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eBay 20% off Tech Sale at 62 Stores


This offer commences at 16.00 (AEST) on 14 August 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 21 August 2017 (“Offer Period”).

  • Only 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
  • The total discount is capped at $1000 per transaction.

To search the sale, use the blue search box via the main link. Alternatively you can use this link

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This is part of Father's Day deals for 2017.

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    • +14

      hostile crowd tonight

      • +1

        Nah, just people with good memories ;)

      • They're probably negging my pre-emptive +1 more than anything really. I need some PC items though so hoping for a couple of bargains at least.

  • +23

    Cue 100+ upvotes based on anecdote.

    • -2

      Add another 100-200

    • -2

      Me too

    • +3

      Cue votes for a comment predicting an anecdote will perform well in up-votes.

  • +7

    I need a chrome cast hope I can find a deal

    • +4

      I need one too hope i can find some money

      • +1

        I need hope.

        • I need money and hope…

  • +3

    Thanks for the heads up…

  • +6

    Thanks hopefully I can either get a Asus RT AC68U or R7000!

    • +11

      I have been using Asus AC68U from past one year and never had any issue. Very happy with the performance

      • +6

        Though it doesnt hold a candle to a ubiquiti Unifi setup.

        • Amen brother! So true.

        • +2

          I'm using this deal to grab a pair of UniFi AC Pro's from Futu. They've got them for $235 delivered, which is a steal when they're reduced to $188.

        • +1

          And what's the price of a similar config ubiquiti setup?

        • +1

          @noisymime: would you say that going with a ubiquiti AP setup is better than say a TP-Link one?

        • +1


          Well yeah its a bit like comparing a Kia Rio to a 7 series BMW. Both can get you from A-B but the BMW has better performance, more features, more customization and is built better.

        • @SBOB:

          Depending on your NBN connection you would need a USG + 8 port switch + UAP AC Lite/Pro which will run you back around 400 or so depending on where you get it from. A Cloud key is also reccomended so you can log the DPI.

          Then you get usage graphs and a UI like this

        • +2

          @Dezeption: No question the Ubiquiti setup will be better, but it's also going to be a little more expensive if you're after exactly the same functionality. The consumer oriented stuff (like what I'm assuming you mean by the TP-Link) will typically be a router, small switch and wifi AP all in one. When you're using something like Ubiquiti APs, you have a separate router, switch and wifi points. MUCH better overall result, but more complicated and expensive to setup.

          That said, if you already have a router you're happy with and just want awesome wifi, a couple of Ubiquiti APs will be a great setup.

        • +1

          thats arguable. non stop problems with my german car and no features compared the koreans

      • Using Asus AC68U too and never had any issue, except for very short range 5ghz. Can't use 5ghz to any device because my router is located inside the garage.

        • You can put the router anywhere in the network and extend the wifi from that point.

        • @zqipz: Yes that's how access point or bridged routers work.

        • +1

          No shit.

        • @zqipz:

          I cant do that as I have 4 wall patch in the garage connected internally and im using the routers port to connect it.

        • @jominix:
          Home DIY project?
          Just drill a hole and feed a good quality Ethernet cable from the garage to inside the house.
          I doubt the people using the Wifi in the garage will complain much.

        • @Kangal:

          I already have internal LAN for each room inside the house. My router is in the garage connected to Opticomm FTTH. Each Port in the router is then connected to 4 wall patch in the garage, these 4 wall patch provides LAN in 4 rooms inside the house. Is it possible to move the router inside the house with this setup?

        • @jominix:
          Ah, I see now.
          That's a little more tricky.
          You could use a simple modem in the garage, and try connecting a good quality router to one of the rooms in the house.
          Choose the room (kitchen?) which is best centrally aligned.
          Now, the back of the router will have extra Ethernet ports if you wanted a physical port in that room as well.

          Of course, this depends on the modem/connection, the router, and the quality of the LAN cables inside the house.
          If that doesn't work because of the setup/cables/ or because of X… you might want to troubleshoot someone on whirlpool or get an IT worker to see the place in-person.

          They might get small routers in each room (electricity?) which should give you extra Ethernet ports, as well as transforming the house in to a Mesh-Wifi system.

          Or you could… drill a hole, feed a good quality Ethernet cable from the Opticomm box in to the house (eg kitchen).
          Then connect that to a modem-router, to have a strong centralised Wifi spot.
          Then feed another Ethernet cable back from (kitchen?) the same path, then in to the garage, and connect it to the 4-wall-patch.
          Having built-in good-quality Ethernet ports in each room is a great thing.
          However, having a good Wifi mesh around your house is also a desirable setup.

        • @jominix:

          Yes, but you'd lose the ports in the other rooms. I have my bridged modem in a store with a patch panel & switch, connected to my router located in the middle of my house, which is connected back to the switch in the store which connects to the required ports on the patch panel. Which is why double RJ45 ports everywhere is useful, I can locate the router anywhere in the house.

          Most would suggest to use one room for the access point only, connected to the router.

