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$17.10 One Way and $34.20 Return Skybus Airport Transfers between Melbourne Airport and City


Update: Thank you aquab for sharing the promo code! Get a further 5% off when you use "sundayholidays". Not sure when this will expire.

Hi Ozb,

Enjoy 5% off skybus tickets when you enter this Promo code!
Tickets come with the standard 3 months expiry.

Show your ticket on your smartphone or download a PDF to print. Skybus attendant scans your ticket and you jump on board.

Enjoy and remember the Skybus can take up to 1 hour or more in peak traffic (I learnt this the hard way once!).

Update 2 Dec 2017: The jetstar page no longer offers any discount compared to the official skybus website, but coupon code still takes 5% off. Prices adjusted in title to reflect new price.

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  • For an additional tip, when you get to Southern Cross station, Skybus have a free hotel drop off service. Just go to counter and tell them which hotel you are staying at.

  • The price is actually $19 one-way, so its a $2 saving :-)

  • Yes….I used the skybus last Friday after so long, and forgot about peak hour traffic. Almost missed my flight. The bus took over an hour in crawling traffic.

    I deliberately took the skybus hoping it'd be quicker, but am now wondering whether I would have been quicker taking the train to Broadmeadows and then the 901 bus to the airport?

    • You should be quicker to
      1. taking train to Essendon station
      2. catch Uber to airport for ~$22 or free if you have new Uber account with WESTPAC25 code (free $25).

      This is the direct entry into Tullamarine freeway and should only take around 10' with good traffic. Even with traffic jam you would not be stucked too long because this is very close to the airport. This is also better route than going from Broadmeadows station to Melbourne airport especially during peak hours and also save time from going further from Essendon station to Broadmeadows station.

      This is much cheaper route to the airport than Skybus. I have stop using Skybus for a long time

      Cost for this route is 2-hour Myki ticket + ~$22 Uber (or free if you know what to do). If you have more than 1 person this is already cheaper than using Skybus.

      On the way back from Melbourne airport, you don't have to take Uber because you are more flexible on time. Just take bus 901 (Terminal 4) to Broadmeadows station then catch train then tram/bus to your home.
      Cost: 2hour Myki ticket only

      • I don't understand….how is $22 for an UBER cheaper than $19 (normal price for Skybus) cheaper? If you've already used UBER before you cannot get a free trip.

        Secondly, if I chose the Broadmeadows/901 bus option, obviously might take a bit longer, but it only costs a myki 2 hour fare.

    • Well, provided the Metro train control centre computer doesn't crash and stop all the trains, and the 901 bus does actually turn up on time, then you'll probably avoid most of the peak hour congestion on the tulla.
      I've considered this option a few times, but never done it.

    • I've done it to save money (quite cheap) however the time it takes is a killer. From memory its 1-1/5 hrs and you can be waiting in the cold at the airport and/or the train station.

      If you have time to kill or want cheapest yes do it.

      If you dont care about the 17-19$ each way then take the overpriced bus and save the time.

      As all things in life pros/cons

    • Done this before and it took about 30 mins longer than the Skybus — raced a friend to the airport using SkyBus vs public transport and I lost. It wasn't super-heavy traffic and I'm pretty sure IIRC the 901 bus didn't show up on time so I could imagine under different circumstances it'd come out closer or faster.

      Either way, you save a heap if you can do that and more if you've got a concession Myki (eg free transport on weekeneds). Doesn't work after midnight though as the 901 bus doesn't run…

  • Hate skybus .. and hate it's monopoly.. we are the only first world city without a train link to the airport….

    Don't support it if you can avoid it.. kuber is often cheaper depending on number of people and location.

    • Only?

      I don't think LAX does? That's a city in a developed country.

      • Neither does Perth.. but guess we're not a first world city ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

        (Although they are building one currently..)

        • lol,, @ perth not being first world..

          Seriously I don't know how Melbourne becomes the best place to live with such horrible weather and lack of basic infrastructure.

        • @dealman: a train line to the airport isn't high on the list for "liveability scale…".
          No one on the north / north east of Melbourne (from Doncaster) right across to the west is going to use it if the line is a direct link to the CBD.
          I'm not usually a roads advocate - but money would be better spent building the North East link. Then you divert the traffic away from the CBD, get traffic off the Tulla, and better outcome for most people living in Melbourne.

          The rail line would service only the relative few people who travel regularly from central or south / south east, and tourists.

    • Take a look at the Brisbane airport train line to see how useless/unsuccessful it is.
      Given the current state of Australian federal and state governments, I fail to see how Melbourne could implement anything better.

  • I found the skybus fantastic!! I used a code I found on ozb which made it cheaper but moreso there was no wait as the buses are regular and thy dropped us right outside our hotel once you change bus at the station.
    Return trip was just as easy, picked us up on time outside the hotel and got to the airport in 30 mins.

    Also was great with a baby as no seat is required

    • It's a good service but the profit margins must be astronomical. The service should be a lot cheaper for what it is.

      • Someone's got to pay for all the buses that run empty in the middle of the night!

        The prices have gone up quite a bit over the last few years. The discount on a return ticket used to be good enough to make me want to buy a return ticket in one go. Now the usual return price is just double the one-way ticket. I guess they know that some passengers don't have much choice.

  • -2 votes

    if its two passengers just take an uber or taxi

  • Nothing will beat someone droppng you off at the airport and someone picking you up, I always take people to the airport etc but when I needed to go this year no one could do it. So I went by Skybus, if your lucky enough to sit beside someone who likes a chat it will go quick otherwise the trip will drag…

    Oh I now say to ppl who ask for a lift to the airport, use Skybus….

  • I need to go to airport from southern cross and I will be single when I'm returning we will be two. Can I take one return ticket and one one-way? Or any idea?

    • Yes you could get 1 return ticket for yourself and 1 one way for your friend. Just make sure you use your return ticket first on the way to the airport, dont accidentally use the one way.

      If you and your friend are splitting costs, you may be better off sharing a taxi or Uber when travelling together. Please do a fare estimate/consider the traffic to see if it's true. Last time I took a taxi from the city to Airport it cost $50 in 4pm weekday traffic :/

    • "I will be single when I'm returning we will be two"

      Are you on your way to your wedding?

  • -2 votes

    Nearly cheaper to hire a damn car!

    Cannot wait for this Andrews Government to get the axe.

  • Thanks! Taking a ride to Sydney tomorrow and this came just in time.

    Not sure why the downvotes, for a single rider it's great value and pretty easy/convenient. Cheaper than Uber (if you're a southsider at least).

    • Thanks mate!

      Yeah I don't get it either. Should I have specificied in the title "bargain for single riders only"? :)

      Enjoy your trip!

  • This is cheaper thanks but no where to put the velocity no to earn points :(

  • Can also add this PromoCode: sundayholidays for extra 5% discount. Just bought the return ticket , only $31.35

  • Price increased to $17.10 one way or $34.20 return including the 5% off. Also jetstar skybus page seems to direct you to skybus website thus no discount for jetstar 'customers' i think

  • I just used the 5% coupon for a St Kilda —> airport trip, saved $1.85 on a return, thanks! :)

  • Note: SkyBus tickets purchased online or at a SkyBus booth are valid for three months from the date of purchase.

  • Just used the promocode for return tix for 2 ppl, to and from Avalon airport. saved $4.20 thank you!

  • This code still works.

  • SkyBus is offering return trips for $34 for the month of February with the code brings the cost down to $32.30

  • Can anyone get this voucher to work? I receive a message saying โ€œCould not check voucherโ€.