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iPad 32GB 4G 10GB Data $35, 128GB 4G 100GB Data $70 at Optus [24 Month Contract]


Optus bonus data on iPad
Pretty good price for tablets- but you also get 10gb of data
IPad 9.7 32gb $35 x 24 mths ($840) IPad RRP - $669
IPad 9.7 128gb $40 x 24 mths ($960) IPad RRP - $799
Or the $70 per mths for 100gb and 128gb IPad (this is the one I am going for - we already got a combine 20gb but still constantly get charge for extra usages!)
These also included Entertainment streaming

100gb per mths and IPad 128gb 4G for $70 per mth X 24
If you don't need the 140gb per month from sim only deal, you can take this 100gb per month and an iPad 126gb 4G. and includdd the entertainment streaming .

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  • would consider the 140gig plan (as our ADSL is rubbish here) but it doesn't include Netflix..

    wonder why the ipad deal includes netflix and not the 140gig plan?

    • I signed up for the month to month 100gb plan and although it said it wouldn't include netflix, I received an email saying my entertainment streaming is data free. I doubled checked on my optus account and it's there as well, I can toggle the data free streaming on and off. Hope this helps.

      • The 140GB 12 month plan seems to not allow adding the entertainment pack, see this post on Whirlpool with screenshot.


      • Hi i am also on month to month 100gb. Have you tried netflix? Is it free data streaming? Also if i want to avail the ipad (change to 24month contract) is it still possible?

        • Hi Kalupet, Havn't tried streaming, I believe it would be data free given it says it is on my account. I don't work for optus, so I'm probably not the best person to answer your second question. However, given you're on the month to month plan and that's no lock in contract, you should be all good to change yourself to 24 month plan without any cancellation fees.

  • Nice for data….but it is NOT the iPad Pro model

    • The iPad Pro for $92 with 100gb of data is the best deal around.

      • How so? How much more value is the pro version?

        • Asking the right question. (I'd like to know)

        • I was looking at both and decided not to get the pro version. Under this Optus deal it is $40 128GB ipad 2017 or $70 256GB 10.5 inch ipad pro, both with 10GB of data. I previously had the 2012 ipad 3rd generation so it is not as if I wasn't getting a significant upgrade anyway.

          Whilst I liked playing around with the smart pen in store, buying that was another $145 and I don't think I would have used it much after the initial gimmick. I couldn't tell too much of a difference looking at the two screens (I put them side by side) and the pro has 4 speakers compared to 2 but most of the time I am using headphones (debating whether to get the airpods). The processing chip in the pro is faster, but not a lot different when opening webpages.

          All the reviews online suggests the standard ipad is a great machine for browsing and watching things. If you are a graphic designer or want to use it as a laptop get the pro, but I think the pro really only comes into its own when you have the pen and keyboard so there is probably another $400.

          It wasn't worth it for me.

        • +1 vote

          @fersea: I was in the same boat. I also decided on the ipad instead of ipad pro.

          you can probably read thousands of the threads out there to understand the differences between iPad vs iPad Pro 10.5

          I personally wont use the pencil and like the idea that screen on ipad is not fused meaning replacement cost will be cheaper if it breaks. Kids occasionally use my iPad so this is a nice feature for me.

          I also couldn't justify $30 extra per month for marginally better pro. Price is more than twice of the ipad.

          Free streaming is provided with limited speed but it's absolutely fine for using it on the iPad.

          PS: I also use data pooling so have plenty of combined data to share with partner and kids

        • @Ace26:
          Thanks for the replies. I'm really only interested in the data and would sell the iPad and your comments really helped! 😀

  • Pretty Darn good value.Just ordered a 128GB.
    $40 a month works out to $6.70/m for the data if you take out the RRP of the iPad.
    Thanks OP

    • RRP? Really? This is OzBargain.

      It is our duty to save each other from ever paying attention to those three letters.

  • Can I take the SIM out of the iPad and put it in my mobile broadband modem? And enjoy streaming entertainment data free on the TV? Thanks

  • Can't stream entertainment data to another device other than the device that the SIM is in. Not sharable.
    Will deduct from the 100gig.

