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ASUS MG279Q 27" FreeSync IPS 144Hz Gaming Monitor (2K QHD 2560 x 1440) $710.10 Shipped @ Gaming City eBay


Was hunting this one down and found a nice price at this eBay store. They appear to have 9 left at the time of this posting.

Original Take 10% off Everything (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount) Deal Post

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    Far out that's a good price.

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      It's okay, keep in mind it's only 10% off so unless you've been waiting to buy this monitor specifically, it's not the best deal.

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        It's a damn good price for a monitor that;
        Is IPS
        Is WQHD
        Is 144Hz and
        Has Freesync

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          Correct, but it was good even at it's RRP of ~$750.

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    Dell S2718D 27" QHD Monitor $878.2
    Is it a good price?


    • I'd say no, but it depends what you're looking for. That one is only 60Hz, but it's probably better for photo editing than the Asus because of its sRGB coverage.

    • dell's probably a little delayed in games.. but good for everything else

    • No its only 60hz and uses amd free sync. I got my dell qhd 144hz for $799 down from $999 when ebay had 20% off dells page.

      • uses amd free sync

        Nothing wrong with that if you run AMD hardware.

  • I got the acer TN 144Hz gaming monitor deal from last week. it only cost $336 but overall i'm going back to my 60Hz IPS monitor for gaming

    144Hz is ok.. but i still see a little blur in gaming on League of legends.. you need 240Hz to get 100% smooth gameplay i'm guessing..

    YES i checked it was running at 144Hz .. TN is trash.. washed out colours are not worth the trade off for the 144Hz.. this monitor would be awesome though.

    • Was that 336$ monitor QHD though?

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        Nope.. only 1080p but so was the IPS 60hz monitor it replaced.. overall the IPS is a much better gaming experience.

        • Yeah I game on a 27" AOC IPS at 60hz and love it. Would love a 144hz but the image the AOC provides is beautiful! Even at 1080p

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          144hz TN is trash vs 60hz IPS… .. IPS at 144Hz would be just awesome in every way!
          I'm giving my 144hz TN that ive only used for a week to my bother because its THAT BAD.. once you go IPS you cant go back to TN ,, even with the nice 144hz refresh its not enough of a bonus for what you give up

        • @vid_ghost: Have you tried overclocking the refresh rate of your IPS by making a custom resolution? I was able to bump my refresh rate up to 74hz without any problems.

        • @Divitini:

          60 to 75?.. i dont even think 60 to 144hz is worth it.. as soon as i got into the game and noticed it was much smoother at 144hs i wanted MORE.. it still ghosted at 144hz scrolling around the map.. much less then 60hz but i think 240hz is NEEDED to get zero ghosting when panning around on league of legends

        • @vid_ghost: Gonna need a beast PC rig to get 240+ FPS

        • @Divitini: i get 390FPS in league of legends with my RX470 and i3 6100T 34w low power CPU :)

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      FPS games? 144hz is pretty pointless for League

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        i disagree man. i was able to flash all these skillshots after getting a 144hz monitor. when i was on 60hz i would eat all those skillshots to the face. Now im bronze 2 after 144hz, up from bronze 4 on 60hz.

        • nice work.. i do notice a difference with 60 to 144hz in Leage of legends… i feel like it would be better playing it with 240Hz .. 144hz still isnt enough to get 100% smooth map scrolling … anyways IPS looks so much nicer then TN.. I'm in Plat 4.. 60 - 144Hz hasent improved my game play.

          One day I'll upgrade to an IPS 144hz monitor.. for now IPS 60 hz will do….
          i have a 90cm high retaining wall that's not looking good. possible $30,000 repair cost in my future that makes me think twice about wasting money.

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          I honestly cant tell if this comment is sarcasm hahaha

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          @GossipGoat: thats the best type of sarcasm ;)

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          @GossipGoat: The internet isn't as great medium for communicating sarcasm. Sometimes people even use tags which is like being sarcastic and then telling the person that you're being sarcastic.

        • @GossipGoat:

          NOPE.. its not sarcasm.. i got some quotes to repair a 20 year old retaining wall.. prices i got back were around $30k .. so wasting $700 for a PC Monitor doesn't sound like a good idea when i should be saving up for that rainy day when the wall needs fixing. I think winter wasn't good for the wall.

          :) bills and living expenses are more important then luxury entertainment like this IPS gaming monitor
          Oneday when maybe a 20-30% of RRP pops up I'll jump on the price but until then.. 10% is only good for those that want one now.

        • @vid_ghost: nice pun! Rainy day + retaining wall!

        • @vid_ghost: And just a few days later a 20% pops up. Next time you should wish for 90% MSRP

  • im still waiting for a IPS 144HZ atleast 1440P Monitor

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      umm this is a 1440P 144Hz IPS panel

      • Oh, I thought it was non IPS - My bad.

        I legit didnt think these existed yet

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          you can even get IPS 165HZ 1440P Monitor's .. and ive seen 4k, IPS 144hz monitors coming out . they were shown off at this years 2017 tech expos

  • The Freesync range is 30-75hz only. If you're looking at a monitor of this price and refresh rate you've probably got a GPU pushing frames around the 75-144hz mark which diminishes the value of it being Freesync considerably.

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/182709022498

    Just found this steal

    With 20% off its 668

    • Amazing find! If you haven't yet, post it up. Amazing price!
      I ordered mine on a Friday and it rocked up the Monday - I'm absolutely stoked with it. Amazing monitor.

  • I want to order one, but I am not sure it it is better to just buy in stores in case there is a problem with it.

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