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Nutri-Grain $3.7, Favourites $9.5, Toblerone $5, Red Bull $5.1, Bacon $8.5/kg, Cornetto $3.49, Lindt $2.12, Up&Go $2 @Woolworths


Hey, specials starting this Wednesday at Woolworths


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Old El Paso Chips 150-200g 50.00% $1.75 (Save $1.75) $0.88-$1.17 per 100g 14 weeks
Peckish Rice Crackers 100g 50.00% $1.10 (Save $1.10) $1.10 per 100g 1 weeks
McVities Digestive Nibbles 120g 50.00% $1.85 (Save $1.85) $1.54 per 100g 2 weeks
Twisties, Cheetos or Burger Rings 100g 50.00% $1.00 (Save $1.00) $1 per 100g 2 weeks


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Toblerone Milk Chocolate 360g 50.00% $5.00 (Save $5.00) $1.39 per 100g 35 weeks
Cadbury or Old Gold Choc Coated Varieties 310-380g 50.00% $5.00 (Save $5.00) $1.32-$1.61 per 100g Never
Mars Gift Box 300-440g 50.00% $5.00 (Save $5.00) $1.14-$1.67 per 100g 4 weeks
Cadbury Favourites 540g 50.00% $9.50 (Save $9.50) $1.76 per 100g 8 weeks
Lindt Blocks 100g 50.12% $2.12 (Save $2.13) $2.12 per 100g 9 weeks
Lindt Lindor Balls 235g 50.00% $9.50 (Save $9.50) $4.04 per 100g 4 weeks
Cadbury Medium Bars 30-60g 50.00% $1.00 (Save $1.00) $3.33-$6.67 per 100g 1 weeks


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Jarrah Flavoured Coffee 250g 50.00% $3.00 (Save $3.00) $1.20 per 100g 4 weeks
Red Bull Energy Drink 4 x 250ml – Limit 12 per customer 50.00% $5.10 (Save $5.10) $5.10 per Litre 51 weeks
Sanitarium Up&Go 3 x 250ml – Excludes Energize 56.52% $2.00 (Save $2.60) $2.67 per Litre 30 weeks


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain 805g 50.00% $3.70 (Save $3.70) 46¢ per 100g 8 weeks
Continental Cup a Soup 2 Serve 40-75g or Continental Standard Pasta & Sauce 85-115g 50.00% $1.00 (Save $1.00) $0.87-$2.50 per 100g 1 weeks
Fountain Tomato or BBQ Sauce 2 Litre 50.00% $3.00 (Save $3.00) 15¢ per 100ml 2 weeks
Sharwood’s Simmer Sauces 420g 50.13% $1.99 (Save $2.00) 47¢ per 100g 6 weeks


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Golden Crumpets Rounds Pk 6 50.00% $1.65 (Save $1.65) 28¢ per ea 1 weeks
Filled Profiteroles Pk 8 50.00% $2.50 pk (Save $2.50) 31¢ per ea 7 weeks


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Wicked Sister Desserts 2 x 150-170g 50.00% $2.00 (Save $2.00) 59¢-67¢ per 100g 9 weeks
Tasmanian Heritage Brie or Camembert Cheese 250g – the Deli 50.22% $5.60 (Save $5.65) $22.40 per kg 11 weeks
Shortcut Bacon Rashers – the Deli 50.00% $8.50/kg (Save $8.50/kg) 85¢ per 100g 12 weeks


Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Streets Cornetto 440ml Pk 4 50.00% $3.50 (Save $3.50) 80¢ per 100ml 14 weeks
Steggles Frozen Chicken Breast Tenders 375-400g 50.00% $3.90 (Save $3.90) $0.98-$1.04 per 100g 10 weeks
Nanna’s Crumble 550g 50.00% $3.00 (Save $3.00) 55¢ per 100g 3 weeks
Ho Mai Entertainment Packs 1 kg 50.00% $7.00 (Save $7.00) 70¢ per 100g 1 weeks

