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Garmin Forerunner 235 $299 @ Harvey Norman (RRP $469)


This is a good watch for the runners out there. I've been waiting for it come down to this price since I missed the last Rebel and JB HiFi sales. Am sure they will probably price match HN as well.

Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate monitor
-Tracks distance, pace, time, heart rate etc
-Activity tracking, counts daily steps, distance, calories and sleep

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Must be a new model coming; good price for the 235 though.

  • Had it been cheaper?
    I think the new model is November

    • Yeah, from memory Rebel, Amart and Ryda have all had it on sale for around the $230 mark.

    • I think the cheapest I've seen was a once-off $229 @ Amart Sports but generally the discount is consistently around $269-$299.
      Yep there are speculations that the new model 245 may have a release date of later this year so it may drop a bit more.

  • Hey I have a total n00b question as I am just starting to learn about these great devices, you said it counts calories. Does that mean you have to manually enter everything you eat or does it detect all calories that enter your body… automatically? (Does such a thing exist that would be amazing)…

    • lol, no it estimates based on height weight and gives you an estimated calories burnt per exercise activity. For a more comprehensive calorie in-out tracker - try MyFitnessPal app

    • it detects how many calories you burn, not what you consume.

      However if you get an account with myfitnesspal you can log all your calories in the way you mentioned. This can then be linked with your garmin account and displays calories in verses calories burnt.

      Despite that, unless you are actively into running then you may be better off getting one of the various fitness bands that measures steps and heart rate as they are cheaper. Unfortunately latest research shows these methods of assessing calories burnt through heart rate isn't very accurate….still can be fun and gives you a ballpark idea of what you need to maintain/lose weight

      • Something which looks like this (to replace my watch) and good for walk/steps, calories and heart rate ?

        • search fitness bands

          This isn't really a good looking watch unless you wanna make a statement that you are a runner

          Great watch, but quite bulky. Especially if you have small wrists

      • Thank you :) My friend has a spare Garmin band that she will give me … I will start walking to work daily once the mornings are not cold in Melbourne (I need to burn off all the ozbargain kilos haha). I will check out myfitnesspal now thanks!


    I'm after the D2 bravo. Anybody know where I can get it cheap? Less than $800