    • Yh can't teather stream to another device as data free.. But I'm guessing you should be able to share screen. Samssy to sammy Tv.
      Same as VPN apparently can't free data stream.

    • What about if the SIM is put in a 3g/4g router and everything is streamed off the wifi in the home?

      How would they know?

  • How would that work? Doesn't TV need to be connected to same network? How can you beam the content without the connection?

    • I used to tether my Apple TV to my iPad then mirror Foxtel Mobile to the television worked perfectly. I dont see why this wouldn't work.

  • Ignoring the cost of the iPads, 10GB for $35 means it costs $3.50 per GB. But at $70 for 100GB, it means each GB is costing only $0.70. The next 90GB costs the same as the first 10GB. So either Optus are taking huge losses if you take the 100GB plan, or they're making a killing per GB on the 50GB plan. I wonder which it is.

    I prefer 10GB over 100GB which I'll never use. But I also prefer 128GB over 32GB. So there's no plan that suits me unless I can customize it and pay somewhere in between.

    • I do believe it's an extra $5 on the 10GB plan for the 128GB iPad.

    • "Optus are taking huge losses if you take the 100GB plan, or they're making a killing per GB on the 50GB plan"


      • See my comment below. 100GB is a hard upper limit before pricing per GB goes up 15 times. So you cannot use this plan if your monthly usage is close to 100GB. Optus will make a killing because most people will not use to anywhere near 100GB. In fact, doubling data is a clever deal to offer. There are few use cases where the jump from 50GB to 100GB matters.

      • It doesn't 'cost' Optus per GB of data they provide you. Optus builds network capacity, and having 24 months of guaranteed payments and expected usage is great for capacity planning.

    • Optus wouldn't be paying retail prices to the supplier.

  • So either Optus are taking huge losses if you take the 100GB plan, or they're making a killing per GB on the 50GB plan. I wonder which it is.

    I doubt they are taking a huge loss, maybe up front there might be some loss leading with the forward thinking that they have projected their costs to provide data reducing. Eg: So currently it might cost them $.80 per GB but they have already invested into some infrastructure and have projected their costs will drop to $.40 per GB within the next 12 months.
    As the plan is 24 months then they come out in front.

  • I only see 2 gb of data. Does it added later or the offer is already finished?

    • You need to scroll to the right and select the Bonus deal… highlighted in another color. Or select the show other deals option if it is not there

  • is this worth it for the iPad pro?

  • Two things I hate about Optus, and one more reason to not pick this plan:

    1) The $10 / GB charge for going over the limit is ridiculous. I am amazed we don't have laws against this sort of practice.

    This even applies to the 100GB / month plan. On the 100GB / month plan, your first 100GB will cost you 70c/GB. EVery GB after that will cost you almost 15 times more. If you go 10% over the limit you pay more than double for the month.

    I don't know if other providers are any better with this.

    2) When you have a generous data plan, Vodafone's $5 / day international roaming to use your allowance overseas makes sense at least for trips up to a week, or a long weekend hop to NZ. And it is charged if you use it, so days spent in a hotel or around WiFi, you don't pay.
    Optus has nothing that is even remotely close.

    "Pre-purchase an Optus Travel™ Pack for $10 per day to get unlimited talk and SMS plus 100MB of data " - Are you kidding me?

    3) 4G data plans have dropped in price dramatically over the last year or two. Paying $70 / month for a hard upper limit of 100GB/month with an out of date tablet will not feel so great in two years.

      1. Vodafone charge the the same for over limit, unless you purchase extra - just make sure you remove the purchase before the end of month or it will just continue to charge the extra purchas
      2. Vodafone pay for roaming is great - unbeatable. But where's the 100gb per month plan !? Or an iPad with 10gb plan for $35 per month.

      3.in two years time, if you're not feel so great, you can just lookup Ozbargajn and signup for something that will make you feel great again !

  • Optus just recently sent out emails stating a change in policy whereby they will now be selling their customers (anonymous) data to 3rd party companies and advertisers. I'm cancelling both my Optus accounts because of this.

    • +2 votes

      You can turn that off in your account settings.

      • Maybe but I had a look and spoke with their customer support. All I could find was the usual "opt out of email contact offers" etc, nothing that referenced this new change in policy. I'm still going to leave them.