Personal Care

Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Rexona Deodorant 150ml 50.00% $2.50 (Save $2.50) $1.67 per 100ml 2 weeks
Colgate Plax Freshmint Mouthwash 500ml 50.08% $2.99 (Save $3.00) 60¢ per 100ml 1 weeks
Colgate Total Advanced Fresh Toothpaste 190g 50.00% $3.50 (Save $3.50) $1.84 per 100g 10 weeks
Colgate Zig Zag Toothbrush Pk 3 50.06% $3.97 (Save $3.98) $1.33 per ea 5 weeks
Palmolive Oil Infusions Hand Wash 500ml 50.00% $4.00 (Save $4.00) 80¢ per 100ml 3 weeks
Dove Shampoo or Conditioner 640ml 50.00% $6.00 (Save $6.00) 94¢ per 100ml 3 weeks
Toni & Guy Shampoo or Conditioner 250ml 50.00% $8.00 (Save $8.00) $3.20 per 100ml Never
Lovable Womens Bikini or Hipster Pk 2 50.00% $9.00 (Save $9.00) $4.50 per ea 16 weeks
Heidi Klum Womens Bikini or Hipster Pk 2 50.00% $10.00 (Save $10.00) $5 per ea 4 weeks
Heidi Klum Man Trunk Pk 1 50.00% $11.00 (Save $11.00) N/A 4 weeks
Davenport Mens Trunk Pk 1 50.00% $9.00 (Save $9.00) N/A 4 weeks
Schick Hydro 3 Razor Kit 50.00% $4.00 (Save $4.00) N/A 8 weeks

Home and Garden

Discount Price Price per Unit Last Time This Price
Brunnings Potting Mix 25 Litre 50.00% $3.00 (Save $3.00) 12¢ per Litre 0 weeks
Cuddly Fabric Conditioner 900ml-1 Litre 50.06% $4.49 (Save $4.50) 45¢-50¢ per 100ml 8 weeks
Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid 700-750ml 50.00% $2.75 (Save $2.75) 37¢-39¢ per 100ml 5 weeks
Pine O Cleen Wipes Pk 120 50.00% $5.00 (Save $5.00) 4¢ per ea 16 weeks
Windex Glass Cleaner 500ml 50.13% $1.99 (Save $2.00) 40¢ per 100ml 9 weeks
Ambi Pur Air Effects 275g or Car Clip 2ml 50.08% $2.99 (Save $3.00) N/A 20 weeks
Ambi Pur Air Plug In 20ml 50.00% $4.60 (Save $4.60) $23 per 100ml 20 weeks

Historical price information thanks to Price Hipster

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  • +25 votes

    Thanks for the continuous Effort, Savas. We very much appreciate you.

  • +4 votes

    Shortcut Bacon Rashers $8.50/kg is a good price.

  • You had me at Nutri-Grain $3.7

    awesome Savas, thanks as always.

    That's dinner and breaky sorted.

    • What sort of a flavour is it? Is it chocolatey?

    • We're all addicted to the generic brand- it's pretty good. And I'm sure is affevting their sales. But this could be cheaper even than that

  • The master of formatting returns!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Savas!!!

  • +6 votes

    Welcome back, Savas. You were missed!

  • Also, the Lindt chocolate salty balls are the best!

  • Welcome back Savas, @Doweyy was of great help whilst you were away.

    Hope you are going good.

  • Welcome back Savas! Great effort as always :)

  • Welcome back Savas, great formatting as always.

    We love you :)

  • +12 votes

    Thank you for this awesome effort Savas, you really make it look a lot better than anyone else can!

  • WOW, that formatting is just insane. How long did it take you to type this post up?
    The OzB community really appreciates you. There really should be more upvotes on your WW deals :)

    • Thank you MathNerd, the only thing insane here is your watch. It only takes me about an hour, every time I get faster and better.

      • Wow, I won't even be able to type up 5 rows in an hour!
        Maybe 'hint' to your significant other for your next birthday that you'd like a satellite watch, makes the process of gift-giving much more easier ;)

  • +2 votes

    This red bull deal - are you sure it's been 51 weeks? That's crazy…

  • Gotta add my thanks for the clear formatting and effort put in. Thank you!

  • Everyone reading this post should slam that upvote +1 just for that formatting alone! Nice!

  • Also Up and Go 3 pack for $2??
    I have never seen it that cheap, much less 4 weeks ago! Its normally $2.30 half price.

