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MacBook Pro 2017 13" w/ Touchbar $2199, MBP 2017 13" $1759.20 @ MYER eBay


Original 20% off MYER at eBay Deal Post

2017 Macbook Pro 13'' Touchbar 256GB (SPACE GREY + SILVER) $2199 (RRP $2699)
2017 Macbook Pro 13'' 256GB (GREY + SILVER) $1759.20 (RRP $2199)
2016 MacBook Pro 13" + Touch Bar 256GB Silver $2049 (RPP $2549) SOLD OUT
iPad Pro 12.9in Wi-Fi 32GB Gold ML0H2X/A $823.20 Delivered
MacBook Air 13" 128GB $1135, 256GB $1375

11/8 3am: Restocked.

Terms and Conditions (the Short version)

Maximum Discount is capped at $500. Limited to 3 Transactions during the offer period. You may have up to 10 items in your cart per Transaction. The 20% discount is on item cost only and does not apply to postage costs. You must be logged in to a Australian Paypal account.

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  • Are the MBPs with RRP $2,699 2017 model?

    • +1

      Yes. Check the model number.

  • Thanks mate.

    You don't usually see a 20% discount on Macbooks.

    Also it didn't allow me to pickup. Only free shipping.

  • That is a very good price for the 2017 model.

  • +1

    Hi OP,
    Discounted price of Macbook Pro 13'' Touchbar 256GB (SPACE GREY/SILVER) is $2199 instead of $2159.20. PICKUP code maximum discount is $500.

  • Thanks - ordered MBP 13- now to cross fingers and hope order is not cancelled due to out of stock - as always.

    • received the confirmation email from Myer store

    • How often does that happen?

  • +2

    Shane about the 8GB ram. Wish they had 15".

    • +29

      Not Shane's fault.

      • +4

        I will give Shane a stern warning about this.

        • +10

          Bowling Shane.

    • You wish Shanes had a 15"? O.o

  • Let's hope they add some 10.5 Pro models during the sale :-D

  • The 32gb 12.9inch iPad pro is back on sale ~$824 after the 20% discount. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/232440254602?_mwBanner=1

    • once ios11 comes out with the new FileSystem it mite be an interesting option but if you need a serious laptop .. MacBook Pro is still the original pro

  • Does anyone sell SSD upgrades yet for the non touch bar models?

    • completely non upgradeable

      they soldered everything in for the touchbar models

      the non-touchbar it has a removable SSD however there is not yet one on the market to buy to upgrade

    • Economically speaking you better of selling this and upgrade to the larger models. Even for a 4 years old model the cost to upgrade ssd is prohibitively expensive.

  • +1

    I ordered a MBP yesterday and they cancelled the order due to stock. Then today they have stock. So I am guessing they will cancel it again probably

  • I think you need a price in the title.

  • General consensus on whether the touchbar is worth it?

    • +2

      touchbar i see is for two people

      1- person who isn't computer savy and doesn't know shortcuts but wants to get things done quicker

      2- people who use this mac all the time for specific programs that support it like photo editing.

      I do all my work on a windows 10 XPS 15 but considering buying the 13inch so I can do all my photo editing. having said that, I can live without the touchbar.

      • You could install Bootcamp and get the best of both worlds!

        • but then i'll have no function keys

          the touchbar will just be black

        • +1

          Bootcamp installs the drivers for this

      • When I switched from Windows to Mac, had a tough time processing the photos to the right exposure / saturation. Learning curve was high and every time I had to send it to mobile or Windows laptop and check whether it is under/over exposed/saturated.

    • +1

      Long time Mac user and touchbar doesn't interest me in the slightest.

      • me too

        it would interest me if they rolled it out to all their macs and wireless keyboards
        right now its stupid that its just on two macbooks

      • +1

        Talking to the guy at the Apple Store and he told me off the record to not buy it as it killed battery life.

    • The people I know who got it, haven't used it since.

      • I got it and I wish I didn't. I love gadgets but in mosts states, the touchbar it isn't really any value to me. To change volume or brightness requires an extra step.

        Also don't like the keys on it. I hate the fact it is only USB C despite buying an extension to fit older USB and SD cards.

        Still have my 2013 Macbook and am considering selling the newer one. Of course it's a personal preference and my own fault for getting sucked in to shiny new things. I just wish I hadn't seen the bargain listed here!!!

        • +1

          what I really love though is the touch ID. It is great for waking up the screen and used for things like 1password

        • +1

          You can change it to just use the old key layout. It is really just so useless.

  • I couldn't find any available for pick up. only postage.

  • Ordered a 2017 13" without the touchbar.
    Great replacement for my 2013 model at this price.

    • Could you please tell me the price?

      • $1759.2 after the discount.
        Cashrewards should work as well.

  • I was looking to buy this model "Macbook Pro 13'' 256GB (GREY + SILVER) 1759.2 RRP $2199". But when applying the coupon (PICKUP). I am getting "This coupon can't be applied for this order" message.

    Isn't this offer applicable for this item?

    • Still works for me. Are you using an Australian Paypal?

      • Thanks, mate. Yeah, I am using Paypal. But my credit card is not issued in Australia. Will check out.

