expired Singapore Return from Perth $218, Gold Coast $278, Sydney $298, Melbourne $298. Direct Flights on Scoot @ IWTF


Scoot Airlines are having a sale on flights to Singapore. Travel in Oct/17 - Mar/18. Flights are direct to Singapore. Scoot is a budget airline, so bags + meals are extra.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Perth to Singapore Flights $218 Return.
Depart Return
22/Feb 02/Mar $218 View Flight
24/Feb 04/Mar $218 View Flight
06/Mar 14/Mar $218 View Flight
08/Mar 16/Mar $218 View Flight
10/Mar 18/Mar $218 View Flight
25/Oct 02/Nov $218 View Flight
27/Oct 04/Nov $218 View Flight
29/Oct 06/Nov $218 View Flight
06/Nov 14/Nov $218 View Flight
31/Jan 08/Feb $218 View Flight

Gold Coast to Singapore Flights $278 Return.
Depart Return
06/Nov 14/Nov $278 View Flight
24/Feb 04/Mar $278 View Flight
26/Feb 06/Mar $278 View Flight
28/Feb 08/Mar $278 View Flight
10/Mar 18/Mar $278 View Flight
12/Mar 20/Mar $278 View Flight
14/Mar 22/Mar $278 View Flight
11/Oct 19/Oct $278 View Flight
06/Nov 12/Nov $278 View Flight
08/Nov 14/Nov $278 View Flight

Sydney to Singapore Flights $298 Return.
Depart Return
29/Oct 06/Nov $298 View Flight
04/Nov 12/Nov $298 View Flight
08/Nov 16/Nov $298 View Flight
31/Jan 08/Feb $298 View Flight
02/Feb 10/Feb $298 View Flight
04/Feb 12/Feb $298 View Flight
24/Feb 04/Mar $298 View Flight
02/Mar 10/Mar $298 View Flight
10/Mar 18/Mar $298 View Flight
17/Oct 25/Oct $298 View Flight

Melbourne to Singapore Flights $298 Return.
Depart Return
04/Nov 12/Nov $298 View Flight
04/Mar 12/Mar $298 View Flight
10/Mar 18/Mar $298 View Flight
15/Oct 23/Oct $298 View Flight
19/Oct 27/Oct $298 View Flight
04/Nov 10/Nov $298 View Flight
06/Nov 12/Nov $298 View Flight
26/Feb 04/Mar $298 View Flight
04/Mar 10/Mar $298 View Flight
12/Mar 18/Mar $298 View Flight

Flights to Singapore - All Other Departure Cities.

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    What's Singapore like for a 5 day holiday. Worth going nowadays?

    • +7 votes

      Constant 30+ degree days that force you to drink beer, airconditioned shopping centres, public transport that works, swimming pools, places to explore….hawker centres! See you there in October :)

    • +1 vote

      PVA, I personally think 5 days is all you'll need in Singapore. Depends what you want to go for I suppose but I took the wife last year for a full week because I wanted to make sure we had time to go to ALL the nature parks and gardens without rushing around. We don't really care for fancy designer brands or bling shopping but we found ourselves walking through malls and Orchard Road just to escape the heat & humidity while filling in time. We even went out to Sentosa one day but after one cocktail in a tacky beach bar we hopped back on the monorail and returned to the 'mainland'.

      It was a good trip but probably 2 days too long TBH. Can't recommend Swissotel Stamford enough though… right on top of a train station with shops & restaurants and direct access to all the underground AirCon'd walkways. So easy to get around from there plus if you pay the little bit extra to get an elevated bay-side room you get incredible views of all the fancy Marina Bay buildings and the light/laser shows etc. To sum it up, now that we've been we saw heaps and really enjoyed it but I don't think we'll need to return for at least another 10-15 years or more… but hey, I suppose we're old so the whole 'party scene' really doesn't do much for us. Might be different if you're keen on getting wasted in clubs every night… but you can do that anywhere ;)

  • +1 vote

    They also have a 1 for 1 deal to several cities if you can find the appropriate flight. I wad looking at flights in november that was 564sgd for 2 persons. Would be even cheaper in aud.

  • +4 votes

    I flew my whole family to Singapore on Scoot during July.
    Scoot is kinda the worldwide brandname for what we know as Tiger, and is owned by Singapore Airlines. The Tiger brand has been merged into Scoot in Asia. http://www.flyscoot.com/en/en-brandmerger

    They were a perfectly fine airline. New planes, polite staff. Both trips were on time. Acceptably comfortable leg room for our not-tall family.

    Everything was available to "buy" in advance or on the flight, including
    Inflight entertainment streamed to your own BYO device
    Meals, drinks, duty free etc.
    Cheap options for upgrading to Premium economy or extra leg room seats

    What didn't I like? Nothing much.
    I preordered meals and on my 8 hour lunchtime flight was served immediately after takeoff. We had just eaten lunch at the airport and expected meals 4-6 hours into the flight . Should I have expected this? Maybe. They wouldn't let me defer my meals until later. Yet on the return flight was served 5-6 hours into the flight…

    Meals included a bundled COKE or Iced Tea, but water was not available unless we paid extra.


    Still feeling the pain of missing the under $500 direct flight to HK by Qantas few weeks back. :-(

  • -1 vote

    I've found by the time you add baggage, meals, extra legroom and water, you may as well go a full service carrier.

    I promised myself to never ever go back to a budget airline for the sake of saving $50 after everything is done and dusted…..

    50% of the time the more expensive flight won't be full as well making it a much more enjoyable flight. =)


    A reminder that the flights from Melbourne and Perth are eligible for a 10% price beat by Jetstar for those that want to save a little extra or prefer Jetstar.


    My flight with Scoot to Singapore was really cheap. It was also the worst most uncomfortable flight I've ever had.