    • Thank you!! Had problems finding info for that item, was going to list 1 week since was $2.30 last week, but from looking at past posts last time $2.00 was 30 weeks ago.

  • +3 votes

    Great work OP. So the normal packs of Digestives are not $1.85 again?

  • +20 votes

    Good work Savas.

  • Savas=war

  • Nutri-Grain is 26.7% sugar, iron man food.

    • And a 4 star health rating

    • Yeah, one of the highest sugar contents of all cereals. Iron man food my ass… disgustingly misleading advertising. The only thing you'll get eating this shit is fat. Show me one iron man/woman (not on Kellogg's payroll) regularly eating this crap.

  • +6 votes

    There's no way the half price Indonesian made Cornetto's will be making it into my freezer. Although the move from Chinese made Streets products is probably marginally better.

    I lol at those people that buy branded milk to support our farmers, then buy crap "dairy" products like this from a multinational like Unilever from Woolworths the pokies people. IMO Aldi Crowns are always less than these are… are Aussie made AND taste better.

    • Mx2, If I understand you correctly, Cornetto's are made in Indonesia & some Street products were made in China. If what you imply is true, I am genuinly astounded! I must admit that I never checked such products for country of manufacture. I simply assume that such food, especially "fresh" diary products were all made here in Oz. The media reported that the Chinese cleaned out our supermarkets of infant milk powder. They also get locals (Oz residents) to buy & ship food to China. Makes no sense. The Chinese plus other nationalities pay a premium for "clean" Aussie food. In return Oz companies import foodstuff manufactured under questionable hygienic conditions from countries that have little or non-existent govt oversight.

      • +5 votes

        Yup its true!

        Ironic. The Chinese buy all our baby formula. And us Aussies give our kids pocket money - only for them to spend it at the canteen to buy dairy products from countries that chose not to consume their own.

        I like to save money when shopping - but saving money also can come in the form of health care by buying only food from countries that have a reputable standard in food production.

        Sure to my knowledge, no one has died from a Cornetto (thankfully), but if an Aussie product is cheaper AND better, why not buy a locally made product and help our economy too? So many people complain about lots jobs and expect the government to do something about it - but its consumers that control most of the spending in this country, not our government. We should look at ourselves first.

        Finally, Streets is NOT an Aussie company. They are owned by Unilever. They are also having some industrial relations issues. I would not be suprised if they start to import all products from overseas soon if they don't win. Notice that Cornettos are not listed as made in Minto…. amongst other brands not listed http://www.wollondillyadvertiser.com.au/story/4893660/minto-...

        • Mate, Thank you very much for all your info. In future I really need to study the info on the packaging esp country of manufacture. We all know that most physical products are made in Asia nowadays. But I suspect many people, myself esp, simply assume that dairy & other "fresh" foods are processed here in Oz. Damn the multi-nationals. All they are interested in is their profits. They cannot care less about us or Oz. Worst of all, they are experts in avoiding paying their fair share of tax from the profits they make here.

        • +2 votes


          Happy to help. Here's some more surprises for you in the supermarket aisle.

          Colgate - All made in Thailand. Very few Aussie dental products, but they exist.

          Frozen Vegies - Mostly imported. Woolies and Coles own brands now actually have in bold those that are Aussie grown in the title. Apparently stuff from NZ can actually be packed there and grown in China.

          Tinned Vegies - Heaps of it from the USA, Asia and Europe. Can only find some pineapple or tomatoes tinned locally

          Even tobacco products are now 100% imported. Ironically the Aussie bogan smokes Winnie Blues come from Singapore.

  • Thanks Savas.
    So funny though, the title of this deal may as well read
    Sugar $3.7, Sugar $9.5, Sugar $5, Sugar $5.1, Bacon $8.5/kg, Sugar $3.49, Sugar $2.12…

    It's interesting that most of the discounted items are all processed, sugary crap. And people wonder why we have out of control diabetes and obesity issues.

    • Lol at least the Up and Go's can be reduced sugar/sugar free :D
      And chocolate is good! Agree the rest is all sugar though..

    • Yeah same, agree. Though healthy food i find is always reasonably priced.

  • Thank you Savas! Bought 28 cases of Red Bull Varieties!