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Rock Air Vent Smartphone Car Holder $3.59 Delivered @ awell-hao on eBay


I tested more than a dozen car phone mounts over the years and settled 2 years ago on the Kenu Air Vent, purchased through the Apple Store. It retailed for $35 - expensive but very solid and reliable. Unfortunately, I lost mine but found a similar looking one on eBay for 1/10th of the price (the grey one looks better than the green one pictured). It works exactly the same and feels as solid as the Kenu one! Perfect fit for both iPhone SE and iPhone 7 (any smartphone for that matter).

Delivery is from China and took less than 2 weeks to Sydney. Comes in nice packaging so makes a great gift as well.

Edit: There are apparently other cheaper sellers that still have stock (thanks Chickenleg), I can't vouch for their quality though (it's always a bit hit and miss with overseas sellers, especially with low priced items).

Edit (10/12): Price dropped from $3.79 to $3.59

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    Got one, cheers OP

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    Jesus christ this person is making a fortune off these: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rock-3-5-Air-Vent-Car-Phone-Holde...

    "The car and phone are not included" hahahaha

    • I hate to admit it, but I bought a similar product from Officeworks for $39.95 a couple of years ago.

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      Nah, prolly making a loss after factoring the free shipping via AusPost…

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      Thanks mate, post looks to be quicker aswell.

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      Bought one from your link and then this one came up on related for US2.59 / 3.26AU haha

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        Beware: The other ones claim the item is located in Hong Kong. The one you linked is saying Shenzhen, which is within China and from experience takes longer.

    • "Brand Name:RockBicycle" is it the same as Rock? Just curious

    • Damn, this one went out of stock!

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      what about $2.29? item

      • what about $2.29? item

        Not too shabby, I say! :)

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    They sell similar at Daiso so perhaps check that out…

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    The car and phone are not included.. LOL

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      But the driver is included.
      Otherwise, its a deal breaker.

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    Expedited delivery $200 if you are desperate for it.

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      I have seen items for 1 dollar with free shipping from China, or Expedited delivery without an eta for 5,999… I don't know how Ebay allows it.

  • Does galaxy s8 plus fit in this, with case like spigen?

    • Would like to know the answer to this too. Does anyone know the maximum width of the holder?

      • +1

        Holding Range: 56-90mm

        • +2

          Thanks, missed it.

          @Sigma: The galaxy s8+ is about 80mm with a spigen case (I have one) so according to the specs it should fit.

        • Cheers !

    • Yes

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    Thanks OP, love my Kenu, but can't justify buying another, so this is perfect

  • 3.79, why not… Bought one

  • legal to use in SA?

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2!

  • Thanks OP bought one, hopefully seller has enough stock. 200 sold in last hour alone!

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    Having gone through windscreen suction/adhesive and vent mounts, IMO the best phone mounts are the CD Player ones - stable and don't fall down as all vent ones inevitably do, especially over rough bumps. Also don't need to put any magnets on your phone (affects weight, thickness, phone case compatibility, wireless charging).

    I've used something like this for the past 2 years and its still going strong:

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      My Kenu vent clip never fell off either. Anything with suction or adhesives has failed me over time.

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      Unfortunately doesn't fit in my tape deck

    • so this renders your CD player useless? not to mention blocks your touchscreen panel too?

      • +2

        @CVonC USB playback feature of head units made the CD player useless. This product gives use to that pointless slot. It does get in the way of the screen though which is not ideal but situationally you would put the phone in it when using for something like Android Auto and use that in place of your head units navigation.

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    I prefer the magnetic variety. But these great price on this one.

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      Magnets? How do they work?!

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        Serious question or not? Anyway piece of metal comes with package that you can put inside a case or has adhesive to stick to phone and then the magnetic mount. I haven't had anything adverse happen yet except the digitiser stop working for my note4 stylus (only temporary).

      • +2

        +1 for magnets

        They look like this

        You stick a thin circle metal plate on the inside of your case, or on the back of your phone. Then you just plop it onto the circle pad in your car.
        It actually holds very well, despite not having any proper "grip" holding your phone. I have never had my phone move a single bit, even when I am driving/turning erratically

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          even when I am driving/turning erratically

          Nothing more embarrassing than your mobile falling off its holder when the cops are chasing you

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          @OldBugger: I find certain roundabouts make the suction cap mounts fly off my windshield and then I have to awkwardly try and catch the mount as it falls so my phone doesn't smash then I'm driving with an uncomfortable object on my lap until I can pull over and mount it again. Definitely not ideal.

        • +2

          @Agret: This read like a letter to Penthouse Forum. "If this hadn't happened to me, I never would have believed it… driving with an uncomfortable object on my lap."

      • +3

        The magnetic ones works brilliant and you'd never go back to clamp stuff thereafter.
        Only thing is the adhesive metal plate - which I tend to stick onto the phone's case anyway

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    The newer 360-degree version has almost the same price:

    • +8

      Dude does it look like we can read Chinese?