        • @alwaysblur:
          You could always connect a wireless access point (perhaps a bridged router) to one of the bedroom connections and then link the bedroom device from the back of that

    • +18

      R7000 is a great kit. Excellent wifi range too.

      Plus the ability to remotely disconnect your kids when they haven't done their homework is brilliant

      • Wasn't aware of this function, comes handy

        • +9

          Yes, it uses Netgear Genie app (which is ok) but you can also remotely log into the Router.

          Here is a typical afternoon for me:
          Me: Son, why didn't you answer your phone?
          Son: Non responsive as probably playing online gaming…
          Me: Log In and cut his access!!!!! (Evil)
          Son: Dad, why did you cut me off?

          You get the idea! It's a brilliant negotiating tool!
          Especially when I'm on the way home.

          I can tell if he is gaming or youtubing or general traffic.

        • @GLO: Son: FU, I am switching over to 4G. You can keep your stinky NBN/ADSL network.

        • @GLO: doesn't work for access points though afaik only main routers.

      • I haven't seen a router that you can't do that on.

    • Been using an R7000 with Asus FW (Merlin) for the past 2 years… no issues either.

    • What's the general consensus? Netgear R7000 is better? Or Asus RT-AC68U?

      • I prefer Netgear - I like their Genie app

        • Netgear imo

        • @swimmingtoad:
          I prefer the Asus, reviews say it is much more stable and consistent.
          Also the Asus has a following/community, not sure about the Netgear, so you could run an open-sourced OS in the router to handle the functions if you have any specific needs/security.

      • Are these both fttn routers?

        • No, You need to get DSL-AC68u or D7000.
          RT or R stands for router, which means do not have telephone line connected to them.
          Meanwhile, FTTN needs telephone line (RJ11, ?) to connect to your modem.

        • -1

          I have the R7000 and FTTN. No issue at all. Connects straight to the box.

        • +1

          Are you sure? The R7000 doesn't have a telephone line port.

        • @hnrk:
          Yep, 100%. Connected to the NBN box on my wall via a RJ45 (is that the one you meant?).

          Maybe it's an upgraded version, only had it for a few months?

        • Got the D7000 that Genie app look good, thanks GLO!

        • +1

          If you have an NBN box then you don't have FTTN. You have FTTP/B. FTTN still requires a modem to be connected via the telephone line.

        • @JonShannow:

          You definitely do not have FTTN.

        • @R3XNebular:
          Oh frack, sorry guys! My brain was on dumb yesterday. Yes, I do have FTTP. My apologies.

          Back on the meds I go :(

      • +2

        I prefer AC68U with Merlin firmware.

      • I gumtree'd a R8500 for $180 AUD second hand.. works like magic only had to replace the power transformer.

        Try gumtree.

    • I've been waiting on this one also.

    • I'm chasing the same (Asus)

    • not seeing any amazing deals on these yet :(

    • Hi mate,

      DId you get it?? Can you share the link please thanks

    • had ac68u for two years, beter to upgrade merlin firmware

  • +4

    And I just settled for 10% off today.
    Surely not this close together :-(
    I have messaged seller - might have to cancel & re-buy.

    • +1


    • +4

      What? 10% off site wide is better than these '5% off specific stores' deals.

      • +2

        That would be true if it were only 5%, but it's not.

        • +6

          True. More like 2% after the price jacking.

        • -3

          @Orpheus: Eh, only a select number of stores have done that in the past.

        • @Lorindor: a "select number" = heaps.

        • +5

          @aja12: i was thinking only a select-all number of stores…

    • They may jet up the price.

    • +1

      Depends on whether they are participating. At this stage we only know of one.

    • -3

      Pppfffttt item already shipped.
      $70 discount down the drain within 24 hours. Cost of return postage = waste time.

    • +8

      So you have no luck with Ausluck?

    • +2

      There are others stores as well, who are part of this promotion

      • +3

        Can you please list them out?

        • +1

          Will update the post, once more info becomes available.

  • +11
    • +4


      • YCRACK20 ?

  • Why can't they have it all stores? I'm sure eBay should have thought of it by now that everyone wants 20% on eBay…

    • +3

      Because they know that YOU will end up spending $$$ even though it's not sitewide.

      • +1

        It's also not cost effective as they don't make 20% per transaction.
        Would you pay me to buy an item off you?

    • "Why can't they have it all stores?"

      Who knows what might happen when Amazon starts here and ebay try's to make a claim of dominance?

    • +2

      Everyone wants 100%. Don't expect it to happen.

    • +2

      Because they have to pre warm the companies who are involved so that they can jack up prices.

      • +3

        Why? Because it is winter?

  • +1

    Hoping for a Global knife set to be apart of this

    • +7


      So you don't want it to be a part of the sale?

      • +2

        Part* happy now :p

    AU $1,499.00

    in apple store - A$1,379.00


    on ebay prices start ~ 1139 - 10% (au stock + 10% PINCH code)=1025

    Any bargain? o_O

  • +7

    I guess those selected stores are very busy to raise all prices now.

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