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Save up to $225 on New Xiaomi Bundle Deals - Includes Free Shipping Australia-Wide @ Roboguy


Save up to $225 on our new Xiaomi bundle deals. Bundle the products you love and enjoy bigger discounts at RoboGuy. All products are in-stock in Australia and come with Free Shipping Australia-Wide. All of the products we sell are backed by a 1 Year Warranty plus great Australian support. So hurry over to www.roboguy.com.au as these prices won't last long.

Smart Home Bundle Ultimate - $1399 (Save $225)

The Bundle Includes The Following:

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

Xiaomi Mi Humidifier

Xiaomi Philips Eyecare 2

Xiaomi Mi Bedside Lamp

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router 3

Xiaomi Mi Wifi Amplifier 2

Xiaomi Mi TV Box 3

Xiaomi Mi Scales

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker

Xiaomi Mi CXB6 Power Board

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  • +3 votes

    Any bargains?

    • -5 votes

      Yes there are several great bargains that we are offering right now, check them out here: https://www.roboguy.com.au/collections/bundles

      • Hard to call it an actual bargain in a bundle as varied as those…

        Either put individual products on sale or do a real bundle like the vacuum, virtual wall and replacement filters etc

      • +7 votes

        Thanks but after seeing how you hung your customers out to dry made me not want to deal with you even if my life depended on it. They were the ones that made the drop possible and you didn't even bother throwing them a lifeline when things went south. You were no where to be found but here you are now rearing your head just because you have crap to peddle. Sorry but the damage is already done. Too little, too late.

        • Never with this seller ever again, Nearly 3 Months without a Delivery. Paypal reversal. He cannot read his own terms and Conditions. I will never look at his feet again.

  • Nope

    Neg due to the fact you stooged a bunch of people

  • more negs incoming

  • That's a lot of free money you're after…

  • Is this deal for a xmas 2018 delivery?

    • -5 votes

      No, as all products are instock in Australia delivery will be very fast.

      • The delivery time when check out is still 30 business days which is 6 weeks, i think i can get items from China quicker than that :/.

        • -7 votes

          Delivery will be faster than 30 Business Days, it will be more like 7-12 Business Days (depending on location)

        • @RoboGuy:

          Then it can't possibly be stock in the country if you're quoting 7 business days at a minimum! Shit I know Aus Post is slow but it's not that bad!

          Stop lying.

        • +3 votes

          @RoboGuy: 1.5-2.5wk delivery for locally stocked products? Do you have a warehouse at Mawson station & waiting for an ice breaker?

        • -3 votes

          @Spackbace: We are trying to allow for possible courier delivery delays which we experienced last time. We learning to under promise but over deliver.

        • @RoboGuy:

          It took you 23 hours to reply to my comment, to a community that you have screwed over royally.

          I'd suggest you go advertise elsewhere for a while and come back here when you know how to properly conduct business!

          Coz let's face it, this community is done with your shit and with every new deal post, people will see how shady you are.

        • +3 votes

          @Spackbace: 23 hours is a huge improvement after waiting 48 days from https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/4834873/redir until https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/4979403/redir but perhaps we don't comprehend OP's high standards of empathy and excellence …

          I pride myself in speed of service as I know how frustrating it is to have to wait for something you want … Perfection will always be my goal. https://www.freelancer.com.au/u/greatwebdesigns

        • @Spackbace:

          It's funny how fast this guy replies so fast when selling products. But as soon as shit hits the fan he goes into hiding.

        • @RoboGuy: This…

          delivery will be very fast

          … is not that …

          it will be more like 7-12 Business Days

        • @PJC: 12 business days is over two weeks. For local stock. Lol.

        • +4 votes

          @Pratty: And when it exceeds 12 business days that won't be his fault, of course.

        • Well it hasn't been clarified when the 12 business days actually starts. Also is it still 30 business days post the 12 business days that buyers can actually take action against a non-delivery?

          So that's about 42 business days for a delivery window, which we'll call it a square two months. VERY FAST!

    • doweyy, lol, He is the Fawlty towers of Business. Blames every body but himself.

    • Order now for Mothers Day 2018 delivery then delayed delivery until Mothers Day 2019.

  • Chances of this deal making it the front page….

  • Didn't recieve product from previous desk and had to go through PayPal. Never heard from RoboGuy through refund process! Thank goodness for PayPal!

    Edit: ended up ordering through gearbite eBay and had it in 3 days for about $100 less!

