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[iOS] Math Planet Pro Was $30.99 Now Free


Simply the world’s most fun math curriculum for grades 1-8!

“So much fun they hardly realize they are doing math!"
- Jodi K., Math Teacher at Fort Cherry Elementary Center

“My students absolutely love this program!”
- Mandy D., Math Teacher at Norwin School District

+ 100+ game levels support 80+ Common Core State Standards
+ Six adaptive learning pathways (Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, Middle School & Adults)
+ RIGOROUS: builds high-need skills with conceptual learning and fluency
+ Learning Analytics Dashboard to track learning progress
+ Research-based and approved by top educators

Math Planet games have won many prestigious awards, including:
** National STEM Game Competition
** Educational App Grand Challenge
** New York City Department of Education "Gap App" competition

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  • Also free on Google Play

  • +4 votes

    I assume the "pro" means that the 8 levels are included as standard. There is little effort made to explain the myriad versions available to download on the Apple store.

    Note that despite specifically searching for "Math Planet Pro" the pro version was halfway down the list of a whole bunch of different versions.

    I initially downloaded the non-pro 1-8 version, which appears first up, and the in-app level purchases do all show as $0 in the app store, however inside the app I can't see any way to "purchase" them.

    So be careful to look for the pro version.

  • sounds really exciting
    thanks OP

  • Awesome. Facilitating an iPad program at 2 schools and these freebies are brilliant. Full set of licenses purchased!

    • There's no evidence showing any improvement when using IT in schools meaning the hundreds of millions of dollars are just a waste that only benefits Apple and Google.

      People will swallow any horseshit if it involves computers including your kids will learn better using an ipad.

      • I absolutely agree. The money wasted on iPads, computers, laptops, tablets and e-readers over the years with no plan for integration into the curriculum has been ridiculous and they all inevitably end up in a cupboard after a few years. At least with some half reasonable apps they can be more than just an expensive camera. All devices are supplemental in the classroom. Nothing replaces a quality teacher.


        Kids don't need to learn technology, what do you do for a living, dig holes?

        • None of your business mate. Every profession is good on its own. Divide in society basis professions is not good.



          That was not my point. The point is almost all professions require familiarity and use of technology.

          Even a hole digger needs to lodge tax returns, create invoices etc.

      • I know right! Ima have my children scratch their notes into the dirt rather than hand over my hard earned $$$ to big paper or bic. What a waste!

        • I think the context here is "integration", it's all well good to add tech into the classroom, but if its not utilised effectively (there are even argument its a distraction), then it does become wasteful.

          I would argue students have generally utilise "big paper" and "bic" fairly effectively :)

  • No need to do the maths to know it's a good deal for learning maths.

  • 69 positive votes! Happy hour!

  • Its just some simple games.
    As one review says "good for special needs kids".

    • Check out khanacademy.com or mathisfun.com for some actual learning . They have apps too if that floats your boat.

  • Thanks OP. Nice find!

  • Can anyone recommend good paid app or website which challenges kids with higher level questions as they get answers right. Most of the sites like IXL also shows same type of questions again and again.

  • Anyone else getting stuck on the pink "Playpower" loading screen? I'm on iPhone 5 with latest iOS updates. Will try my iPad 3 and see if same issue.

  • Says app is no longer available in Australia??