  • 25% Employee discounts at Apple are pointless now. This is a great deal, because I can claim TRS and use my Myer gift cards.

    • +1

      Myer Gift Cards? On Ebay? How?

    • and use my Myer gift cards.

      Good luck with that.

    • How can you apply for your myer gift via paypal? I just bought one for 2199 black grey 256

    • Apple has 25% employee discount?!! No idea! Can anyone please confirm?

      • +1

        For corporate employees in product development.

        Not sure about low level employees

  • +1

    I got stung by Paypal taking money from the wrong account. Trap for young players, if you select your Paypal payment method, and then add the discount code, then the payment method is reset to default. I missed it until after I hit the button, so I also missed out on a ton of points. Very cross!

    • Same happened to me. Annoying.

    • get a refund

    • +1

      But paypal keep telling you how you can use PayPal and still earn points while trying to take money from bank accounts.

    • +2

      best to remove the linked bank account, so Paypal cannot revert to bank account as the default payment method.

    • I feel for you mate, just bought something else of ebay last night, changed default payment from Bank account to Credit Card, scrolled down to apply the discount code and then hit pay without looking at the payment method again only to realise an instant later that Paypal took the money from my linked bank account!

      This is a very poor feature from Paypal. It was just 100 bucks so did not bother me, but if it were a lot more Id' lose points from my Credit card and liquid cash from my account!

  • Scrap that.

  • Doesn't seem like there are any space grey ones in stock anymore

  • Anyone know how long after payment that you can pick it up?
    Thanks in advance.

    • +1

      there is no pickup option to this deal and i believe that you can only wait for coming via post

  • no space grey??? :(((

    • I believe it all sold out. I just bought one in early today

      • thanks for letting me know.

  • Thanks OP - bought the 13" finally.

  • Missed the 2017 by minutes - meh!

  • Pulled the trigger on the 2017 Air (256GB). Yes I know its an outgoing model, but I've had my current 2014 Air and its totally fine for all things. Also keeps normal USBs and magsafe charging which has saved me soooo many times.

    Plus going OS in a few days so save an extra $165 back in GST.. :)

    • is it an outgoing model??

      • Word on street is Air will not be continued past this current model. MacBook Pro is thinner/lighter than Air and more powerful. I've used the new Pro's and don't like that they don't have normal USB's and Magsafe.

        • The MBP is not thinner or lighter than the Air….almost the same but the Air still takes the prize.

        • @MrMaxwell: MBP is 200gms heavier but thinner than Air (at its thickest point).

          But still as you say.. Air takes the prize :)

        • @r1mick: Don't get the air, its using 5th gen Intel processors …

  • +1

    MacBook Pro 13" 2016 is cheaper at Officeworks $1699:

    • mistake me if i'm wrong, i think that the MBP is 2017 release according to the model number

      • +1

        Ok you had 2016 model in title.

        • +1

          yeah sorry, a mod had put 2016 in the title before i woke up. I have just edited it although it is out of stock

    • not touchbar and do forget 1.3% cashback for ebay cashreward and very good price for 2199 latest model with touchbar just released a few months ago

  • +6

    For those interested The Good Guys have the 2017 MacBook Pro 13" 128GB for $1609.10 after 10% discount code (APPLE10) and $100 cash back:

    • -1

      Would rather double the HDD space for $250.

      • -1

        128gb ssd for $250, what a steal!

        • -2

          If you don't like it don't pay for it then.

  • Do Myer have any stock of the Macbook Pro 13'' 256GB at $1759.2? I can't see it on their ebay page.

    • out of stock/delisted

    • Yep I got one. Touch wood they honour it.

  • The MBA 256GB that is back in stock is $80 more ($1,799 instead of $1,719) than when it was listed previously.

    • Need to check but think $1719 was 2016 model. $1799 is 2017 model. Not that there was much of a difference

  • Can I bring it to Apple and pay to upgrade?

  • +3

    If anyone is interested I ordered the:

    Macbook Pro 13'' Touchbar 256GB (SPACE GREY + SILVER) $2199 RRP $2699

    Via the Good Guys website with 10% off came to $2,429.10 plus a $200 bonus Eftpos gift card, so works out at $2,229. Offer ends today.


    APPLE10 promo code at checkout for 10% off.

    • C
  • +2

    All restocked, check out all listings "newly listed"

  • want 512GB SSD

  • Hey forks, is Myer Apple's Authorized Reseller? If not it would be hard to claim warranty as I had bad experience with them last time having my Hurom juicer fixed in 3 months few months ago.

    • +1

      If there's an Apple Store, I'd go to the Apple Store and get the warranty stuff done there

  • +1

    Be a steal if there was 16gb of RAM.

    • Really… fOr the price I believe that you can get from nowhere..

      • +1

        thats why it will be a "steal".

  • +2

    Lack of ports really killed this mac for me

    • Absolutely. A real shame because I like everything else.

  • I wish the base Apple products weren't so stripped out. The only way to get a decent CPU, or more RAM is to custom order direct from Apple and so, miss out on any 3rd party deals like this one.

  • Been waiting on a good deal for a Macbook Pro for a while now! Cant beat 20% off RRP.

    Thanks OP ^_^

    Didn't bother with the touch bar based on comments above

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