  • Great idea as a time capsule for your future great grandchildren to open as soon as the package arrives!

    • +1 vote

      Oh that's a good idea, I'll organise delivery to Science Works/Powerhouse museum.

  • Wow brave coming back here and advertising again. Would have needed a brand new business name etc before I would dare. I think a lot of negs coming…

    I got my refund via PayPal so I'm not fussed ..

  • Haha. No.
    Either you are completely ignorant to the negative customer experience from your last deal, or have balls of steel posting another deal on here.

  • That's some epic negative votes

  • Wow, only 1 person has liked this deal :) I thought you could not vote on your own deals? As a seller Roboguy, you sux. How do I Delete my account with you? 30 Days you said.

  • What if store changes it's name, will get 2 benefits:
    Not accused of being sexist (what's wrong with robogirls?)
    Start fresh again at ozb

  • TLDR; Hacking off your own leg with a blunt penknife is less painful than dealing with RobUGuy

    Wow. I cannot believe RoboGuy emerges after all this time. And this is the ONLY reason. Because he has more goods to sell.

    I have actually forgotten all of the issues throughout this process..perhaps people can chip in.

    No apology for any of this BS

    Created a group buy thread then didn’t appear for the last 6-8 weeks.

    Items arrived in the country 4 weeks ago ,and he advised that they would all go out priority and hoped to have them all delivered by 26th July. It is now August 17th and some customers are still waiting.

    Total lies, BS and lack of transparency regarding all issues throughout the 100+ day period from ordering to receiving.

    Complete disregard for customers and hiding to avoid answering honestly.

    Thought he had been scammed by the Chinese middleman but didn’t even tell his customers for weeks.

    Totally ignored everybody who advised him to provide feedback, then said he had no feedback during this entire period where behind the scenes he thought he had been scammed.

    Refused to refund his customers even though it complied with his own T&CS's

    Gave false general tracking in numerous Paypal disputes.

    Didn't even bother to answer Paypal in most of his disputes and just let the time tick away…

    This has to be the WORST deal that I have ever read.

    The guy doesn't learn and I actually cannot believe that he has the audacity to emerge again to promote another deal. If there is such a thing as Karma then this guy is destined for a really bad life.

  • bans for anyone who upvotes this "Deal"

    don't spam your store - list bargains

    your prices aren't competitive with eBay retailers

  • He is Online, at his online store. He must be expecting a run of returning Customers. His Last deal, for any one that Missed what is going on. Look up the date on the Top of the page https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/306334

  • Disingenuous and tainted seller. Better off going with someone who has no reputation or established reputation regardless of the price.

  • to be fair, checking https://www.ozbargain.com.au/deals/roboguy.com.au
    only the vacuum deals has attracted negs.
    but yeah they should handle it better.

    • +2 votes

      Are you that naive?

    • +2 votes

      All of the items were on the same shipment. I guess because most people ordered the vacuum rather than a scooter/tv then all of the chat migrated to the vacuum thread.
      You'll find posts in the vacuum thread from people who mention they're waiting for the scooter and haven't heard anything either.

    • That's because the vac was the most popular. Anyways the issue wasn't the product but the way he operates.

    • I would have neged the bike deal but it's closed. I'm still wwaiting ordered in may. He no longer replies to emails. Awaiting PayPal dispute. Should be banned from ozbargain, and PayPal.


  • +4 votes

    This is a big NOPE and warning to everyone, avoid at all costs.

    The way he treated customers in the last deal was attrocious and he's still in denial about it being everyone elses fault but his own.
    Disappeared from the conversation for a good month and ignored requests for refunds or paypal claims.

    Then offering a measely 7% off your next order as compensation? Nobody who got stooged by this guy would even want to purchase anything else from him again. He knows that, so he knows giving a 7% discount as compensation is not going to directly hurt his pocket.

    In the long term though? Well the comments in this post already show the trend.

  • +1 vote

    Negging due to major issue with retailer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/306334?page=17#comment-498... including derisory, surreal replies to legitimate grievances concerning priority shipping that did not and could not occur https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/4979908/redir and also due to misleading description stating a $1339 price whereas checkout insists on $1399 https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/46870/51464/roboguy_ag...

    we will be striving to make our customer service better based on the feedback we have received and our strong desire to offer our customers the best service possible. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/4979640/redir

      • Izaak are you going to respond to people's questions from the past 2 months on your previous deal?
        Or have you forgotten about that so you can just take more cash instead?