        • +3 votes

          Fair enough if you're going to leave them still.

          Just letting people know turning it off is quite easy following these steps.


        • @unco: Given that telcos already behave like criminal organisations why do you think your data is not being shared after twiddling a doodad on a webpage?

          Unless you want to correct me you have no way of knowing.

          Also the supposed anonymous data sharing is not in fact anonymous. Users are identified with close to 100% accuracy. It's designed to be pseudo anonymous because identifying you means the data is much more valuable because it allows better manipulation of users behavior to spend money.

        • @unco:

          Thanks for that. Shame it wasn't obvious for me when I looked. They had a link to "Find out how to Opt out" in the email, but it just took me to my Account page.

          While I'm not a complete tin-foil hat wearing nut, I do get the impression that phone companies are fairly malicious with their customers, so I tend not to trust them.

        • @Diji1: Unless you want to prove opposite you have no way of knowing either.

          Given that they've acknowledged and informed the customer of the changes via a very direct email, I'd believe they would be leaving themselves open to a very large lawsuit if they still chose to share your data after letting you opt out and were eventually exposed.
          I'm not saying it can't happen.

          I guess I'm just not as paranoid, everybody is different.

        • @unco: can you give another link ? That one is said pAge not found

  • I signed up to this the other day, got the 128gb on the $40 plan. It also has the advantage of including the Optus EPL if that is your thing. Now means I can go back to Telstra coverage for my mobile, and still get the EPL.

  • Thanks OP.

  • ready to pull trigger on this. any staff discount that was around few months ago?

  • how's the ipad look? good?

    and should i go for 32GB or 128…..Hard to make the decision.!!

    • Go for the 128GB, I've easily used up ~70GB just downloading all sorts of free crap from the appstore (I've been using http://appsliced.co/apps?sort=magic&price=free&l=nav).

      The last time I was reading reviews before going into the plan in May (it was last posted then https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/306350), it's thickness and size was equivalent to an iPad Air 1, the screen is unlaminated with a little gap so it doesn't feel as solid as previously.

      Personally no issues, not used a tablet with a good screen and everything runs smoothly. I've also grabbed myself a case + tempered glass screen protector. It's slide in between the wall and bed once, left a little damage on the plastic bezel hence I got a proper case.

      I do have complaints about the screen; it has a bluish screen tone in the top section of the screen.

      I've noted that there's more motion blur with IPS screens (coming from phones with amoled screens); The iPad Pro 2s are a step up with a 120hz screen over this iPad but it comes down to your budget.

  • Any other way to get discount? Student, RACQ/NRMA/VACC or other as this is the OZBARGAIN WAY

    • i live chat with one of the consultant yesterday, and ask her to speak to their supervisor. No further discount!! :(

  • just come to Harvey Norman to see if they have any special for this deal. Ask the guy why should i order from you? than he throw me a free iPad cover cost $70. not bad for that!!!!

  • Does anyone know if i can use the optus 4g e5573 modem for this to stream netflix data free in my TV? Cause im planning to sell the ipad.

    • You can use it, but the data will be taken from you plan and not free, dunno how they can tell, but the free data only if you're streaming from the actual device

  • Grabbed the tablet 128gb but thinking of selling it as i dont need it. Anyone knows reasonable price how much can i sell this?

  • About to pull the trigger on this deal.

    Wondering if anyone has any real world experience with the hotspot usage? If this iPad in car being used to watch Netflix and hotspot is on could another iPad connect to the hotspot and use the Netflix app to get data free usage as well?

    FAQ seems to suggest it wouldn't work but if it's app usage on both devices can't see how they would tell?

    • Did you pull the trigger and have you tried this? The old iPad 4 16GB is getting long in the tooth and isn’t getting iOS 11, so if I could also get unmetered Netflix for two tablets on road trips that would be fantastic.

  • I only need ipad. Can i use that sim card on phone? ( no need call , just for data)

  • Going to pull the trigger for this deal over the weekend (128GB iPad with 100GB data $70pm - I see Optus isn't in Cash Rewards or Velocity Shop and Earn or ANZ bonus points mall or Qantas points mall - so looks like there are no option for any kickbacks :(

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