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Kogan 55" Curved 4K LED TV (Series 9 MU9500) $599 Delivered @ Kogan


Kogan 55" Curved 4K LED TV (Series 9 MU9500)
The ultimate viewing experience.

Feel part of the action like never before thanks to the stunning curved design that draws you deep into images for dramatic cinematic immersion.

Curved screen for spectacular viewing
4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 resolution
Save space and energy with LED technology
PVR – pause, record and rewind live TV
Play all your media on USB or through HDMI
4 x HDMI inputs
2 x USB 2.0

Stay ahead of the curve

Ready to experience cinematic immersion on a whole new level?

The Kogan 55” Curved 4K LED TV (Series 9 MU9500) features a stunning curved design that replicates the way in which you see the real world around you. It wraps around your field of view, filling your peripherals with crisp, vivid images bursting with life.

With a Kogan Curved TV you can enjoy:

Improved immersion
An enhanced sense of depth
A wider field of view
Brilliant sharpness at the edges of images

4K resolution

A 4K television is the only way to truly experience films the way their makers designed them to be seen; reproducing all the subtle detail and texture of the original image with an intense depth that draws you into the picture. Colours reach their full potential, with every blend and tonal shift appearing bright and brilliant on the screen.

Personal Video Recorder

Never miss a show again with the ability to record your favourite shows straight onto your USB or hard drive. Later, you can playback your recorded shows, or any of your other media, through the USB port.
Personal Video Recorder
Personal Video Recorder

Use the PVR system to record up to 1TB of free-to-air TV programs to watch back later. A USB storage device must be connected to enable recording.
Ultra HD 4K Resolution
Ultra HD 4K Resolution

Four times the resolution of Full HD. See movies and TV in greater detail than ever before.
USB Input
USB Input

Load photos, videos and music onto a USB flash or disk drive and play them back freely.


Connect a host of peripheral devices to your display using HDMI. Capable of transmitting both video and audio in Full HD and 7.1 surround sound, never worry about AV cables running everywhere behind your television or computer.
Curved TV
Curved TV

Some discussion here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/307496

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  • +3 votes

    Pro posting skills please teach me master.


    "The ultimate viewing experience."

    Ye thanks, I think I'll wait till the next ultimate or maybe the one after.


      I think that these have Samsung panels ???
      Can't get better than that…

      I wonder if my wife will let me get 3 to replace my flat 55" Samsung's.
      …and then upgrade my Computer to play with 3 x 4K….mmmmmmmmm
      (6 Series Samsung = Ripped off !!!) lol

      Just get VR and be done with it !!!!


    Wish I could after pay one of these. I don't think I like the idea of paying for a Kogan branded TV upfront.


    Would this finally make watching Jake Paul's YouTube channel palatable?


    I just ordered one of these, I've just moved to QLD and wanted to get it shipped free. Looks quite the go for our quite modest TV requirements such as Friday night football and such.

    I've just read the manual to find the specs but can't find what this unit actually weighs, anyone got any idea? Reason being I'm replacing quite a heavy 55" plasma and hoping it is a bit lighter.

    Looking forward to getting this unit and giving it a run, Cheerz Wabster.

    • +1 vote

      Weight of TV with Stand - 13.8kg

    • +1 vote

      We bought the 55" flat variant from kogan to replace a 2012 era 51" samsung plasma. Would take the kogan website at a grain of salt as a lot of tvs quote the same weight - but I can say it was a LOT lighter than our plasma. Probably half the weight, if not lighter.


        Thanks for that comment, I appreciate it. I'm looking forward to getting this new unit and giving it a workout. I'd never lifted the plasma until recently and was a bit shocked by its weight. I have a smaller Kogan 24" TV in my study and it has been a terrific unit so I'm hoping their quality is consistent over this more updated range. Cheerz Wabster.


    When you switch channels, does it lag?


    coming from someone who knows nothign about tvs and has a plasma from like 6 years ago,

    I dont do gaming,,
    currently use tv for downloaded movies, tv etc.

    and having been to a HN recently and thought those $6000 samsung curved tvs were stunning,

    how would these compare,
    obviously im not expecting $600 vs $6000 to be the same,

    but how would these compare?

  • +2 votes

    I received mine from a previous sale with a cluster of dead pixels. It took about a month from reporting the issue until I received the replacement.

    The new unit I got is decent and worth this price delivered. It is a bit duller than brand name units. You'll also have a bit more light bleed and a bit more inconsistency in brightness but the savings more than make up for it. Even with the hassle of a replacement, I'd buy this TV again.

    It's a very good image when viewed directly in front of the screen. You don't want to be watching it from an angle.
    Here's a review where it got 4.5/5.

    I've got it running in 4K from my HTPC. It doesn't have any smart functions. It can record TV to a USB drive using basic PVR and it has a limited timeshift ability.

    I have had brand name TVs that change channel slower. It's not annoying by any means. The guide takes a while to populate the data as many TVs do.