        How can people still be waiting for their robot when it arrived in Oz 4 weeks ago?

        • You watch, he will disappear and not answer this question.

        • smashed, it was 3 Months. One Month after we payed, he placed his Order?. Remember those FEET :)

        • @unco:
          Just like last time. If I was placing a Large Order, Worth many Thousands of dollar. I would be on it. Even Shipping Containers can be tracked.

        • +1 vote

          @RoboGuy: Will even one OzBargain member testify they experienced the priority shipping you were paid for?

        • @RoboGuy:

          Have you only just dispatched them? You said that all orders would be sent priority because of the delay. It makes no sense.

          And why did you vanish for nearly 2 months from your own group buy thread?

        • @PJC:

          No one got priority shipping, only priority handling. I presume anyone who actually waited for their order had their items shipped by the same carrier.

        • @bxpressiv: Yes, that seems correct. OP should not keep payments for priority shipping.

        • @PJC: there never was priority shipping!

        • @HeXa: That is, of course, my point.

        • @RoboGuy:

          Sounds very familiar to your approach with the last screw up.
          Yes, you are doing everything you can but your hands are tied. heard it all before and it usually follow with a 3 month wait lol
          It's never your fault, is it?
          DO NOT BUY from this unscrupulous seller.
          For all we know, these items are not even in Australia and he's making up BS like a series of BS he posted with the last deal.

        • @djc926:

          Its ok his got plenty of feet photos as proof.

        • @RoboGuy: lies, u no longer reply to emails, delay paying back through PayPal and have not delivered my order from May now months overdue!!

    • Yeah was me that incorrectly put the example in. Mainly because if there was no example, the post would've been deleted and no one would be able to express their grievances :)

      • +3 votes

        Fair enough. For 15 hours Associated OP chose not to disclose prices.

  • Are you avin' a laff'?


    based on the previous deal and your follow up service, I'm going with 'yes'

  • Shocking customer service, having left customers hanging without responding to queries, leaving us to rely on PayPal to get refunds (as entitled under Roboguy's T&Cs).

  • Is there such a thing as an invalid positive vote?

  • +2 votes

    How does this deal not have more negs?


    • Most people stick to what's on the front page. I would really like the mods to sticky this to give it some deserved exposure.

  • My vote was revoked - "Your negative vote on this post has been revoked by a moderator as this comment has been unpublished due to "inappropriate use of negative vote".

    My comment was "LOL, unbelievable." :P

    • Rookie mistake.

      Positive vote for "LOL, unbelievable." is fine.

      Negative vote for "LOL, unbelievable." is not.

      Copy and paste something from the guidelines like: Major issues with retailer LOL, unbelievable = fine.

  • Negging due to major issue with retailer https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/306334?page=17#comment-498... including derisory, surreal replies to legitimate grievances concerning priority shipping that did not and could not occur.

    Credit: PJC

  • negging due to 3month delay on last deal and not providing refunds had to get paypal to do it.

  • RoboGuy comes online but doesn't answer questions AGAIN.
    His responses really are elite troll level, yet this is a genuine business.. I cannot comprehend.

    Unless of course this whole business really was set up by an AI robot. This would explain such fundamental, subhuman flaws in how he operates and responds.

  • Negging for all reasons above. Have followed this saga from the start. Would never buy from this guy. Poor communication is the killer.

  • +3 votes

    no deal - high chance OP will not deliver goods in time.

  • Nope, dont do it

    extremely poor customer service from last deal
    extreme delays (order in may and receive in august)
    extremely naive trying to think OzB would let this slide

  • Stay far far away from this seller. My most terrible experience buying online from this seller. Wait for almost 3 months and didn't even get the product in the end.

    My first neg given here yayyy

  • Came for the negs and wasn't disappointed.

    Fortunately I got the refund early from the horror vacuum deal.

    Definitely stay far far away from this dodgy seller.

  • Dear RoboKid,

    1. Grow up
    2. Man up
    3. Take responsibility
    4. Practise humility
    5. Stop lying
    6. Stop stealing people's money
    7. Stop publishing your legs on the internet. Have a thought for others
    8. And lastly, be good to your mother (I suspect she has been fielding phone calls on your behalf as she's the only sounding mature person when I called)

    And maybe, just maybe, people won't think you are such a bad person and would actually start giving you some business.


  • LOL the kid has gone quite again.