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AmEx 5k Points Free When Adding a Supplementary Card by Phone to Your AmEx Issued Card


Just rang AMEX earlier about something completely different and they told me about this current promotion.
Receive 5k points when adding a supplementary card holder to an AMEX issued card.
You can only receive the points once per card regardless of how many cards you add during the promotion.
Doesn't seem to be advertised but I was told the promotion just began and runs until the end of September.

Their phone number is 1300 132 639

This would not apply to bank issued AMEX cards

Good luck

It seems they ran this deal a similar time last year

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Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (20)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • Seems like a good deal if confirmed.

  • how bou AMX DJ?

    • That is an Amex-issued card, so should be a yes.

    • just applied a supp card for my Partner. Cost $29 per annum but first month is waived.
      The additional card holder all has a separate account which means they are entitled to register for all the cashback programs that AMEX offers.
      The only difference is that points go to main card holder.
      5K promotion and annual fee free is valid until 31/08/17

    • I Confirm that David Jones Amex is applicable for this bonus

      • can you get 5000 on normal amex and 5000 on DJ Amex when adding 1 supplementary holder each?

        • I am not sure, I only have the DJ card. But if they are totally seperate cards with their own points earning, then I would guess yes? Because they won't link the two together to know otherwise?

        • Yes, I was able to do exactly that over the phone. Only required name and DOB

  • Can confirm the same. I was having trouble with adding a supplementary card holder online so called them to add one and they told me about the deal.

  • Dammit they only offered 3k based on last promotion.


    Do they need documents?

  • I have an AMEX card but don't really use it besides the money back promos. How much is 5k points worth?

  • Nice more cards to add offers to

    Looks like I'm going to have 13 AMEX cards now

  • If I add my wife as a card holder, will this affect her credit rating at all?
    Will this trigger a credit check again for me?

  • Does the once per card holder count if you've the promotion in previous years?

  • For someone without an annual fee, is there a charge for a supplementary card? I've got an AMEX CA Gold. Does this mean I'm applying for a new card?

  • Thanks donkat,
    Just added my Mum.
    They just wanted name, DOB and a mobile number.
    Platinum edge card.
    No fees for adding sup cards.

  • Dammit. Would have been nice if I could have got 5k points for all 8 of my wives.

  • Any idea if this applies to "account cards", i.e. a supplementary card issued to yourself? I've seen in other parts of the internet that Amex has allowed this before…

  • Damn
    Ordered a new card on Friday and said I wanted a supplementary card in the application process

  • Can you convert those bonus point to Qantas points?

  • My customer service officer is really helpful. The promotion is for first supplement card only BUT her manager agree to do it for me, and I can also add a supplement card for my other AMEX card.

  • Have an Amex Issued Gold Amex (originally BMW Amex) and rang just then and they said I wasn't eligible for the offer so it must be somewhat targeted.

  • Has anyone tried this with the traveller card? Any cost for the supplementary card?

  • does it include any of the AMEX card that collect qantas points?

  • Anyone tried with any of the Amex velocity cards?

  • dam it i signed up 3 supplementary cards this morning online is it worth giving them a call to see if its not too late to get points?

    • Apparently the condition is applying for the 1st supplementary card over the PHONE that gives you the bonus points (not online)

  • Got it both my cards, thanks OP :-)

  • 5k of what kind of points? I have the Qantas card, so Qantas points or rewards points?

  • called up cancelled the online application i did in the morning. they need to check your accounts first to see if it has this offer. so i did all three over the phone to qualify for 5000k once only per 3 primary accounts of mine of which all had the offer. guy on phone said no ID is needed as its not for a primary card but i dont believe him as i think the rules may have changed now. i recall doing one 14 years ago didnt need any id but now did another one via online a few years ago they wanted me to email in some photo id.

    do they now call up a few days later and ask for id? is so what if my dog does not have a drivers license number what other id can i provide? and would it be too late to come clean and change the name of the applicant to a real person like my mother who only has a medicare no.?

    • Yes the rule has been changed for supplementary card application. I applied for a supplementary card for my dog, they ask me to send it a copy of photo ID. I did not mentioned to the rep is my 'dog'. I just ignored it and did not continue with my supplementary application. If they ask your for send in an id for your dog, just ignore it (don't tell them is your dog) and reapply a sup under your mother's name.

      • Couldn't you just send in a copy of the dogs registration tag?

      • Apply for your dog first and if that get thwarted THEN for your mum?
        Do you trust your dog more than your mum? Hehe

        • Last year, I also tried applying for my dog too but they called a few days later and asked for some form of ID. I told the rep I couldn't get in touch with him as he was travelling and had no reception. The rep called back a week later to follow it up but I told him I still couldn't get in touch so I just told him when he gets back from his travels, I'll call back and apply for a supp for him. Ended up just cancelling the application altogether and he gave me reference number to make it easier.

          I did this twice on 2 different occasions about 6 months apart and had the same result.

          Applying for a supplementary card for your pet won't work.

        • @takamine: Nice laughable story to read in the afternoon.

    • 5000k

      Daym, 5 million points is awesome ;)

  • ive run out of the human kind of family members aged over 18. btw whats the minimum age possible?
    can you still apply for a supplementary card for yourself being the primary card holder or have two supplementary s for the wife on the same account?

  • FYI, offer wasn't applicable to my Business Accelerator card - at the same time, the agent I spoke to told me that none of the business cards are eligible.

    EDIT: And thanks to the OP - still managed to pick up the bonus on my Platinum Edge card.

  • FYI I rang to cancel my DJ Amex and to keep me, the retention team offered 8500 bonus points (bonus AmEx reward points) if I did not cancel.

    Points came in as promised within 24 hours.

  • Added an extra card hooked up to mine for the wife today, and got the 5K points. Only had to provide her name and DOB.

  • oh wow, so quick, I called them on Monday and today they called me to ask IDs to verify and 10k points posted to my account within 1 hour for both of my Edge and Explorer cards.

  • 48hrs since I added a Supplementary Card, and not points yet !
    How quick are they on adding the points ?

  • Can someone who has been added to a supplementary card still take up the AMEX Explorer offer?

    The offer requires the applicant to be a new card member…

    • yes as long as they aren't a amex primary card holder they will qualify for the sign up bonous points. pm if you need a referral for any amex card.

    • Yes.
      I have a platinum edge card and my wife is a supplementary card holder.
      My wife applied and was approved for the Explorer card and all bonus points have been received. 30,000 for my mate at work and 100,000 for my wife.
      Even if you hold a bank issued amex card you will still get the sign up bonus points.

  • Applied over the phone last week. Still no points…

  • When I called over the phone today, the person told me that the promotion ends end of August…

  • I have Amex Platinum Edge and already have 1 supplementary card holder to my account. Rang Amex today to see if I'm still eligible for the 5000 bonus points offer, because of mixed reviews here. Found that I AM!

    So I added another supplemntary card and she said I will receive my bonus points in a couple of weeks time. For those who are wondering, just pick up the phone and ring Amex.

    • Yep, just confirming that I got the same. Signed up today, expecting to receive the card in a week, and points to be posted by 7th September.

  • Just did this, thanks for the post OP

  • Is an Amex Explorer card eligible? Also it has to be done over the phone right, cant be done online?

  • On the phone they confirmed that this promotion would end "at the end of this month" and later that points will be credited "after the end of the promotion, which is 07.09", so I guess there is not much time left for everyone to claim this.