This was posted 3 years 8 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Vodafone 10GB Prepaid Mobile Broadband SIM [180 Day Expiry], $25 (50% off), Free Delivery, Online Only


The last deal was expired and popular.

$25 now and will be $50 after 29/08/2017.
Long 180 days expiry.
Data charging increments is 1kB.

Visit for network coverage

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  • Expiry starts from purchase, delivery or activation?

  • Hm… $25 ÷ 180 days x 365 days ÷ 12 months = $4.22 per month


    PS guys in store there is the 50$ prepaid down to $30 dollars which not only has 12 gb and unlimited calls and text however this deal is only good for 35 dayss
    And vodafone has ue roll 2 for 49.90 limited stock tho

  • So if I buy the $25 for 10GB duration 180 day and then recharge for $125 for 30 GB duration 365 days.
    Will this be 40GB for 545days?


      it dosnt work that way

      • Is it as below as described by @twosixfiveoh?
        10GB Starter + 30GB recharge will give 40GB for 365days?

    • Most cases, first data allocation (10GB) cannot be carried forward. But this 10GB can be rolled over [from Terms & Conditions]. It can be added to your new 30GB for a total 40GB.
      Note that maximum data accumulation is 50GB.
      But once you reload with 365 days immediately, this becomes your new expiry date. Days are not rolled on as far as I know.

  • Thanks for this. I'm on a business plan that still has 5 months left and When I go over my 1.5gb limit- it costs me an additional $10 per gb. This is a good fix to ensure if I max out my limit I'm not paying heaps more :)

  • If you buy 365 days in advance from Kogan, it comes to $20 a month for 10 gig, unlimited calls and txt. On the Vodafone network.

    • I think this is mainly for people who want a sim just for data, like for a tablet. As you say, if you want to make calls and text as well there are better deals out there.

    • There's also a Lebara special at 7 Eleven at the moment too, if you have their app you can get a $49.90 starter pack for $19.90, comes with 10GB data plus unlimited calls/sms and some international calls as well, but it has a 30 day expiry.

      This suits me more at the moment because I just need data for 2 months, not 3, so will probably buy 2 of these.

      • If 5GB data for 30 days is enough for you, Coles has $10 starter pack unill 8 August with unlimited calls/SMS.

        • Coles is also selling a Telstra starter pack for $10 with 5+1 (6GB) data at the moment, but unfortunately Telstra coverage is terrible where I am, I already bought 2 of them :(
          It seems where I am now, only Vodafone makes it through the walls and roof of this place, Telstra & Optus both drop to 3G inside this house… so any Vodafone stuff I can find is great. Thanks for pointing it out though.

  • Thanks mate, I had been exactly looking for a 6month data SIM. cheers

  • Must I order one of these specific $50 starter packs Online only? Or can I just activate a $50 starter pack purchased from anywhere else?

  • Vodafail

    Try to add to cart & get message

    'It looks like we've had a server error'

  • Just purchased without problem.

  • Can anyone pleases tell me if I can use this broadband SIM card in my Samsung phone? I don't really need a phone number.

    • Yes, you can.

      "You can certainly use a Mobile Broadband SIM in your phone. Whilst you will also be able to make calls and sends TXTs, I would recommend you don't, as they will be charged on top of your monthly plan cost. They are not included." by Nick of Vodafone Staff.

      • My experience with MBB (mine and a friend's) is that calls in and out are blocked (not no credit message, just doesn't work) and SMSes fail. The plan is supposed to have 30 outgoing SMSes but someone else said they only work from a data device. Possibly for monitoring equipment.

    • Yes you can. You'll get a number anyway but you won't be able to use it. Suits people with dual SIM phones who need just a bit of data now and then.

  • Thank you for this. I was waiting for this deal.

  • I bought one and got charged the full $50

  • anyone know if this can be used on the vodafone network overseas?

  • I've tried and paid with two different credit cardsfor this deal. Both the cards work fine with any other transaction. With this deal both times I've received an email from Vodafone saying transaction declined because of payment

  • Can this be used for $5 a day international use does anyone know??