      • +7

        Google Translate

        • +16

          Good idea:

        • +2


          That's the full version.

        • +2

          @FriendlyPhillip: I love Google Translate! 他妈的!我们根本不会看中文。

    • aren't they both 360?

      • Yes :)

    • Can you tilt your phone?

  • +7

    Notes: Please noted the phone and car are not included.

    ( ͡°Ĺ̯ ͡° )

  • +1

    Have updated post with Chickenleg's other find.

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    Very handy, ordered and thanks.

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    I don't know about you, but I prefer not not to block the air coming out of the vents.

    • +11

      You don't really block the air if you stick it on the side and most cars have several vents at the front. Sure, your phone will cop a bit of air but that also means it stays cool and doesn't shut down in the middle of summer!

      • But on the downside using navigation with the screen on my phone constantly on and it straining for the gps signals to keep precise location make my phone run very hot so in colder weather like we have recently it's blowing hot air onto an already hot phone.

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    Thanks OP I got 2. I hope it fits around my iPhone 6 Plus with otterbox case !

  • +3

    Another ROCK
    Gravity Linkage, One-Handed Operation, Metal……This one looks better.


    • +2

      available on ebay too. although it might be cheaper on aliexpress after conversion and cashback. not sure.

      • worked it out and it's cheaper on ebay even before cashrewards.

  • Perfect for my car. My Car has ABS and this one too.Yayy

    • And unlike my underwear, no skidmarks yes?

  • +1

    Thanks! Just bought one. Hopefully it fits my S7 Edge fine!

  • What happens when the heater is on full bore in winter?

    • +10

      Global warming.

    • +4

      Close the air vent that the phone is attached too, & leave the rest open?

  • +1

    I had similar one but when the heater is on my phone said "I am too hot so I am off." Cool air is ok but heater kills the phone.

  • +1

    US$2.46 / AU$3.10 here.

    • Na op ones better.

      • Serious question. Isn't it the same product?

        • $4.02 now :(

        • +1

          @18: Seller really knows how to take care of business. :-)

  • +10

    Wow, so many upvotes, thanks guys! I knew this was a decent deal but didn't think it would crack the 100 mark! Looks like this eBay seller has sold more than 140 in the last hour alone - that's between 7:30am and 8:30am on a Sunday morning! They're probably wondering where this influx of traffic is coming from!

    • +3

      Great first post, definitely helped a lot of people out :)

    • Really surprised to see lot of upvotes. Not a big discount as well. My upvote is for your comparison against Kenu Air Vent. I also tried nearly half a dozen and nothing worked out well. I hope this one is useful. Thanks.

  • Got a couple, thanks.

  • +1

    They look pretty good. I have a Belkin one which is similar shape and design. It's great, so much better than those bulky wind screen mounts!

  • +1

    Some of these break the AC vent blinds due to the weight of phone.. What's been your experience?

    • I can only say you won't have any problems with VW vents. Also, as the phone will sit flush it distributes the weight - it's not as if it's putting much pressure on the vents itself.

  • Will a GPS fit on this fine?

    • Same question, will my garmin gps fit on this one?

      • I don't think so, they're designed to work on (slim) smartphones. Many GPS devices don't have a flat back so would be hard to clamp.

  • +1

    Reject shop selling similar thing for $2

    • Sure, there are plenty of cheap solutions - I just thought this was worthwhile sharing since the build quality is surprisingly good.

    • I've been to a couple of Reject shops - cannot find in car or phone gadgets sections. Where in store and what suburbs did you find these?

  • Has anyone tried one of these on a Mazda 6 with the circular air vents that swivel open and shut? http://images.hgmsites.net/med/2007-mazda-mazda6-4-door-seda... (I doubt it will work, but I can only hope….)

    • +1

      I find the magnetic ones the best, I just stick the metal disc to the inside of my phone case (though it seems to block wireless charging if you use it).
      Ones like this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Car-Magnetic-Air-Vent-Mount-Holde... have 2 size slots and fit when I had a Honda civic with the round air vents, although I had to tilt it at a certain angle so it wouldn't close when turning.

      link is for item reference only, seller feedback could be better.

  • Thanks OP, bought one Grey 👍

  • Thanks OP. Got 3

  • Got a plain white one from Daiso for $2.80 the other week.

  • The package image does not look like the same as the item image ??? so Which one we will get, the long clip or short, long is better to adjust as the short one will nearly lay on the air vent

    • I think you're right, didn't even notice that before, the package image looks bulkier than it is.

  • Thanks, I've been looking for something like this for a while. Ordered!

  • +1

    U should have bought shares b4 posting. Well done on your first.

  • Anyone used a Qi-compatible vent mounted car cradle they can recommend?

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