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$20 off First Order @ The Iconic


This was given to me in Adelaide, haven't fully tested the code but appears it works on all items and no minimum.

Doesn't appear to be once off. Doesn't appear to have terms and conditions aside from the end date.

Other codes: ADL20I8iixM SYD20QYBEVJ BRS20YDTAU8 PER20CS85AD

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Referral: random (809)

$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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    Plus delivery of 8$ (unless you spend 50 in which case you get free delivery)

    Good deal though thanks OP

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    Older post that is still updated regularly, and it also has a few extra codes. You can only use a code once on an existing/new account, however there are multiple codes that can be used on a single account.

    • Sorry, didn't see that one.

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      Awesome, got three orders in on different codes with $20 off each. Cheers

  • Grabbed a few things. Thanks OP!

  • Now awaits for 70℅off

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    Yep worked on existing account. Grabbed a Globe Lyft

  • says cant add to bag

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    Thanks OP, worked on an existing account for me.

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    Same for me, existing account - worked perfectly

  • just tested on my existing account, it works!

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    SYD20QYBEVJ and BRS20YDTAU8 are also codes that seemed to work for me to get $20 off. The codes don't stack, but it works for another transaction and for existing accounts.

  • Thanks OP. Worked for my existing account

  • Cheers, worked for my existing account.

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      Likewise I'm glad to be on ozbargain everyday, I mean… I practically built this place with all my comments and jokes

  • I got this coupon yesterday.
    From memory it said $79 minimum spend.

  • I've never purchased any clothes from them before, can anyone comment on quality etc?

    • Pretty good. They also sell different brands

    • +10

      They're ok, but DO NOT buy anything that is H-WOOD branded!!! They suck!!!!!!!

  • Have anyone bought these shoes before who can please provide any feedback if they are good and comfortable? Thanks


  • Site error? Every time I try to check out, it says "invalid email address".

    But I'm keying in my actual email address.

  • +1

    Works for existing customers. Checked on shoes I bought last weekend, which are now reduced further and applied this discount to get them even lower.

  • Got a shirt delivered for 7.95, can confirm works as an existing customer. Second time I have gotten a shirt off theiconic only cost me 7.95 each time.

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    From Perth: PER20CS85AD

    • Does this code still work?

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    I got a one in Melbourne if it helps:
    Code: MLB20lucbV7
    Minimum spend: $79
    Expires: 2017-08-15T23:59:00

  • Awesome, thanks everyone.

  • Looks like they fixed it. The code, and they others listed in comments, don't seem to work any more :(

    • It only works on new accounts only now and only one code for entire account. No more multiple codes for same account. Made a new account and it worked on a purchase.

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        yeah i made 3 new accounts for it, each using the multiple codes. Ill try making another account

        edit: Still working, just had to make another account.

        • Is this still working on new accounts?

      • Just tried now and none works, even on new account.

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    Just worked for me; Im a true new customer. Used the SYD code.

  • anyone got new codes for existing account ?

  • If anything falls under the sport category use the medibank code (20% off)

  • Would you get busted if you just did a new account but same address just to get this code? lol i'd feel so guilty

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    Code seems to be expired now…can anyone get it to work?

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    code doesnt work anymore :( anyone have a new code?

    • did u find out why it doesnt work?