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JB Hi-Fi Sony SRS-ZR5B Wireless Speaker (Black) $149


$150 off, pretty good price for a wireless speakers I reckon.

Pair 2 speakers for stereo or to a compatible soundbar for surround.

For me it's better than Sonos as you get alot more connection options:Google Cast, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB, LAN and audio line-in, I'm pretty sure with Sonos it's just wireless audio?

Not sure I'd buy 2x of these for $600 for a stereo setup or to pair with a soundbar, but for $298 i think it's pretty reasonable for a SONY.

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    Nice little speaker - a bit too bassy in my opinion but great connectivity. I prefer the ZR7 - Sony sold them for $200 in their last sale. But this one's great for a small space.

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    Its a little hard to say these are better then sonos, as the sound quality of sonos is very hard to beat. Personalty I like the multiple room ability of the sonos controller over casting as you can select different sources on different devices or join devices seamless.

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      second point is , Sony , LG and Samsung has a habit of very little support and upgrade on consumer product. Will not support after 1 year. They keep pumping out new model. While sonos after 4 years im still getting update etc.. not to mention the resale value on Sony speaker drop heaps as soon as new model comes out within a year

    • I've found Sonos to be more "robust" in terms of it just seems to work once setup.

      I have a Sony soundbar and it is very hit and miss with issues like the subwoofer suddenly not working because the bluetooth link has failed, doesn't always come one when it should etc. I was going to buy more of the Sony speakers, but after the issues with the soundbar it made me very hesitant.

    • Which sonos one you referring to?

      • Any sonos. Dont think there is a bad one?

  • So if I already have the SRS-ZR7 that I'm using as a soundbar and got 2 of these, can I set one as left and one as right and place them around the room to act as stereo TV speakers? Will they turn on and off with the ZR7's ARC connection?

    • Yes, the whole idea of these is that you plug in one (the centre speaker or soundbar) via HDMI and have the others connected over the air. You can do this via the Sony app formerly known as SongPal. They will be always be on (as in standby) but yes, an ARC audio feed to the main unit should then activate all connected speakers. I haven't tried this myself so not sure how well balanced and timed the sound is when combining HDMI with wifi.

      • Interesting… Not sure I can justify $300 for the 2 speakers right now, but would love to try it.

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