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My Dan Murphy's Aug Member Offers: Kirin 6pk $12, Lowenbrau 6pk $11, Barossa Cider Co 4pk $10, 5 Seeds 10pk $15 + More

August Member Offers Price Save
Kirin Megumi Beer Bottles 330mL 6 pack $12 $6.99
Australian Beer Company Yenda Golden Ale 330mL 6 pack $12 $7.49
Löwenbräu Original Beer Bottles 330mL 6 pack $11 $5.49
Estrella Damm Lager 330mL 6 pack $12 $4.90
Omission Gluten Reduced Lager 355mL 6 pack $13 $9.99
Omission Gluten Reduced Pale Ale 355mL 6 pack $13 $9.99
Hawthorn Brewing Co. Golden Ale 330mL 6 pack + KOOEE! Beef Jerky 30g $20 $6.98
Coopers Premium Lager 355mL 6 pack $10 $4.99
Mahou 5 Star Beer Bottles 355mL 24 pack delivered $65 $10.12
Castaway Cider Varieties 330mL 6 pack $10 $3.99
The Barossa Cider Co Cider Varieties 330mL 4 pack $10 $3.99
5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider Cans 330mL 10 Pack $15 $4.95
Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider 330mL 4 pack $12 $3.49
The Balvenie 14 Year Old Caribbean Cask Scotch Whisky 700mL $105 $24.99
Johnnie Walker Swing Scotch Whisky 750mL $79 $15.99
Glen Moray 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky 700mL $48 $4.99
Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire Whiskey 700mL $39 $8.99
Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey 700mL $52 $6.99
McAllister Reserve Scotch Whisky 700mL $30 $2.99
Old Forester Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky 700mL $49 $5.90
TAG No.5 Frosted Maple Vodka 700mL $28 $1.00
Fratello Hazelnut Liqueur 700mL $28 $6.99
Opal Bianca Sambuca 700mL $38 $5.99
Opal Nera Sambuca 700mL $38 $5.99
Meukow VSOP Cognac 700mL $62 $4.99
Bundaberg Tropics Mango & Passionfruit 700mL $29 $6.99
+ wine & RTD offers in the link

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  • +5

    Lowenbrau is a nice lager. if you haven't tried it defs worth the $10. Normally about ~$15 so savings aren't big.

  • +3


    Always reminds me of Futurama

  • +8

    The usual lineup of shitty beers on offer.

    • +4

      Terrible selection. Past 3 months have been disappointing

      • +1

        I've been away from Australia for the past 2 years. Before I left, I swear every month people were saying "Terrible selection. Past x months have been disappointing"

        Was it ever good, apart from the first few months that they started member offers?

        • +1

          They had the Asahi cans for 4 for $15 which was solid. Agree though. Only reason I use it is when I'm not getting a slab.

        • @Gringoesai:

          6 for $15 pally, and what a ripper deal that was.

        • In April there was a solid deal , 6 pack sly fox feral cans for $13.

        • March 2017 had Mountain Goat for $15 and Two Birds Golden for $14.
          Sly Fox Summer Ale for $13 in May 2017. I hoped it would be a turning stone for Dan Murphy's…

        • @Fobsessive:
          Yes I also took advantage of those. Mountain goat is excellenf.
          The sly fox deal was in April I just double checked.

        • @chowmanly: That makes this a four bad month streak.

      • I like last months Dos XX.
        Thinking of Mahou this month.

    • -1

      Estrella Damm is a great beer.

  • +8

    Coopers Lager is great for $10 if u just want a nice clean lager. Lowenbrau is good for the cost as well

    as far as craft beers go fairly poor showing again this month. the hawthorn golden is pretty decent but is it worth it when u have to buy chips as well? borderline.

    no spirits this month?

    • +1

      Spirits added.

    • +2

      +1 for coopers lager

  • +7

    Totally shittingly agree - no incentive what so ever to visit Dan's this month…

  • +3

    Yep there hasn't been a good member offer in over a year. Nothing like the old hop thief for $10 deal we used to get.

  • Kirin 6 packs is still a saving compared to my local bottle-o

    with any loyalty program, i've found that the best offers are usually held when their trying to build a database of customers.

    Once that's achieved companies usually offer discounts that are nowhere near the lost leaders that captured their customers at the beginning.

    my point is there's nothing gained from expecting what was offered previously, these are still deals that save a small amount of dollars for those who are interested in the featured products

    • +3

      Kirin is one of those beers that rely on the false pretence that they are selling you a premium, imported product, when in reality it's made under licence locally, just like Heineken, Peroni, Becks (lots of imports around now), Asahi (bottled in China - yuck) and Stella, to name a few.

      • In reality it's also just another lager

  • Do First Choice price match the member deals?

    • They might. There's nothing in the T&C's to exclude it.

  • Kirin megumi is not a good beer, I'm waiting for a deal again on the cans of Asahi.

    • +1

      Yep, produced locally under licence…if it was the "proper" Kirin, ie Ichiban, then this would be a good deal. If only DM stocked that instead of this knockoff garbage.

  • +3

    +1 for the effort to put up the post, thanks OP

    • +3

      You're welcome.

  • -1

    Such terrible beers that I will boycott Dan Murphy's for another month. Do they even know what craft beer is anymore?

    • +2

      Cool. More Yenda to go around then. Thanks for being so considerate.

      • +1

        The Yenda Golden Ale doesn't sound too interesting. I have a load of Brewdog Punk IPAs to last the month anyway.


        • +3

          Yenda is made by Coke, nough said

        • +1

          How good is Punk IPA. They had it for $2 a can at my local Dans a few months ago in a clearance bin, but still on shelf for $22/4 pack. Members special on brewdog is whats required.

        • @poochy: I got them for $2 a can too! A year old but still drinkable

  • I like the Teeling small batch a lot and it's bordering on a 'daily driver' for me these days with the cold weather. I'll be having another bottle of that at $52 given I'm going through my last one so quickly.

    • +1

      For the price Teeling is ridiculously good, try finding a finished, 46% scotch for anywhere near the same price, let alone one that's good. Them and bushmills punch way above their weight.

  • +2

    White rabbit for 10 no other member offer has come close. Step your game up dans

  • +1

    Nice effort on the post OP. Appreciate.

  • +1

    thanks OP saves me from having to log on to DM

  • Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire is surprisingly enjoyable, and possibly my favourite of all the sweet/spiced whiskeys.

  • Anyone know if JW Swing is worth it?