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Cygnett ChargeUp Rugged 8K Power Bank $9.99 ALDI Vic Stores


These were originally $49.99. Not sure if nationwide, but they were this price at at least two Vic Stores. Even if tag is showing original price, they should scan up at $9.99. Make sure you ask them to scan despite what the price tag says
Receipt. https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/9757/50992/20170729_17...

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    wonder how long it takes to charge the battery via solar panels built onto the device?

    here is a youtube aussie review

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      • Yeah solar isn't good with the sort of devices

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        I have a solar panel 20K power bank and it says on the listing (I bought it on Ebay) that it'll take 47 hours for it to fully charge off solar…

        • The other issue is leaving Li-Ion cells in direct sunlight, can't be a good thing

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        Panel looks nice, they didn't cheap out there. Probably about 1 watt in full sun, so 5v with 200mA output.

        Cells are 4.2v 8000mAh fully charged, so charge time is roughly 8000mAh / 200mA, say 40 hours. That's being generous.

        Looks like a nice thing (despite the solar gimmick), 2 USB ports and a light panel (12 LEDs) on the back. Excellent buy for $10.

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      Can it recharge via usb and then just use solar as a backup power supply? or is it just harvesting the rays of the sun…

      • This is the real question.

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        Yes. As it says on the box, "Solar panel for back up charging".

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      Then again, I guess if someone breaks down up ship creek in woop woop, flat car battery, dead phone, dead power-bank, then that solar backup would be a life saver to charge and make a 2 minute call to emergency…. if that's how it works :)

      • Buy one them jump starter ones :)

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      The review dude doesn't recognise the LED chips at the back.

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    $19.99 at mah store.

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    • Was it tagged $19.99 or did it scan at $19.99?

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      and where is the location of yoh store?

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      ohm my god what a rip off!

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        So missed the opportunity to use 'watt' in you pun.

  • Which of the two vic stores are u talking abt?

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      dandy market and dandy plaza. one at plaza still showed full price and i asked the lady to check which came up at $9.99

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        Thanks. I'm going there soon.

        • The irony is it will probably be sold before you ever get there now that it's been Ozbargained!.

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        Both stores are given the "last-off" stock to be cleared.
        Every time I go to either store, they always have the left overs that did not sell.
        You go elsewhere and they are not available at other stores.

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    Yea I saw them for 19.99 yesterday in the lutwyche store. Will check if the price lowered again they had a stack of them

  • Awesome deal if it's widespread :)

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    Anyone in NSW had any luck with these? Wondering if its worth having a look. Specifically Macquarie Centre and surrounds :)

    • No luck at Penrith Aldi.

      • Although there was one at Penrith Westfield Aldi

    • Bankstown have a few. Still at $49.99 though.

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    Actually grabbed this today at a Gold Coast store. It came up at $24.99 and without knowing it was cheaper elsewhere I thought it was a pretty good deal. Kind of bummed now though :(

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      Ask for a refund. They are really good with the returns

      • Yep. 60 days

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          Then come back in 30 minutes in a disguise of your choice and ask to buy the one you returned for the cheaper price.

        • @R3XNebular:
          That's so bogan!

      • Except you have to interrupt the cashier, wait for him/her to call the manage to get the key, while 20 people in the line staring at you.

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    None at Aldi Carnegie.

    • There was one earlier this week.

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    $19.99 at Bonnyrigg, NSW. Old mate won't match it since there's no proof.

  • damn i got one from aldi in brisbane yesterday for $24.99

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    can someone post a pic of their receipt so we can get a price match up here please?????

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    can someone send me a pic of their receipt, thanks :D

  • $29.99 at Aldi Kenmore. :(

  • Those who seen the higher price tag, ask them to scan it as the store I bought it from had original price tag. When I told the cashier it was $9.99 at the other store she told me it was individual store pricing but would check for me anyway, and it showed up as $9.99 so it must be in the system

    • which aldi did you purchase this at?

