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eBay - Take 10% off Everything (Min $75 Spend, Max $300 Discount)


Just received the email,

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  • This offer commences at 10.00 (AEST) on 10 August 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 13 August 2017 (“Offer Period”).

  • The offer entitles you to 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) when you spend $75 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, for up to two transactions and up to a maximum discount of $300 per transaction.

  • Purchases of items listed in the following categories are excluded from this offer: Bullion (178078), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (172,009).

Terms and Conditions. The redemption code requires payment with an Australian PayPal account in order to take effect.

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  • +38

    Impressed that you beat TA to this

    • +52

      Why thank you :) Now give me the crown.

      • Good deal post, but you're a long way from the crown, even with limiting OZbargain to just the eBay AU store..

        Store Stats
        Top Posters
        43 tightarse (6.7%)
        12 Mr ClipIt (1.9%)
        10 nocure (1.6%)
        8 jim0519 (1.2%)
        8 JSQUARED (1.2%)

        • Jokes bruh.

    • Just got the same email so definitely coming..

    • +12

      rip tightarse 2010-2017

      you will be mist

      • missed?

      • +23

        you will be mist

        like he's disappeared into thin air …

      • +2

        depends on how tight he gets…

      • +10

        rip tightarse

        instructions unclear. tightarse is now loosearse

    • +3

      You beat TA to the PINCH!

      • +1

        that ones a thinker…

    • Hey guys, we shoulda be glad that we now have 2 tightarses!

  • +8

    Terrific effort.
    TA has a competitor.

      • +3

        Because he has the upper hand working for cashrewards who probably get informed before general public do

        • It hasnt been that long since TA's been working for CR.

        • +3


          He's always had a tight arse though.

        • +1

          @Scab: Have you been poking around where you shouldn't be?

        • +1


          That was a really shit comment.

    • +1

      TA has a competitor.

      OP needs to change to "tightwilly"

      • "Freewilly" sounds more bargainy.

  • +1

    Haha tried to post this just as you did

  • Is this targeted? I never received the email nor do I see it on the eBay front page.

    • +1

      It's on the front page now.. Seems to be cycling between 2 different sets of banners.

  • Great. I waiting for eBay promotion to buy ipad 2017. Anyone got link for Australia store?

    • How about this one? Apple iPad Pro (2017) 10.5 WiFi Cellular Space Grey 64GB Tablet NEW+Warranty!

      • Prefer no cellular. For me , it not work for me. This way i could save some money too

        • +3

          even cheaper than wifi only model, why not?

        • @Winman: i want normal ipad 2017. It seem it doesnt have stock or the price increase more than normal

    • Aren't all Apple iProducts removed before the promotions begin due to the small profit margin of these items? Doesn't that happen every time such a sale occurs?

  • getting old ebay with your 10%

    • +18

      Not as old as comments like yours.

  • So we can order up to $3000x2 right?

    • x how ever many eBay/PayPal accounts you want to create.

  • +1

    Nice one. Was just waiting for something like this to buy some stuff I need. Thanks!

    PS should somebody check if TA is ok?

    • No need to wait long when these deals are happening weekly.

  • +12


    Except Bullion (178078), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (172,009).

    Repeat, EVERYTHING.


    Ps: thx OP. :)

    • +2

      everyone is smart except for everyone

  • Just bought something at 9:35am :(

    • +2

      Ask for refund. Tell them you will repurchase it. Most sellers will usually let you.

  • Thought there was already a code for 10%?

    • +2

      There's been plenty. But they will have expired by now.

  • Yes

  • +1

    The king is dead, long live the king.

    • +1

      Your avatar looks like Russell Coight.

      • A bit actually, loved All Aussie Adventures.

        • time to hit the rooooaad

  • 20% off selected ebay store is around the corner..looking at the pattern.

    • +11

      yeah try KEEPWAITING20

  • +1

    Awesome. Wanted a discount for a Nikon camera and lens for a holiday next week, and just saved over $100.

  • -3

    Thanks tightarse


  • Can you add stuff in cart to make up $75 ?

    • +1


    • +1

      yes i just did
      Added extra items across stores, eg Kogan

  • Hey I'm trying to buy some coins and a total of two items, but the codes don't work? I already meet the requirements, maximum of two items and over $75. Total amount is $10 so I should be getting 10% right?

    • Make sure you're signed in to an Aussie Paypal acc.

    • Possible that the coins are listed in the excluded category?
      Except Bullion (178078), Services (316), Cars, Bikes, Boats (9800), Tickets, Travel (11,730), Other Lots More Items (88433) and Gift Cards (172,009).

    • also, it's not maximum two items, it's maximum two transactions. So you can use this code twice

  • One day bullion you'll be mine

  • Any good chef knifes?

    • +11

      Yes, some of them are truly excellent

      • Shun or Miyabi?

        • +1

          Maybe try Yuseserchbar.

        • Victorinox for unbeatable value.

  • Ok works on website but not the app weird.

  • Are there any cheap NINTENDO SWITCH PRO CONTROLLER? Been meaning to pick up one with the sale but Target or Big W have them at 79 in store. Can eBay beat it?

    • +6

      I mean, did you try searching on ebay yourself and sort by lowest price?

      • Yeah, I did. Cheapest was 89 plus 10 shipping but incase someone found one but the last time it was posted was for 75. 2 months ago :L.

    • +1

      I've been looking aswell…

      This is the best I can see at the moment http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nintendo-Switch-Pro-Controller-BR...

      Comes to $80.96 so still cheaper in store…

  • Had an eye on Galaxy tab S3 but Price jackers have made this code useless.

  • Can I stack this with a 10% code that's already on my account?

    • no cant stack on ebay

  • Thanks! Tried to use cozzie yesterday but found out I Had used it too many times. Got the 6 bottles of wynns red

  • -1

    any xiaomi mi robot spare parts deals? :)

  • Hi, can I add a few items from different sellers and pay in one transaction to get 10% off the entire order?

    • Yes you can

  • -1

    This code doesn't work when you type PITCH

    • +7

      Try PINCH

  • -2

    The code appears to be rather limited…its a very small selection of categories and not everything with a few minor exceptions as the text accompanying the post state.

    The banner clearly states for me,

    10% off* Vintage, Retro & Pre-Loved
    When you spend $75 or more. Two transactions per person.
    Use Code PINCH

  • any cheap male fragrances for the spring?

    • What about Ocean by Calvin Klein.

    • +1

      "I like my male fragrances like I like my women….."

    • You shoukd start a new deal for that. …

      You wheely should

  • how does it work, does it only work for buy it now items?
    how about normal auctions? or does the auction need to end within the offer period?

    if someone can explain that would be great.

    • Auction and buy it now both ok. Enfer code in payment screen 'add voucher'

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