor value.

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          @davidmwilliams: Palo Alto is my guess. Or Check Point.

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          @acoma: bingo, first try! :D

        • It's still an effective form of promotion for them. Imagine how much you would talk amongst your peers about this supplier?

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      Can confirm.

      I work in IT and have been treated to, courtesy of various vendors everything from (alcohol soaked) dinners at fine dinning restaurants to alcohol fuelled poker games. Along with plain old bottles of alcohol.

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      you sir, are a whore of the highest order!

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        <3 you lachie

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      I hate being taken out anywhere that people try and sell me things.

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      Do not feel guilty. Vendors dont need you to opt in right now (hope in the future though). Those who are inviting you need to make connections and also, vendors need names and number of attendees to justify to the business because they want to attend it themselves for free. bet u never received an invite for a cricket match… yeah.

      apologise upfront; tired, tipsy myself making grammar/spelling mistakes.

    • I used to be Purchasing Manager for a range of IT stores in Perth. Went to trade shows and two times out of three I 'won a prize'. I never win prizes. I'm pretty sure everyone who won a prize had some sort of 'decision maker' job title and it was OK to take a prize like a weekend away than a direct sweetener…

    • how much do you state on your taxes for this?

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