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Round The World Fare: $6998 Business $1499 Economy (AUS-LAX, NYC-LON-HKG-BNE) Via Virgin & Qantas at Student Flights


Virgin and Qantas round the world fares for:

$1499 Economy
$6998 Business
Blackout Dates economy (Fares Not Valid): 15th December - 30th January.

Business Class $6998 only available from June 1 onwards

Subject to Availability, fares are valid for all other dates.

AUS - LAX (direct)
NYC - LONDON (direct)
HONG KONG - AUS (direct)

Departing Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne! VALID FOR ANYONE.

email: [email protected] for a date specific quote.

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  • Do you have to be a student?

  • Hi Store Rep

    What happens between LAX and NYC?


  • What are the dates? Can you provide some examples for business class?


      Sorry skwashd, had to update post for the Business Class fares.

      example for you:

      1. VA 7 I 05JUN BNELAX HK2 1050 0655 O* E TU

      2. VS 26 Z 14JUN JFKLHR HK2 0805 2010 O* E TH

      3. VS 206 Z 29JUN LHRHKG HK2 2105 #1605 O* E FR

      4. QF 98 I 03JUL HKGBNE HK2 2000 #0645 O* E TU

      $6998 Business Class.

  • Hi rep. Is the ticket a combo of the two carriers, or do you get to choose which to fly?


      A combination of the carriers mate. Virgin Australia, Virgin Atlantic and Qantas.

  • when does the sale end?

  • Not seeing how this works. The link lands me on the homepage. If I navigate to RTW and select the three continents I see $2000 fares.

    • +1 vote

      Email me with the dates you're after mate and I can fix a quote for you no worries :)

  • Thanks, I'll take 5

  • Hello Rep - what is the maximum time one can spend on the ground in the US, UK and HK before boarding the next leg of journey please and does one have to pre-book each leg (thus whole trip) BEFORE starting the travel? Cheers

    • +1 vote

      Hey mate!

      It is all dependent on availability hey, technically speaking airline dates are released 11 months in advance so i could do a ticket lasting 330 days if the availability was right.

      And yeah, dates do have to be set. However the airline change fee on these is only $95 per ticket, plus any fare or tax diff. Quite cheap.

      • +2 votes

        Many thanks- good deal for those that can set their each leg fly out date and want to explore places/countries using US, UK and HK as base. You should do a similar (but cheaper one) for the huge Asia and the subcontinent market :-)

        • this is a great idea! I've been looking for something on prem econ/biz class for a trip to japan and somewhere else in asia for early next year… store rep, do you have anything up your sleeve?

  • ugh, the combination of country/city/airport ISO in this post is flaring up my OCD.

  • OP are you bamboozling us into thinking you're Aussie? You've said mate about 50 times in 5 comments

  • Is it possible to fly from another direction (e.g. MEL->HKG->LHR->JFK, LAX->MEL) ?

  • Hey Student Flights. I'm wondering if you do student flights from SYD to FJN in mid NOV for 2 weeks. I can't find anything on your website or webjets for that matter. Also these guys were great in sorting flights out for me in DEC. HIGHLY RECOMMEND


      Mate it might be that you have an incorrect airport or city code? FJN? Where are you trying to get to?


  • Any remaining/residual fares still left?