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      can you put up a pic of your receipt please?

      tried to get a price match but they said reading this thread is not enough proof

  • Don't waste your $ with battery via solar panels.

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      Tony, is that you?

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    Confirmed that this is Store specific. Anyhow xiaomis are better value anyway for $20.

  • Mark down would likely be done by area manager. Both stores (dandy market and dandy plaza) are most likely under same area manager. So unlikely to find outside that manager's area at this price.

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    Lithium batteries degrade more rapidly when heated, so I would avoid putting this power bank into sunlight in summer.

  • None in QLD?

  • None at Aldi Abbotsford ,the girl even checked stock and said they must be old models because they only have 10K stock

    • Only 10K in stock? That seems like a lot to me. :-)

  • considering powerbanks arent making it through customs (due to stupidity) this is a bargain even at $20!!

  • OP, receipt plz.

    • Store or area manager mark down.
      Aldi stores in different areas don't price match.

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        Never give up trying! :D

  • This sounds like a great device to have when you're on a deserted island, you know, as in Lost ot Cast Away. In real life, a decent non-solar powerbank is probably all you need.

  • I talked to a assistant store manager at lutwyche Qld store. If I had a picture of the receipt I think they would have given it too me. But no luck without it

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    I had one from china.. charge time was 5-7 days through a glass window to charge from 50% to 100%.

    So to keep a phone charged from solar power you would need 7 of them and cycle through them. Even at $10 each that is $70. You'll never break even on electricity savings. The USB ports is gonna fail long before that.

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    • thank you :D

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    Heat. One of the worst forms of torture for lithium cells. This whole product category is toy-level electronics.

    That said, probably worth it for the parts alone (assuming the cells are half-decent). If you want the capacity of the bank to last, don't put them in the sun. This solar panel is way too puny to give you a decent charge in a decent time anyway. No doubt we'll see them pop up on ebay.

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      If you think about the solar charge as an emergency use only feature, then I think it makes sense.

      • good if you don't want to spent days getting a decent charge into this bank (and damaging it in the process):

        That said, like most ebay shonks, those people in the pictures are probably showing a different product to what they are selling.

        Anyway, this is probably the bare minimum size I'd consider. Plus you have the ability to keep the bank away from the solar cells and in the shade (hopefully kept cool). For a more permanent (and under $100) installation I'd be looking at a 40W panel, PWM charge controller & small lead-acid battery system.

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    All Aldi markdowns are store specific at managers discretion. Doesn't hurt to ask though.

  • Band 28?

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      Is Lemon a fruit?

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    picked up last 2 units from burnside. Caroline springs and keilor downs are sold out. Not bad for 20 dollyrooos per unit

  • It's not over 9000?????

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    Just got one from summer hill, VIC, ALDI, been told that is the last one from that store(they have also helped me to check nearby Bundoora store, they also have no stock), marked $29.99 but after insisting scan it then comes up $9.99.

    Receipt: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/62604/51003/receipt.jp...

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    full price still at Lutwyche, showed the manager this post and receipt, he scanned them and came up as full price. he reckons this special will only be at certain sites with excess stock

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    $29.99 at West End, QLD. Wouldn't discount even with showing receipt and thread.

    • Do the same thing, shit, didn't get any discount, full price.

      • Sorry, what?

        • I mean I went to west end, did the same thing as you that time, they give me no discount still 29.99 full price.

  • Rang aldi….. Told my local was only store had stock.. Only came down today. Sign there $9.99 all gone. Manager said should be same price in every store!

    • Was this in QLD

    • Nope still $19.99 at south Melbourne store (VIC). Bought one anyway might return it though…

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    Full price at Aldi Garden City QLD, Loganholme Aldi and Sunnybank Aldi

  • Thanks for the update

  • Just bought last 10 of these at Mornington Aldi store. Price tag said $49.99 but scanned at $9.99 👍👍👍

    • gj broden

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